Glen Grant Writes LTE in Freeholder Asking Editor for Apology While He Himself Refuses After Being Found Guilty by Fournier – NOV 28, 2014

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Glen Grant sitting with picketing Little Leaguers who wanted to save their waterfront park from Condos!

CORNWALL Ontario -About to be former councilor Glen Grant either has to have the biggest cojones on the planet or have some early dementia kicking in as he took his typical Glen Grant offense to someone; in the case Editor of the Standard Freeholder, Hugo Rodrigues.

Hugo published Grant’s letter.

Re: “Who advises vs. who decides,” Nov. 22, 2014.

Hugo Rodrigues owes an apology to the volunteers who are members of the 23 city boards and committees.

In the Nov. 22 editorial, Hugo insulted the members of these boards and committees by insinuating they did not follow the city’s procedural bylaw. He especially identifies the waterfront committee members, but does so without attending a single meeting.

Hugo states, “I’ve seen numerous examples where members of these committees mistakenly believe they are the ones making decisions.”

How is that possible with you do not personally witness these so-called infractions? If you didn’t see it in person, then it must be second-hand information or hearsay, which has as much credibility as your editorial comments.

Volunteers on these 23 boards and committees should be thanked for their service rather than unjustifiably criticized.

Glen G. Grant


It was vintage Grant.    I’m not sure if his head has been too far up MP Lauzon’s nether regions for too long or what, but this scribbler was there that day of the Waterfront Committee meeting, and Mr. Grant still hasn’t apologized for his antics that day including leading a vote to have CFN struck from the minutes as attending media.  Of course he didn’t apologize for putting his hand on Roland Besner during the election either.


Mr Grant nor anyone that voted in support of that amendment have not apologized to CFN or the community. As one criminal lawyer stated, that without media covering important events nothing is documented which is how Cornwall nearly ended up with a condo in the parking lot of the Civic Complex courtesy of Glen Grant and his committee.

Here is Mr. Grant leading the charge to move in Camera which was deemed illegal by Commish Stephen Fournier.

As you can see in the video it was Grant that posited and seconded the motion for the illegal meeting in spite of his years of experience.

Here’s the money shot from Grant showing his true colours.

How is that possible with you do not personally witness these so-called infractions? If you didn’t see it in person, then it must be second-hand information or hearsay, which has as much credibility as your editorial comments.

They might have only had B&W tv’s and four channels when Glen was a tot, but he does know that video never lies, especially raw video as evidenced above.  Those are his words.    Sadly not a single member of the Waterfront committee has apologized to date for following Grant’s lead on either issue.

Here is Mr. Grant wrangling with Mr. Fournier at council.  At the 3:10 Mark Mr. Fournier schools Grant.

That’s why none of them should be allowed, including and especially Mr. Grant, to be on any committees this term of council and not until they’ve shown some improvement in judgement.

As for thanking, well his fellow board member Keitha Fisher was thanked with a lovely patronage gig from Denis Thibault at the EOTB where our tax $$$ will be spent after both were on the WFC.

Asked for comment, in particular about Glen’s shots Hugo Rodrigues responded via email; (Unedited)

While I did not specifically state in the column when and where I had seen committee members believing they had the power to decide, Glen Grant assumes it had to be in Cornwall. I’ve covered four other municipalities and two school boards where I’ve seen this in action. It was a fair comment based upon things I’d personally witnessed elsewhere and the very behaviour mayor-elect Leslie O’Shaughnessy had criticized within the waterfront development committee.

CAJ Prez Hugo Rodrigues

As to his opinion that one has to personally know, attend and witness with one’s own eyes and ears something in order to be qualified to comment on it? Many people have been able to educate themselves on an issue, form an opinion and express that opinion without having been ‘in the room,’ and without having a lifelong connection to any individuals involved.

To read Hugo’s original opinion piece you can click HERE.
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  1. Glen Grant seems to be of the “do as I say, not as I do” group. Jeez.

    And it seems strange that Hugo is siding with Hugo (sort og, eh).

  2. Glen Grant should learn to keep it shut. He was voted out, and should not sit on any committees. Enough of influence peddling, it needs to stop

  3. Glen Grant needs to be thrown onto the garbage heap with Bare Ass and his filthy gang. This man has dementia and you can see it in his anger – he is literally finished.

  4. Mr. Editor,

    Being one of the individuals, that was removed illegally from that very meeting, I find this latest twist quite amusing, to say the least ! The most important part, that should be remembered about this entire childish charade, is that Mr. Fournier (Closed Door meeting investigator) found the Committee at fault, for moving to a closed door meeting . However, this little charade comes with a quite a serious side effect, how many tax dollars did this investigation cost us ? Even after Fournier’s public spanking, no apology was ever given ! The electorate obviously spoke their minds on October 27th ? Let’s move on, but no apology Hugo .

  5. I can’t wait for this clique to be gone forever…….

  6. I agree completely with you Stan and they are like little children in adult bodies – they have never grown up. The stink just lingers on.

  7. With the clique’s leader out of office things will start to get better.

  8. Jamie great subject and close to home for me, so, I just have to comment.

    This childish adult and now has been politician who is known to take hissy fits in public owes Bill Parisien, Bill Beattie, the integrity commissioner, all of the waterfront committee, Hugo Rodriges, the seniors of 540 Adolphus, myself and, Jamie Gilcig an explanation or at least an apology (With Jamie I personally witnessed the same type of inferior language that he used with me.)in public at the complex during the debate for the provincial election.

    I do not support anyone who shows anger to the point of embarrassment. And there is no place in our political system for a politician harassing or embarrassing anyone from the public.

    Please do not take this as venting because I lost in the election, far from it as I do believe the electorate have made a very good selection from the list of candidates.

    But,individuals when they are wrong must own up and say they are sorry and not try to argue to the point of trying to make themselves come out smelling pretty like roses!

  9. Author

    Roland we live in a world where there is very little accountability. Frankly even if Glen did apologize, which he most likely never will, his actions and that of the WFC would normally deem them ineligible to serve on a Municipal committee again ever. It should be interesting to see if any of them are in fact appointed.

    As I said during the election, we have to change the culture of Cornwall. This would be a great start.

  10. It certainly appears that a few persons who were on the 2011 Waterfront Committee are feeling personally hurt by comments that have been and still are being made against them and their action or lack thereof while serving on WFC. That could be expected and little can be done about it, healing takes time and hopefully that will happen going forward, which when and if it does will benefit everyone.

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