Over 200 Million Reasons To Worry About the Cornwall Waterfront by Jamie Gilcig 071318

Cornwall Ontario – The problem with a lack of community leadership is that issues can bite you in the bum before you realize what hit you.  Corruption and political impotence do not lead to a successful community.

While the ol rumours and allegations about a certain former mayor’s love for a good game of cards may have led to Chem tanks on Cornwall’s waterfront and eventually a  city partnership with Akwesasne over some of our waterfront lands; with the $200M plus Dundee land settlement,  Akwesasne, or the MCA, is now sitting at a game of Texas Holdem with the City of Cornwall with bags of case while Cornwall would have to borrow to play as the Federal government opens up our waterfront to the highest bidder.   And that doesn’t count private business that may want to play their hand as well.

It’s something that should be putting a huge fear into those that actually realize that the future development of Cornwall’s mostly unused waterfront is critical to the success of this community for generations on.

Essentially the Canadian Government under Justin Trudeau is giving a big bag of money to the MCA at the same time it’s putting up lands that it clearly is not using to the highest bidder leaving Cornwall in no man’s land when it comes to its waterfront.

The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne just had its elections.  It’s Grand Chief, Abram Benedict, earned a grand total of approximately 788 votes to get re elected as the prime leader behind this potential takeover of Cornwall’s lands(out of a population of about 14,000).

Ironically he feels that land claims to our shore still belong to Akwesasne.  What that means is that it seems in his opinion that the MCA can either get more cash from the Trudeau government or gain actual lands that currently are part of Cornwall.

Too date nothing really has been done with the joint venture between Cornwall and Akwesasne.   The city really has no direct leverage in this game, and with the history of poor management and even poorer elected officials is there any defense for the taxpayers in Cornwall?

Is this extreme Liberal payback for this riding supporting the Conservatives the last few elections?

Ultimately this can simply being the Canadian government sending one bag of money to the MCA who will then send it back to the Trudeau government for surplus lands that aren’t being fiscally beneficial to the Feds.

Our corrupt and ineffective MP Guy Lauzon was of no use or voice when the Chem tanks hit Cornwall and shouldn’t he  be the one to sound this alarm?

Likewise other media have also not covered this very dangerous issue for the future of this community and region.

The committee covering our waterfront just cancelled their July meeting.  Shouldn’t they be having emergency meetings about this with the Dundee development?   The reason given for the July cancellation is that both Planning Division Manager and General Manager are away and on conference.   That simply isn’t good enough.

Where is the leadership from those listed below?

Waterfront Committee   

Current Composition:
Councillor Denis Carr
Councillor André Rivette
Stephen Alexander
William Beattie
Todd Bennett
Kyle Bergeron
Edward Castle
Gerald Flaherty
Francois Marineau
Chris Markell
Étienne Saint-Aubin
Bernard Terrence

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Is it time for the public to be more aware of the danger to our waterfront future?  As we’ve seen from POW Cornwall which defeated plans for a waterfront condo that our very elected officials seem to be far unaware and inactive in protecting the investment and future of the residents of Cornwall Ontario.

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  1. Yes, it’s time for the public to be more aware of the danger to our waterfront future. Will it happen? I seriously doubt it. It would be nice if it did. But if previous actions/ inactions are any indication we won’t be made aware of what is happening until it’s too late, IMHO.

  2. Author

    That’s the point Hugger. It may time to have POW Cornwall become more proactive….

  3. “Hugger”,,, The silence from the City, Administration & Waterfront Com. , is deafening on this issue. Will they just sit on their thumbs & wait till the lands in question are taken from us ? Does the chemical tanks ring a bell ? A direct question to all potential CANDIDATES, “if elected to Council ,would you support building condos within the boundaries of LAMOUREUX PARK ?

  4. Things are much worse than I thought about Cornwall and it is long overdo for the sheeple to wake the hell up and know what is going on. I always knew about corruption, nepotism and cronyism and now this. Jamie the entire Cornwall mayor and council have to go immediately if they have any brains left in their skulls. Jamie you would make a good mayor and that is the truth.

  5. Author

    Jules I really don’t think I’ll be running, but honestly the problem starts with the CAO Maureen Adams. If council does not move her things will not change. Then a new CAO has to evaluate city management and get the dead wood and corrupt out. If we’re paying you a sunshine list salary and you’re being unprofessional or not getting results it’s time to change the person out.

  6. Jamie I would love to see you run as mayor and this corruption and nepotism and the whole 9 yards of gangsterism must be thrown out and down the sewer system. Cornwall has to change completely and I mean that. If Hugger had his good health I would say to Hugger run as council and I am encouraging Bill Parisien to run. I know Bill from high school along with his wife Sharon.

  7. Author

    Jules it’d be pointless. I look at the lack of local support for CFN and it tells me that people really don’t care about the corruption locally. Then add in the abuse and corruption I’d go through from the other media and at the end of the day is it really worth it? Sometimes you can do more good from not being on council than being on.

  8. People of Cornwall get out there and be active in your community and it is of utmost importance even to solve this problem. When you live in a community you should take part and solve problems. Make Cornwall a good place to live and work and not neglect the community like what has been happening for a great many years. Many people have not left Cornwall and if they did they would be in shock.

  9. I hope someone steps up to challenge David Murphy. Having him as a mayor (and unchallenged) scares the crap out of me. And he’s another who does not understand conflict of interest. If all or some of the newcomers win council seats we can start the cleanup. I have no desire to see Gardiner or Samson return to council.

  10. I could not run for council. I’d last under one meeting before I’d be censored for language having to deal with the circle of monkeys.

  11. Gov’t funded Universities/Colleges with programs in agriculture, archealogy, engineering, history etc., could get government funding (and Cornwall, 20-25 years of spin-offs), if for all Canadians’ benefit, the canal lands were transferred to Parks Canada, protected and designated as historic and heritage sites, and the canal and abutting lands restored to their states at the time of contruction.

  12. We speak about corruption and it is everywhere and if you don’t keep an eye on them then they will turn the town into a gambling casino with plenty of corruption that you would never want to see nor experience. You cannot expect to vote for the same ones every year and expect good change. Most are there to be fed. Change your mind set and open your eyes and have vision for the town.

  13. I would hate to see a lot of condos built on the waterfront – that would destroy the beauty of the place and Cornwall can kiss it goodbye. Those things called condos are very ugly structures and only good to hide something really ugly.

  14. Jamie the condos going up across the street from me at Heron Gate are going for high prices to purchase and the rental (sit down please so as not to pass out) at $2400 and up per month. My daughter told me that the other day and it is a shocker. That does not count utility bills as well, etc. There will be a pool and a gym in those dumps. More dumps coming down soon for more construction.

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