CFN Proven Correct on Waterfront Chem Tanks by MP Lauzon at Chamber Debate by Jamie Gilcig OCT 7, 2015

When CFN started to write about the Chem tanks and then expose former Mayor Kilger and his team at Economic Development team, and CAO for lying to the public about the chem tanks I personally was abused by certain members of the public and other media.


Tonight at the All Candidates Debate MP Guy Lauzon confirmed that the city in fact was lying to the public and that Ms Clement’s council knew about the tanks at least a year before the construction occurred.    The bad theatre was led by former Mayor Kilger who said he was surprised in December 2013 even though he’d mentioned them at a November Waterfront Committee and was outed doing so.

MP Lauzon reads the details at the 9 minute mark of the video above.

While tonight proved that MP Lauzon clearly was more interested in serving his political masters in Ottawa instead of the constituents of his riding, it also clearly damns Liberal hopeful Bernadette Clement who not only sat on that council, but sits on this council and is very close to former Mayor Kilger.

Either Ms Clement knew the intimate details of what occurred or wilfully chose to play ball and not defend her community which begs the question:

If Bernadette Clement wouldn’t stand up for the citizens of Cornwall over the Chem tanks what makes anyone think she’d stand up Federally if elected MP?

She talks of change, but clearly she’s another Guy Lauzon in a red pant suit and comfortable shoes.

“This is not a council issue, this is a federal government issue, this is a failure on the part of this government.”

Chief of ED in Cornwall Marc Boileau refusing to comment after money questions asked.

She’s half right in that it was a failure on the part of her council to not hold the Federal government responsible and alerting the public so that it could try and save its lands before construction began.   Frankly there is far more dirt under her finger nails on this issue than on MP Lauzon’s.

(See Bob tell porkies in the video below and see who comes to run some cover for him at the 4:50 mark.)

CAO Norm Levac also refused to answer key questions as to who in Economic Development knew of the project as confirmed by MP Lauzon.


Which begs the question of who to vote for in SD&SG in this election?   You have the party centric boob who is slated to get re-elected who clearly does not deliver for the riding with the exception of possibly a few party faithful who get cookies.   You have a corrupt City Councilor who really isn’t any different contrary to her pamphlet, and you have a NDP candidate who clearly isn’t fit to serve.    Is it any wonder why so many people are disillusioned about voting in this riding other than those of strong partisan stripes?

Stay tuned for coverage from CFN’s Reg Coffey who was at the event and will be providing video footage.

Do you think any of these jokers deserve your vote and actually would help you if elected to be your MP?    I know that all three have failed this company and shown that they don’t respect a free press or small local business and that’s not a good sign for the future of SD&SG if any get elected.

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  1. Good lord, can it get any worse. I’m not kidding when I say I’ve no clue who I’m going to vote for. Great article!

  2. Bernadette Clement, Bob Kilger and the rest of Cornwall council lying to the taxpayer? Surprise, surprise , surprise. Just a coincidence that Bob and Bernadette are card carrying members of the Liberal Party of Canada. Transparency and openness are obviously not their strong suit.

    Vote for moral bankruptcy. Vote for massive deficit spending just as interest rates are set to rise. Vote for allowing massive numbers of unverified refugees into our country. Vote for carbon tax and less disposable income. Vote sound bites and nice hair.

  3. But VOTE!!!!!

  4. What a bunch of losers in Cornwall to vote for and all are there for their own pocket. Thank God I live in Ottawa and can vote in some decent people and if worse got to worse I would vote in the dogs that I meet up with and they don’t want the job at all. LOL LOL. Honestly this is a shame and Cornwall has gone to hell in a handbasket. If I don’t vote for Harpoon Harpo it would be NDP. I am not kidding I get mail from the Fiberals every single day and they have to be mighty desperate since their leader is no good at all. I might just turn around and vote for Thomas the Cat if things get any zanier than they already are.

  5. Jamie if you didn’t come forward about the Chem Tanks here on CFN you would not hear a single thing on the toilet papers of record. I could read right through Levac land all the rest of the liying crooks and you are the very best there is and for many years the lying crooks have been hiding their dirty tricks from the public. Not once have I ever purchased any of the toilet papers of record in Cornwall not once. Jamie can’t you see why Cornwall is way behind all other towns its size? Take a good hard look at other towns the size of Cornwall, some smaller and some bigger and see why Cornwall has not moved one iota – Cornwall is finished literally.

