Is it Guy Lauzon’s Fault that Canada Day Will See T Storms in Cornwall for 150?

Cornwall Ontario – Another wasted Canada Day here in Cornwall Ontario as Conservative MP Guy Lauzon is allowed to hijack our Nation’s Holiday once again for his partisan escapades.

Questions of his committee came up at Monday’s Council meeting as it’s not a committee of council and MP Lauzon still refuses to show any financials.  Lauzon’s chief of staff, Adrien Bugelli is alleged to have stated that Mr. Lauzon doesn’t have to share financials as meetings are held in camera, but if you’re not an incorporated organization, and it appears his committee, which is made up of his staffers and supporters mostly,  there really isn’t such a thing as in camera, and of course a MP’s finances should be transparent to the public; especially if he’s hustling local businesses and government for handouts and kickbacks.

In fact City Hall confirmed to CFN that any billing for “in kind” service donations for the event go to his Riding Office.  The city gives Mr. Lauzon’s partisan party over $10K per year in freebies on our tax backs.

Guy has been a homeless pigeon since Mr. Harper’s defeat.

Former Councilor Glen Grant was pushing for $500 donations from each councilors expense accounts.  At last check that idea was kiboshed after this newspaper started asking questions of those involved.

Lamoureux Park just had a sinkhole, and many are wondering if another could occur as we keep getting more rain?

The forecast for Saturday is a steaming 29c culminating in strong Thunderstorms.

Looks like MP Lauzon’s farce will be another rain out with over 10mm predicted.

Do you think it’s time to toss Lauzon from controlling what should be a holiday that ALL OF US can enjoy in our goose toilet, and gasp, maybe turn into a tourism event, or should we just let Lauzon and his sycophants continue their partisan and exclusive celebration of whoever will play for them for free?

And is it time for the Canadian government to investigate and audit the years of cash grabbing , possibly unreported cash grabbing, that has been going on under MP Lauzon’s watch?

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  1. The Canada day events should be run by a community based organization as it is done in so many other Canadian cities. Having it run and / or organized by the local MP is just so wrong on so many different levels.

  2. In the past, I remember that Canada Day festivities in Cornwall were organized by Norm “Mr. Canada” Lalonde.

    How exactly did they manage to fall under the umbrella of Guy Lauzon and his Tory clique after Norm’s passing a few years ago?

  3. Author

    How did Guy and his clan take over Habitat for Humanity about ten years ago? The MP pushed his way in.

  4. Why is guy Lauzon using his mp Facebook page to promote his “memoirs”. Seems shady. Nothing new from selfish conservatives though.

  5. Author

    The money is apparently going to charity, but the bigger question is if it’s an autobiography if you didn’t write it? Guy has no writing or communication skills. I can’t imagine that he wrote this all by himself.

  6. I’ve noticed a lot of “autobiographies” are ghost written. Just take a look at the writer credits for some of them.

  7. Can’t wait to not read his” book. Wonder if he’s gonna run again or if Adriane Bugeli will take over. Both shady!!!!

  8. Author

    Hmm… I came to Cornwall. Terminated everyone at Canada Manpower, took a golden parachute, parlayed that into becoming a MP known for abusing my office while only serving my cronies. Side chapters on hijacking a Habitat for Humanity affiliate & Canada Day in Cornwall and being a recovering drunk? Should be riveting reading….

  9. Author

    Can’t wait to read the riveting, as told to part, about defeating Bernadette Clement twice 🙂

  10. LOL LOL. ROLF! Yes that is typical Cornwall so that story has to be true and I don’t need to read the book when it is the usual story what happens in Cornwall – what else is new.

  11. I’m in favor of Canada Day comittee audited by the government. Why is the mp involved in Canada day and asking for $$ and running it at his mp office??? full investigation is needed!!!

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