Hurricane Tammy Hart 3 Times the Charm with Integrity Commissioner – Sept 11, 2014

Hurricane Tammy Hart 3 Times the Charm with Integrity Commissioner – Sept 11, 2014

Tammy-Hart-Recused-13Aug14CFN – It was  a rare Monday council meeting in South Stormont and I couldn’t be in two places  at the same time so SSN editor Reg Coffey covered the event.

He and the room were boggled when Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart unleashed a threatening verbal barrage against the South Stormont News which was captured on video.

Of course there are elections on and the feisty DM is facing strong competition from current councilor Cindy Woods and former councilor Ray Beauregard.

She recently finished a 4 week penalty from Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze for her conduct including releasing a memo to the public stating that SSN was to receive loans and start up monies which of course were never on the table.

The South Stormont News only asked for the township to purchase ad space for its bulletin, which it being the only local paper in the township kind of makes sense.

Under new business at the end of the meeting she let loose.

I would like to say that I’m very disappointed with that Stormont News….the bias that’s in that news…and I would assuredly hear that it will be one of my objectives is to get rid of that newspaper. 

She nodded her head fiercely after making her statement.  Council and staff didn’t respond and moved on with the meeting.  It was surreal watching this video after and hearing from some of the people in attendance.

tammy boycott SSN sept 4 2014

The Deputy Mayor is also active in a Boycott South Stormont News facebook group as well has being a member of a known area hate group on facebook that has now gone underground.

The South Stormont News is a local media corporation based in Ingleside that started in 2013.  Ms Hart seems to favor a Quebec owned  media chain.

The drama started when CFN covered the Deputy Mayor’s first spanking from the integrity commissioner.    From that point on she and her “team” have conspired to attack not only myself, but this very newspaper and of course the new South Stormont News which has included at least two sponsors being harassed.

Ms Hart also has filed a complaint to have a restraining order against myself; but oddly enough in the disclosure from Crown Jennifer Burke (who has since been removed from the file) Ms Hart does not claim to be fearful or afraid, but instead complained that she received emails such as the one I sent her suggesting that she resign after the false memo, and she also complained of me taking video of her at Township meetings.

A pending lawsuit against the Deputy Mayor for Defamation is also in motion, as well as the new complaint with the Integrity Commissioner and complaint about workplace harassment and code of conduct.


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