It’s Time to Take Canada Day Back in Cornwall Ontario – by Jamie Gilcig JULY 3, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – Another Canada Day in Cornwall.  More social media griping, rain, bad fireworks, crappy bands, Cornwall sucks, blah blah.   I get it.

It’s time though, that if the public want a better Canada Day festivity to take charge.   There’s no reason for a sitting MP to be running Canada Day in any community unless it’s by default, which may be the case here in Cornwall.

It’s easy to pick on our corrupt and incompetent MP.  Far too easy.  He doesn’t help himself with the grubby exclusive politics he plays, but again, is it the bully or the enablers that are the issue.

If Cornwall really wants to throw a party a proper incorporated team need to be created that is INCLUSIVE to all and not the way things are run. Want to know why barely any corporate sponsorship ever hits Cornwall?   Look at how we run things?

ZERO – NO MORE public dollars donated to entities that don’t show their books publicly on demand.  It’s our park. It’s our day.   It’s our money.  It’s our volunteer time.   Therefore all should be available to all.

Frankly anyone that can’t accept that shouldn’t be part of any team or committee.

There should be no politics or politicians on the stage for Canada Day except for a quick hello if they played a key role.

I know this is not going to happen in Cornwall.  Some partisan hacks will grumble about this piece; even the partisan hacks with no real estate in the current mess.   I’m not sure about you, but I’m one of the many that essentially have given up on the same clique run mediocre events which usually amount to an ever shrinking excuse for clique to swill some alcohol and show how badly they dress….

We can do better, but only if we’re inclusive and make this everyone’s event.

If we’re going to fight to save our park we should use it.



  1. Like I have always said the problem in Cornwall are the cliques who run that town literally into the ground and that is for everything, business, Canada Day or any other. You get rid of the cliques and you put in good, intelligent people with vision and watch the town take off. As long as people remain on the sidelines and not do anything the town is dead and I mean dead. It is all in your hand

  2. its bad when every other town had beter canada day fireworks and activities than cornwall that is much bigger

  3. Prior to Canada Day I was in southwestern Ontario (Huron County) Every small village and town that I travelled through well represented the coming event. In cornwall not so much. Veteran flags and banners of some description but Canadian flags, nice flower baskets (red & white) not so much. At the park a group of green go huts and a variety of tents.

  4. Disappointing when communities of several hundred or a few thousand demonstrate enthusiasm that far eclipses a city of 40,000. We poorly represent ourselves and our community by allowing the leadership to pat themselves on the back for the lack lustre non event.

  5. Jamie, if nobody else seems willing to do it, maybe it’s time that you consider being more proactive by taking the bull by the horns and forming your own team of crackerjack Canada Day organizers.

  6. Author

    No, I’m tired of trying in this community. Look at what the Freeholder and Seaway News have pulled with POW. We sent them the press release on Friday and nada. Not a peep. My journalist friends outside of Cornwall just shake their heads and tell me to get my butt out of Cornwall as it’s hopeless.

    I sincerely hope their wrong, but when you’re that messed up that you’d risk hurting your community rather than working inclusively it’s time for someone to take the sharp objects away from them.

    And for the Freeholder and Seaway News not to run the POW releases essentially impeaches them of being news organizations, especially Hugo Rodgrigues, the former President of the Canadian Association of Journalists.

  7. Jamie your paper is the only paper in Cornwall that gives REAL NEWS and I mean that sincerely. You may find me wacky but I mean every single word I post. We left Cornwall for very good reasons and we would never ever return. I have to study where to go if we ever left Ottawa. Cornwall is finished it died because of the clique and the no good for nothing mayors and council.

  8. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  9. All I can say is KAPOW!!!!!

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