Hurricane Hart to be Dinged Four Weeks Pay After Integrity Commissioner’s Report in South Stormont

tammy hart april 2014CFN – South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart was taken to task, again, by Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze.


In the agenda for this week’s township meeting council will vote to accept the recommendations that she forfeit four weeks salary.

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Can you blame her council or staffers for being fed up with Ms Hart’s antics?   Is Ms Hart ill-mannered?


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Mr. Swayze states that Ms Hart isn’t a team player.

Asked for comment Tammy did not respond by press time.

Perhaps her comment echoes the video below…

The Deputy Mayor herself now faces pending lawsuits with some speculating that her actions may even impact the Township.

This is btw, what was sent to Ms Hart by this writer; that she felt warranted directing two OPP cars to my house late one night.

Hi Tammy,

In light of your actions I think it best if you resign as Deputy Mayor today; before 5 PM.
It was sent after she had leaked a township memo which was covered by the Integrity Commissioner in this report.

Open Memorandum

Date: March 13, 2014

To: Mayor McGillis and Council members Cindy Woods, Richard Waldroff and Barry Brownlee
From: Deputy Mayor Tammy A. Hart

Re: Presented at the March 13, 2014 Council Meeting to raise awareness and objections to the funding of start-up company, The Cornwall Free News.

I wish to note my concerns and objections regarding the decision made during a budget meeting on March 5th by Mayor McGillis and Council members to provide tax payer money to help fund the start-up of a small business, The Cornwall Free News.

During the March 5th 2014 South Stormont budget meeting; Mayor Bryan McGillis, Councillor’s Cindy Woods, Richard Waldroff and Barry Brownlee voted to award The Cornwall Free News $10,600.00 of financial assistance towards the cost to establish a private newsletter called the South Stormont News; within the Township of South Stormont.


During the meeting, the Deputy Mayor raised concerns of the possible misuse of tax-payer money regarding the funding of a sole enterprise; and voted to reject this motion. The Deputy Mayor also questioned; if it was now the mandate of Council; to help fund small enterprise.

In light of this recent action taken by the Mayor and Council, and prior to the funds being allocated to The Cornwall Free News; as Deputy Mayor I feel, there are questions and issues that need to be addressed. On behalf of the tax-payers I would appreciate the following questions answered prior to any funds being released:


I would like to know where in the by-laws (or in the history of South Stormont) that a “Precedence” had been set, to provide funding for a start-up company;

How was it determined by Mayor and Council that this company, The Cornwall Free News, met the criteria to warrant funds and if so, what was the criteria;

What, if any, are the terms of this “Loan” of $10,600.00 to repay the taxpayers; or are the funds considered an “Agreement” in terms that “The Cornwall Free News” will agree to establish a small business within the parameters of the Township of South Stormont and to provide employment for “X” number of people;

Was a Business Plan provided to the Mayor and Council and if so, can it be made known in order to have complete disclosure;

Was there a Request for Proposal (RFP) discussed or awarded prior to agreeing to fund a small business start-up;

And lastly, if we set this “Precedence”, how will Council be able to refuse the next proposal to establish a business within the Township of South Stormont.

On behalf of the tax payers of the Township of South Stormont, I respectfully request these questions and concerns be answered in writing prior to any funds being released to The Cornwall Free News.
Yours Truly,

Tammy A. Hart
Deputy Mayor of South Stormont

What do you, dear CFN viewers think?   Should the Deputy Mayor resign at this point and save her community more embarrassment as we can assure you more is coming as our investigators have been digging for more issues involving the Deputy Mayor ?

Tammy has declared she’s running again in 2014, but now faces Ray Beauregard and the popular Cindy Woods who are both vying to replace her.

Ms Hart is also alleged to be involved in the political smear letter published in the Freeholder against Mayor McGillis.

Should Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart Have to Resign?

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  1. And while we are on the subject of people making mistakes…Mr Jamie…Habs won GAME SIX

  2. Author

    yup, and I’m very glad I was wrong 🙂

  3. Still not a peep about this story at the paper…of “record”!!!

  4. Hart is an embarrassment to the voters of South Stormont appearing to be in the early stages of robfordian style behaviours and hopefully she will be given her walking papers in the election this fall before her condition deteriorates any further.

  5. I`ve been watching this as an impartial observer. Needless to say the election sin October in all cities, towns, etc. is going to be interesting.

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