  6. Very good article Jamie ! We voted a week ago at the Returning Office , as we are away. We would never NOT vote, but we voted & held our noses ! Your comments were bang on, as I was present at the Waterfront Meeting, that the tanks were discussed informally with the Mayor. This meeting took place in November, before the shit hit the proverbial fan ! At least 3 other people heard the conversation, including a Senior City Manager.
    However, that is a past boon-doggle that, unfortunately we will never get to the bottom of, but what about the present issue, that Mr. Lauzon is doing less than nothing about. Why is he allowing his Government to keep the 4 pillars from the bridge to remain in place . Why should we be left with 4 ugly pillars in the middle of OUR river, on OUR beautiful waterfront. Also, why no reaction of this from our City Council or our Waterfront Committee, part of your job , as committee members is also to protect our beautiful waterfront ! SOMEBODY, WAKE -UP, quit the finger pointing & do something !

  7. I’m so tired of the “change” platform. How about fixing broken systems? How about tightening purse strings, and fixing things that have been damaged due to “change”? Obama’s platform was “change”, and eight years later you could swear it’s still 2008. Enough change, we need reform. Nothing works, there’s no accountability and once elected no matter who or for what office we get the finger when we want answers or action. Look at Lauzon, the only time you hear from him is during election season. Voting only gives the illusion of freedom/democracy. The fluoride issue, they have petitions and many countries and towns have banned it’s use. We have petitions here and many people are speaking out and don’t want it. However it’s like they don’t hear us, they are still discussing spending ridiculous amounts of money on it. WE DON”T WANT FLUORIDE! Great now i’m all worked up lol. Just my little opinion.

  8. Author

    Bill the buzz simply is that there was a screw up and the pillars stay because nobody wanted to pay to fix it. Another “Made in Cornwall” solution.

  9. Who screwed up Jamie, why is the City allowing this to happen. Where is Lauzon, where is the transparent Mayor & Council & the waterfront committee. The City & Lauzon should be demanding to renegotiate the demolition contract , to correct this screw up. Why do we have to settle for a half assed job, or, as you say, a MADE IN CORNWALL SOLUTION, …. Jules, I;m beginning to think you are on to something…..

  10. Well don’t tell me Jamie another Cornwall “screw up” like the doctors say here in Ottawa when patients are sent here with documents all screwed up along with operations that were botched. Well this time it has to do with those pillars. I wonder what Cornwall can do with those pillars – maybe build some sort of a memorial on it. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  11. Pillars (in the water) sometimes stay, as a way of saving money. But other media are reporting that the pillars in the river will be removed. This is not a unique situation in Cornwall. I’d like to see how they remove the pillars n the river, as they can’t use the same method that they’re using on land.

    Petitions?? In most cases they aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

    So Jules….the federal candidates in Ottawa are better than the ones we have here?? All I have to say is Pierre Poilievre, Harper’s new lap dog. Pierre Poilievre is one of the worst politicians EVER!! Politicians are strange creatures no matter where they are.

    “Change” is open to different interpretations. Some would say “change” is fixing broken systems, etc. All politicians want “change”:, but once elected realize change is not as easy as they thought.

  12. When you have a nation of sheep then you will be dominated by wolves and this is exactly what is happening today. Take a good look at what you have in Cornwall and it is so mighty comical from the municipal, provincial to the federal level and everyone of them are there for their own pocket. So many of the sheeple cannot see it with their own eyes. Jerry and I are awake and the game is rigged and a real comic book and mighty sad at the same time.

  13. Author

    Bill if Guy chose to stand up for the Feds instead of his constituents that’s his choice, not so much a faux pas.

    On the other hand if Bernie “knew” about the cover up and scandal of City Hall not informing the public when such a sensitive issue evolved that’s quite another.

    Someone chose to not make this project public until the tanks were in the ground. Either elected officials muzzled ED and asked them to not include the development in their reports or ED muzzled elected officials.

    Either way one would have to ask what was the motivation behind covering up the Chem tanks until they were in the ground?

    There should be an inquiry into that and someone (or group) should be held accountable as the public has been lied to and our city hurt by this.

    I know this is mute and that the public won’t care because other media are going to fail them and not shout this out, but at least this has been on the record and if Guy has done a single good thing this term it was finally clarifying this.

  14. Beautiful waterfront? I have been here in Cornwall 28 years and I often wondered how the taxpayers could have allowed a hockey arena (glorified bunker architecture) to have ruined the appearance of arguably Cornwall’s most valuable land. There were so many better options available. The monstrosity of a mall was constructed with a similar lack of vision and absence of architectural imagination. Pitt Street Mall was another failure at the hands of a council who refused to accept the results of not one but two costly external studies which advised that the mall project had a 80% chance of failure. In more recent times council approved the construction of a curling rink on “beautiful” waterfront land. I of course could go on and on and add in the lack of an intelligent approach to property standards but nothing will erase the simple truth that the taxpayers of Cornwall have allowed all of this to transpire. Beautiful waterfront? It has to start with an engaged public who choose not to allow arrogant and ignorant self serving administrators and elected officials alike to ram through poorly thought out projects.

