Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart – Accountability, Transparency & Resignation by Jamie Gilcig

tammy hart BLACKCFN – South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart claims to be a champion for Accountability and Transparency.  She also claims to be worried about the public purse, but her actions, sadly, seem to move in the opposite direction.

She has a rabidly loyal following; but like Rob Ford’s following; the truth has to be digested.   And then what?

This past few months have been very troubling for Ms Hart, but it’s also been troubling for those that she has attacked including her staff and council in South Stormont, myself personally, this newspaper, and the fledgling South Stormont News which she has highhandedly put in jeopardy.

It’s an election year and some people do strange things; especially when they are insecure or fearful.   Ms Hart was upset over the Pellet plant procedures.

She was upset with the clear process for budgeting for staff salaries.   She was so upset that her unprofessional behavior led to the Integrity Commissioner, Robert Swayze, ruling against her after doing a thorough investigation which Ms Hart also attacked.

Ms Hart was next seen in action fighting the proposed wishes and plans of a group of doctors wanting to expand their medical clinic in Ingleside.  Expanding.  In this day where communities are fighting to get more health services Ms Hart, the sole voice of her council, went on a rampage trying to go against the grain.   Was she a maverick and all of the rest of staff and her council wrong?   The public clearly did not think so.

There is a program that prospective politicians are offered in Ontario.  One of the subjects covered is what happens when you lose  a vote. Common sense would dictate that holding grudges is never the way to move forward.   Tammy holds grudges.

We reported these issues, and because of my business partner’s involvement in the community, and because we have had a terrific working relationship with South Stormont dating back to our work with Bob Copeland and the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce Trade Shows, and now my own participation on the board of directors of that organization, we commenced work to come out with a community newspaper in print and online.   The South Stormont News.

We sent a proposal to present before Council.

Hi Betty, Hilton, Mayor McGillis, & Council;

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to present before council.
South Stormont is one of the fastest growing regions in our area.    As I’ve discovered these past few years covering South Stormont there are some great areas for growth.  We have seen that with our support of the Farmer’s Market and now with my service on the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce that the public does respond with pride for local endeavors.
What we feel is that one of the fulcrums of growth would be a community newspaper, in print as well as online.
The South Stormont News will be serving the residents of South Stormont by covering news that is important to local people.
It will be an economic development tool for South Stormont as well; from Small business to large as their costs to promote and market events and their businesses will be less than offerings in Cornwall.
Our format will be the same dimensions as The Seaway News.  We will be running in colour from cover to cover and even have 25% of the paper in what’s known as High Brite paper which is bright white instead of traditional newsprint.
South Stormont News is incorporated and has its head office in Ingleside.    We are taking great care to source services and products locally when possible.
What we are hoping is that your council shares some of our vision and that we can work together to ensure the community’s success further.
We are offering a 20% discount for the Township Bulletin that is currently being published in B&W  in the Seaway News.   That’s a large saving for tax payers while helping support local business.   Win win!
We also will be offering you space for any future advertisements or notices with similar discounts.
That again can add up to a lot of savings over the course of the year! 
A final note; CFN practices what is known as Gonzo Journalism.   South Stormont News is a separate corporation and entity.  It will be practicing a more traditional style of media.
Our future together is bright.   If anyone has any questions prior to the presentation please feel free to call or email.
Thank you,

Jamie Gilcig – Editor 

Cornwall Free News &
Ms Hart spoke at the meeting.  She didn’t ask questions as much as in angry tones assault my character and even suggested that I made up stories or lied on CFN; which even people that are not fans of CFN know not to be true.  You can’t publish more than 8,000 stories in five years without getting sued if you fabricated content.   While CFN practices Gonzo and traditional journalism our integrity is unimpeachable.  Not only that, we always give both sides an opportunity to give their side of the story and our Mission Statement is quite clear about giving voice to those that may not otherwise have that opportunity as Ms Hart discovered in her language activism.
I was most shocked that night by Ms Hart clearly ignoring the clear content of our presentation; that SSN would not be Gonzo and that we were not asking for any funding other than the Township purchasing ads from us.  She said that the township had not provided her that info so I emailed it out to her immediately.
SSN Masthead 02
When a hate group formed on a Social media site after my political smear involving Cornwall Police many were shocked to see Ms Hart actively participate.   Facebook shut down the first group and its founder started a second which Tammy endorsed as a source for local news in South Stormont.  She even said it was her favorite website.  I kid you not.
tammy x f group 3
Then in a most bizarre turn she decided to bring a memorandum to the last council meeting.   While she was out of order and it was not accepted at that time the determined Ms Hart’s memo found its way to…..yes, her favorite website.

Open Memorandum

Date: March 13, 2014

To: Mayor McGillis and Council members Cindy Woods, Richard Waldroff and Barry Brownlee
From: Deputy Mayor Tammy A. Hart

Re: Presented at the March 13, 2014 Council Meeting to raise awareness and objections to the funding of start-up company, The Cornwall Free News.

