Cornwall Ontario – So after my editorial about Guy Lauzon’s partisan control over Canada Day here in Cornwall a lot of chatter and great ideas have been floated through my inboxes. Clearly many CFN viewers are dismayed at any Politician of any one party controlling our Federal celebration. What hasContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Another Canada Day in Cornwall.  More social media griping, rain, bad fireworks, crappy bands, Cornwall sucks, blah blah.   I get it. It’s time though, that if the public want a better Canada Day festivity to take charge.   There’s no reason for a sitting MP toContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Another wasted Canada Day here in Cornwall Ontario as Conservative MP Guy Lauzon is allowed to hijack our Nation’s Holiday once again for his partisan escapades. Questions of his committee came up at Monday’s Council meeting as it’s not a committee of council and MP Lauzon stillContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   Monday was a rainy drizzly day in Cornwall.  Apparently our mayor, not big on original thought or ideas of his own, tried to team up with another sizzling mind in MP Guy Lauzon to have a partisan party in Lamoureux Parc at taxpayer expense. Did youContinue Reading

Oh Canada!   Tomorrow is July 1st.  Sadly you won’t see CFN participating in our local event that is about to be rained out (bad karma thanks to Guy) as our MP has hijacked Canada Festivities in our city. Canada Day, above all days, should be inclusive and community building.Continue Reading