CFN Proven Correct on Waterfront Chem Tanks by MP Lauzon at Chamber Debate by Jamie Gilcig OCT 7, 2015

CFN Proven Correct on Waterfront Chem Tanks by MP Lauzon at Chamber Debate by Jamie Gilcig OCT 7, 2015

When CFN started to write about the Chem tanks and then expose former Mayor Kilger and his team at Economic Development team, and CAO for lying to the public about the chem tanks I personally was abused by certain members of the public and other media.


Tonight at the All Candidates Debate MP Guy Lauzon confirmed that the city in fact was lying to the public and that Ms Clement’s council knew about the tanks at least a year before the construction occurred.    The bad theatre was led by former Mayor Kilger who said he was surprised in December 2013 even though he’d mentioned them at a November Waterfront Committee and was outed doing so.

MP Lauzon reads the details at the 9 minute mark of the video above.

While tonight proved that MP Lauzon clearly was more interested in serving his political masters in Ottawa instead of the constituents of his riding, it also clearly damns Liberal hopeful Bernadette Clement who not only sat on that council, but sits on this council and is very close to former Mayor Kilger.

Either Ms Clement knew the intimate details of what occurred or wilfully chose to play ball and not defend her community which begs the question:

If Bernadette Clement wouldn’t stand up for the citizens of Cornwall over the Chem tanks what makes anyone think she’d stand up Federally if elected MP?

She talks of change, but clearly she’s another Guy Lauzon in a red pant suit and comfortable shoes.

“This is not a council issue, this is a federal government issue, this is a failure on the part of this government.”

Chief of ED in Cornwall Marc Boileau refusing to comment after money questions asked.

She’s half right in that it was a failure on the part of her council to not hold the Federal government responsible and alerting the public so that it could try and save its lands before construction began.   Frankly there is far more dirt under her finger nails on this issue than on MP Lauzon’s.

(See Bob tell porkies in the video below and see who comes to run some cover for him at the 4:50 mark.)

CAO Norm Levac also refused to answer key questions as to who in Economic Development knew of the project as confirmed by MP Lauzon.


Which begs the question of who to vote for in SD&SG in this election?   You have the party centric boob who is slated to get re-elected who clearly does not deliver for the riding with the exception of possibly a few party faithful who get cookies.   You have a corrupt City Councilor who really isn’t any different contrary to her pamphlet, and you have a NDP candidate who clearly isn’t fit to serve.    Is it any wonder why so many people are disillusioned about voting in this riding other than those of strong partisan stripes?

Stay tuned for coverage from CFN’s Reg Coffey who was at the event and will be providing video footage.

Do you think any of these jokers deserve your vote and actually would help you if elected to be your MP?    I know that all three have failed this company and shown that they don’t respect a free press or small local business and that’s not a good sign for the future of SD&SG if any get elected.

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