Cornwall Ontario – Another wasted Canada Day here in Cornwall Ontario as Conservative MP Guy Lauzon is allowed to hijack our Nation’s Holiday once again for his partisan escapades. Questions of his committee came up at Monday’s Council meeting as it’s not a committee of council and MP Lauzon stillContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – It wasn’t a huge crowd, but they were very spirited.  The kids had a good time and even some of the neighbors were dancing as an area DJ provided some tunes. The big news today is the allegation that the complaint to shut down the Vincent’s rinkContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario -About to be former councilor Glen Grant either has to have the biggest cojones on the planet or have some early dementia kicking in as he took his typical Glen Grant offense to someone; in the case Editor of the Standard Freeholder, Hugo Rodrigues. Hugo published Grant’s letter.Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Cornwall Ontario had two more citizens offer themselves for office.   Long time Councilor Glen Grant, (pictured above sitting with little leaguer’s who protested their ball park being turned into condos) who recently was condemned in the Fournier report for moving into an illegal in camera  meetingContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – In a bewildering flip flop Cornwall Waterfront Committee member Patrick Clarke sent in his press release to announce his decision to run for council. Mr. Clarke (seated between Roy Perkins and Councilor Glen Grant) recently at the meeting where the WFC went in camera illegally as outlinedContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Stephen Fournier, Closed Meeting investigator for the City of Cornwall Ontario has confirmed that the Mayor and two veteran councilors allowed a meeting of the Waterfront Committee to move in camera wrongly. The details of the report will be released by City Hall shortly; but it theContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – I had an interesting chat with two of Cornwall’s finest last night.   Mayhem broke out at the Waterfront Committee meeting. CFN and myself were blindsided. For a few years now our high school drop out mayor, Bob Kilger, and some of his friends; I guess becauseContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Over 200 people crammed into Salon B of the Civic Complex in Cornwall Ontario.   The crowd clearly and unanimously were against the tanks being constructed on our waterfront.     Guy “I don’t know anything” Lauzon shuffled through papers and did the political speak.   MinisterContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  2013 will mark a dark period in the history of Cornwall Ontario.   Under Mayor Bob Kilger and his very quiet council we have seen the long loved and community supported Cornwall General Hospital facility attempted to be sold off to private concerns as spare parts forContinue Reading