Cornwall Ontario – After former Waterfront Committee member Bill Parisien distributed a letter calling for an emergency meeting of the waterfront, a group of people came together to form POW Cornwall.

The purpose of the group is to have people in Cornwall come together to ensure that our waterfront is protected from abuse such as what happened with the Chem Tanks.

The group hopes to see the city gain control of any remaining crown waterfront lands and  to ensure open public consultation before agreeing to any development.

A meeting has been called for Thursday JULY 6th, at 6:30 PM at the RCAF Wing which is on our waterfront!

The group now has a facebook page as well.   LINK

POW Cornwall (Protect Our Waterfront) will be having an open public consultation about taking steps to ensure that we don’t have another Chem Tank situation on any of our waterfront property in our city.  Recently a developer made a presentation to council without apparently actually having ownership or lease of waterfront lands near the marina.

From the group’s press release which was sent to all regional media on Friday June 30th.

The Group’s Goal is to ensure that any lands available come under City Control, and that the City of Cornwall has truly open and transparent public consultations prior to any development or rezoning to ensure the best results of any uses of those lands for the ratepayers of the City of Cornwall.
There will be an official petition and sheets available for those that wish to collect more signatures. 
The meeting will take place on our Waterfront jewel, the RCAF Wing 424, at 240 Water Street on Thursday July 6th at 6:30PM.


The group will be initiating a petition, copies of which can be picked up at the meeting.


  1. This is very good news, I know of several people that feel strongly on this serious issue & we will be there to support ……..

  2. Author

    Ivan I’m just saddened that the Freeholder and Seaway News have not picked up this story that they’ve had the release from since Friday….

  3. When you go to build it isn’t about just throwing up a shack in order to collect taxes. These places have to look good and be of use to the purchaser. I believe in leaving the land open for the public and there are many areas to build condos instead of inside Cornwall. The land where the river is located should be left untouched and enjoyed by the public.

  4. If the sheeple do not speak up for themselves then nothing will be done. Everything lies in your hands people and if you don`t fight and speak up for yourselves then nothing will get done. Stop relying on other people to do the job for you. Go to the meetings and speak your minds and have no fear in anyone but God.

  5. It’s feels kind of weird when I agree with Jules. Here’s hoping city council, etc. learned something from the tank fiasco and doesn’t try an end run if Clement is able to buy that land. The concept looks poorly planned out, at best. It would be a shame to lose that area. And even worse if council decides that we don’t deserve a voice in the matter.

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