    Again I ask what vision of Cornwall’s future have any of our elected officials detailed for us to view? Exactly, none. The reason why most people, most ideas fail is that there was not a plan in place to measure success along the way and an appetite for doing what is necessary

  15. “There should be an inquiry into that and someone (or group) should be held accountable as the public has been lied to and our city hurt by this.”
    Nail on the head.
    You know what would really get the finger pointing going on? An environmental situation in that area.

  16. Good afternoon Hugger,
    Greetings from Siracusa, Sicily, When the contract was given out, why was the removal of those hideous pillars not in the contract. Is it because, the Government felt that , we can do as we wish in Cornwall, the local politicians say nothing, the local MP , would never speak up to his BOSS…. Pillars (in the water) sometimes stay, as a way of saving money. But other media are reporting that the pillars in the river will be removed.(your comment)… SAVE MONEY, why should we settle for a botched job ! Cornwall has settled for crumbs for too long ! Other MEDIA,,, I personally, spoke with the City Manager for Infrastructure (MR. Steven Wintle) , & he assured me very clearly, they (pillars) are staying my friend !
    QUESTION: Is this another chemical tank fiasco in the making ……….The silence from CITY HALL & from LAUZON & the WATERFRONT COMMITTE s deafening ……

  17. Author

    Bill for $75M the darn pillars should be gone.

  18. Jules….sheeple….seriously AGAIN? That is getting old and real quick.

    I know this isn’t going to be liked but…..So, now suddenly we believe things Guy Lauzon is saying?? For years people have been saying that he is no good, but now everyone wants to believe what he is saying? You can’t have it both ways. Who knows what the truth is? An inquiry might be a good idea. But I think the results will show what I said when this first started. That being the tanks are on federal land, NOT city land. Thus, effectively the city had no say in what happened. I know it isn’t right, but that’s how things work. I’d love for the tanks to disappear. City and provincial governments have to put up with what the federal government does, not the other way around. It would be nice if the federal and / or provincial governments asked / told municipal governments what their plans are, but it doesn’t work that way most of the time. An inquiry would tell us if either elected officials muzzled ED and asked them to not include the development in their reports or ED muzzled elected officials. I’m sure neither the feds nor the city wants an inquiry. But knowing the history of inquiries in the city would the truth really come out?

    As for the pillars in the water remaining…ask the SIBC. All I know is in a lot of cases when bridges are removed from over waterways the pillars remain. Cost savings. Again this is NOT unique to Cornwall; it happens other places as well. So, let’s not play this as it only happens here. Can you imagine the environmental problems trying to remove the pillars in the river? It’s not as if these things can be just picked up and removed. And they can’t use the same method they used on land to remove the pillars.

    Bill Parisien….yes other media are reporting that the pillars in the river will be removed. I was talking to another media outlet by email / comments section and they were told by SIBC that the pillars in the river would be removed. But the ED released a statement back when the removal of the bridge started and they said the pillars will be staying. So, whom do you believe?

  19. Author

    Hugger CFN broke the statements from Transport Canada on the Chem Tanks that proved that City Hall was lying. The fact is that whatever could have been done should have been done BEFORE construction started.

    If enough pressure was laid the lease would have been broken and even if some damages were required, if done BEFORE construction they would have been minimal.

    The public was hoodwinked on this one and maybe now, just maybe, enough steam will rise from this turd to force some answers….

  20. I don’t disagree with your statement of October 9, 2015 at 9:40 am. I’m just saying that the federal government does not take its orders from provincial and / or municipal governments. It would have been nice to stop the tanks before they were planted. The city lied to us, plain and simple. But to figure out who muzzled who is a game of futility.

  21. The next Waterfront Meeting will take place on Thursday, October 15, 2015. Meeting will begin at 5:30 PM., McLeod Room, 2nd Floor, Civic Complex. (open to public)
    Jamie, any chance of you covering this, as I;m away . Not sure anyone will bring up this issue ! .

  22. Yes Hugger “sheeple” and hat is exactly what they are. Nobody complained in the beginning with all the mess going on until now. You all haven’t seen anything yet and it will blow you all away to know about it.