I wish to note my concerns and objections regarding the decision made during a budget meeting on March 5th by Mayor McGillis and Council members to provide tax payer money to help fund the start-up of a small business, The Cornwall Free News.

During the March 5th 2014 South Stormont budget meeting; Mayor Bryan McGillis, Councillor’s Cindy Woods, Richard Waldroff and Barry Brownlee voted to award The Cornwall Free News $10,600.00 of financial assistance towards the cost to establish a private newsletter called the South Stormont News; within the Township of South Stormont.


During the meeting, the Deputy Mayor raised concerns of the possible misuse of tax-payer money regarding the funding of a sole enterprise; and voted to reject this motion. The Deputy Mayor also questioned; if it was now the mandate of Council; to help fund small enterprise.

In light of this recent action taken by the Mayor and Council, and prior to the funds being allocated to The Cornwall Free News; as Deputy Mayor I feel, there are questions and issues that need to be addressed. On behalf of the tax-payers I would appreciate the following questions answered prior to any funds being released:


I would like to know where in the by-laws (or in the history of South Stormont) that a “Precedence” had been set, to provide funding for a start-up company;

How was it determined by Mayor and Council that this company, The Cornwall Free News, met the criteria to warrant funds and if so, what was the criteria;

What, if any, are the terms of this “Loan” of $10,600.00 to repay the taxpayers; or are the funds considered an “Agreement” in terms that “The Cornwall Free News” will agree to establish a small business within the parameters of the Township of South Stormont and to provide employment for “X” number of people;

Was a Business Plan provided to the Mayor and Council and if so, can it be made known in order to have complete disclosure;

Was there a Request for Proposal (RFP) discussed or awarded prior to agreeing to fund a small business start-up;

And lastly, if we set this “Precedence”, how will Council be able to refuse the next proposal to establish a business within the Township of South Stormont.

On behalf of the tax payers of the Township of South Stormont, I respectfully request these questions and concerns be answered in writing prior to any funds being released to The Cornwall Free News.
Yours Truly,

Tammy A. Hart
Deputy Mayor of South Stormont

At no point did we at any level ask for any funding of any sort from the Township of South Stormont other than for them to consider purchasing advertising.   Now where is the transparency and accountability?   Ms Hart was at meetings where she was clearly given the details of our proposal, and she sat through our presentation to council.   Why or how could she publish such a document?
I sent Ms Hart an email Monday.  It was short, one sentence actually.

Hi Tammy,

In light of your actions I think it best if you resign as Deputy Mayor today; before 5 PM.
For some reason; maybe Tammy knows someone at the Long Sault detachment; I’m not sure, but two OPP Cruisers showed up at my home that night, waking up myself, but more importantly upsetting my very dear and sick 13 year old dog.   I was shocked and frankly my biggest concern was protecting Melly.   Of course there were no charges or warnings and frankly I felt badly for the two officers that showed up.
However I was bewildered on why they simply could not have phoned me and left a message or frankly how reading that sentence any officer of the law would even bother to contact its author?
Can you imagine the cost to society if two police cars were sent to every person that suggested a politician resign?    How many cars does the OPP have on the road on a Monday night?  What if there was an emergency on the Western borders of the Long Sault detachments territory?  Two cars in Cornwall for that single sentence with no threat implied whatsoever?   And of course by those cars with lights shining and flashing in front of my home on a quiet residential street it would be covered in the hate group.   One gentleman even messaged me to mock.

Jim Luciani ·

Are you planning on telling your loyal fans, why the OPP were at your house last night?…
Surely Ms Hart knew that the OPP are paid out of our tax dollars?  How much did that escapade cost?  Two cars, two officers, official reports, gas….
Her participation in the hate group and this memo have led to a slew of damage and abuse; possible criminal charges even may be laid based on people reacting to her words and memo.   There has been division among her friends and supporters, and more importantly she has left her council and community in a position that led to them to publish their own letter Monday.
South Stormont responded to Ms Hart’s memo.

township south-stormont

An Open Letter to the Taxpayers of South Stormont

March 18, 2014

Four members of Council have decided collectively to take this unprecedented step to inform our taxpayers on an issue that has discredited the integrity of four members of your elected Council and Township staff.

There has been a suggestion by the Deputy Mayor that in Council’s deliberation for the 2014 budget, preference was given to support a newspaper attempting to establish itself in South Stormont, namely, the South Stormont News.

“Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Therefore we wish to explain and clarify the misinformation being circulated by Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart, the “Open Memorandum” in regards to the “South Stormont News”.

