Cornwall Ontario – The problem with a lack of community leadership is that issues can bite you in the bum before you realize what hit you.  Corruption and political impotence do not lead to a successful community. While the ol rumours and allegations about a certain former mayor’s love forContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s been an exciting week so far! I finally returned to Cornwall after being away for over a year, just in time for an important city council meet.   Last night City council kicked off the meeting with a presentation on Waterfront Lands given by Rachel Perkins.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Sources have confirmed to CFN that City CAO Maureen Adams wanted the Clement Marina Condo project kept in camera, but that some on council stated it wasn’t an in camera issue which led to a 6-5 vote to move the issue to PAC. Because the meeting wasContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Holy Paul Fitzpatrick!   In what seems to be a chapter out of the ol Kilger council, rookie councilor Justin Towndale went public on his social media page with a statement claiming that council was left out of the loop of the Human Rights Tribunal Case ofContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – After former Waterfront Committee member Bill Parisien distributed a letter calling for an emergency meeting of the waterfront, a group of people came together to form POW Cornwall. The purpose of the group is to have people in Cornwall come together to ensure that our waterfront isContinue Reading

There is a reason why the Federal Government is trying to unload harbour lands across Canada.    Most are polluted or have historic environment issues that literally could cost billions of dollars to resolve. Cornwall’s harbour is so polluted that when a movement to create a beach occurred a fewContinue Reading

When CFN started to write about the Chem tanks and then expose former Mayor Kilger and his team at Economic Development team, and CAO for lying to the public about the chem tanks I personally was abused by certain members of the public and other media. (LINK TO ALL CFNContinue Reading

  CFN – A looming municipal election invites a wide range of citizens to declare their candidacy for public office and share their vision of the city’s future. Over the past 30-years, various candidates have promised to work to bring high paying jobs to Cornwall, repeatedly singing the hymn “IContinue Reading