In December 2013, a presentation was made to Council to introduce a newspaper with a local flavour specifically for the residents of South Stormont. The South Stormont News requested the Township consider advertising in this new publication on a monthly basis, much like the Township does in another local newspaper. Council was is favour of the project in principal, however, a review of marketing initiatives would take place as part of 2014 budget deliberations.

The issue of increased advertising came before two budget meetings. Discussion ensued with members expressing concern questioning the need for more advertising however, as a growing community with an increasing need for communication with our residents through multiple media avenues, an increase was approved.

Two (2) proposals for newspaper advertising were presented at the January 21, 2014 budget meeting and a report was prepared by staff for Council to consider. The discussion centered very much about the value and need for further promotion of South Stormont, programs, activities and opportunities. Council agreed to advertise in both newnewspapers.

We are taken aback to think a member of Council would mislead the residents of South Stormont in this fashion. This attempt to discredit the reputations of your elected officials and total breach of trust against fellow members of Council is disgraceful.

We trust this open letter has provided the rationale employed by your Township for the betterment of our communication in our community.

Mayor Bryan McGillis

 Councillor’s  Barry Brownlee, Cindy Woods, and Richard Waldroff

Is it really the Deputy Mayor against the world?   Does any reasonable person think that Mayor McGillis and councilors Brownlee, Woods, and Waldrof are all wrong and meanies, and that only Ms Hart is the teller of truths?  Really?

Ms Hart, instead of showing some humility and apologizing, and resigning,  attempted to spin in the Seaway News.

march 18th tammy comment seaway news

Yet again where is that accountability and transparency that Ms Hart claims to be a champion of?  Again, the resolution below from the council meeting.

march 18th tammy comment seaway news rebuttal motion signed by tammy

Where things stand now?  Well it was reported in The Standard Freeholder, a Quebecor owned newspaper, that Ms Hart will be getting another hearing with Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze which will most likely cost her big time.

She clearly has been caught lying multiple times.   She’s participated in a hate group.  She’s participated in boycotting new business in her community from the Pellet Plant, to the health clinic, to having an actual Community Newspaper (not news letter as Lois in the Free Holder stated even though the PDF they attached in the story clearly stated newspaper); but mostly she’s lied to her supporters.

There of course will most likely be lawyers and lawsuits in the future for Ms Hart and some of her supporters.   She clearly has violated her oath of office, and she most assuredly has lost the faith of her council.

There is only one honorable choice she can make if she truly cared about her community, and more importantly the cost to taxpayers as she has done many of these actions in her official capacity as Deputy Mayor.

That choice is an apology and resignation.  And if she wants to run again in 2014 let the voters of South Stormont decide if they wish to endorse her.

What do you think dear viewers of CFN?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Can you provide the link to the “South Stormont News”

  2. Author

    It’s not live yet Hailey, but should be pretty soon. Btw, it’s not the issue that Tammy questioned the pellet plant. That’s fair dinkum. It’s how and if she violated the rules of being in camera and it’s how she seems to make some issues “personal”. In politics you sometimes don’t agree; that doesn’t make people the enemy and one day you may need their vote…

  3. Excellent article Jamie. I think if anyone is waiting for Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart to show accountability, transparency or resign they’ll be waiting quite a while.

  4. I don’t understand how someone with such low integrity could have been elected Deputy Mayor in the first place. She seems to have personal vendettas against so many different people and projects that it definitely impedes her ability to perform her job in a professional and ethical manner. It’s also confusing to me how she could consistently embarrass herself repeatedly yet continue to operate as Deputy Mayor as though she is speaking for the tax layers of the community – when clearly nothing could be further from the truth. Her dissenting vote on the expansion of the clinic is clear evidence of that. Also to say she is abusing her position of authority would be an understatement. Not only do I think she should apologize and resign – I think she should remove herself from public life altogether. She is a disgrace to the community and tax payers of Cornwall.

  5. Mary
    I use to reside in Long Sault and I can say with the strongest convictions that Long Sault has got to be one of the most politically {MODERATED}
    It is a large population of remnants from the lost villages {MODERATED}in that area.
    {MODERATED} That is how we get people like Tammy and associates as municipal leaders.

    They need people with passion and personal conviction but they also need a bit of experience and maturity with which to guide their conviction.


  6. One thing that I said before and I will say it again is that Mayor MacGillis is a good mayor and I hope that he comes back in the next election. As for Tammy Hart she seems to be one who can’t get along with her peers. Supporting doctors and clinics is a priority and there is a huge doctor shortage. About pellet industry it depends if this is going to do harm to the environment or not and it is a decision to make. People need jobs badly and the economy today is in a deep hole.

  7. I dated a drunken Long Saultian.

  8. Jamie I just clicked on and it reads: “Alberta Premier Allison Redford Resigns” and I know this has nothing to do with Tammy Hart but go and read it.

  9. So, now Ms. Hart is claiming ignorance for her opposition to SSN in a letter to the editor in the Freeholder today. She really is a piece of work.

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