  23. Folks just take a good look at all these characters trying to hide from Jamie’s questions. All of them are implicated and many are Liberal/Fiberals so don’t think that changing the party is going to make a difference. Everyone of them are guilty as can be. Here is Levac playing with his moustache, Bob turning his back on Jamie, and Bernie is a Liberal/Fiberal as well – all of them are. I am going to vote for the devil that I know about and don’t want to see anything worse off than what is allready here. Oh yes things will be worse from what I have heard – much worse and when something is signed in secret you know that something is dreadfully wrong and if it were not Harpoon Harpo it would have to be Justine or Thomas – none can be trusted. You don’t know what is coming.

  24. No one complained when the tanks were put in?? Where have you been?? There was nothing but complaints and a little bit of action when it was revealed the tanks were going in in the waterfront area. Nothing was done due to, IMHO, a concerted effort by the city to quash the citizen’s complaints.

  25. Author

    Hugger CFN organized a rally that saw about 100 people including a few from Akwesasne march from Guy’s office to City Hall. There was a lot of attempts to drag it down and then other media underplayed it in their coverage. Even Chuck Charlebois played a game by refusing to participate and then showing up to lead it.

  26. The drawings and notes I have from the Bridge Corporation, clearly show and state that all piers (parallel to the new bridge) would be removed except for one at the recreational/bicycle path, and that only the bases of the other 3 would remain in the water.

    The budget was totally thrown out by the tug boat incidents, their salvaging, and claims against the seaway by ship companies for vessel delays while water levels were altered etc., and the redesign of the north approach to the new bridge due to Border Services new/temporary Port of Entry Facility…

    But really, with the magic of Guy Lauzon’s government and their creative bookkeeping, who will ever know the true costs and waste.

    So in closing, given the performance of Guy Lauzon and Bernadette Clement and the misinformation, ineptitude and lying that continue to screw us over… neither of these is a worthy candidate for Parliament.

  27. Author

    Simon, I like many others agree with you regarding Guy and Bernie. The problem is that neither of the other two candidates running offer any real hope either. Makes one wonder how many spoiled votes occur this election?

  28. The two previously mentioned candidates are known unethical entities, not even worthy of being a Parliamentary seat warmer. And if that’s what we’re going to be left with, my ballot would be at least for a body that is voting in Parliament with the most genuine leader.

  29. Your rally was what I was referring to. I know CFN organized a rally.

  30. Bill you want to believe I am on to something and always laughing about all the screw up jobs of Cornwall. Honest Bill Cornwall was a much better town years ago unlike what things are like today. I miss the past very much and that is the truth but nowadays I cannot live there at all in the present conditions. I never saw a place with so much neglect and a few mayors like BOB and Lez who have absolutely no vision, attacking good people like Jamie and others and not coming good for their words along with so much. Honest Bill I can’t stop laughing at such a mayor and especially the council and Frosty the Showman in particular – you can’t get more wacky than that. Bill I remember you and Sharon from CCVS and I remember Sharon way before – you are a great couple. Have a great time in Italy and both of you have a good rest before you go back to Wackytown. All he best.

  31. So very nice to catch up with you Jules, since from high school ? But, who are you ? lol Would love to reminisce some time ! ? lol,lol, rolf…..Take care !

  32. Bill I never use my real name here and I remember you and Sharon very well and a very nice couple. I remember the good years of Cornwall when we were in school and I went to three different high schools in Cornwall because I needed the French system to keep the language which is so important especially here in Ottawa. I landed at St. Lawrence High School in the French system in the end and made some good friends. I wish that Cornwall was a good place to live but it isn’t like that anymore. Ottawa has changed a great deal and so many things are unrecognizable. I have not seen a town as wacky as Cornwall yet. I have plenty of laughs that make me land on the floor literally. I love Jamie’s paper so much and that is where the truth comes out. People didn’t know about the chem tanks until Jamie exposed it. Bill you and Sharon have a good trip and Italy is very beautiful.

  33. Author

    Jules I would rather live in Cornwall than Ottawa. I lived there for a few years and while it wasn’t bad I just never warmed up to the city. Cornwall has a lot going for it. It’s biggest problem is that the really nice people don’t stand up to the really less nice people. The bullies seem to win here a lot.

  34. Jamie you hit the nail on the head and my husband would be proud to shake your hand. My husband who lived in Beirut (a big city of wall to wall buildings) loved Cornwall and he said that the people were good people except for certain ones. My daughter loved Cornwall and finds Ottawa too big. My son and I are the only ones who adapt ok. When we first came to Ottawa 41 years ago we would drive back and forth because I missed Cornwall badly like you wouldn’t believe – an adult so mighty homesick. Ottawa is a cold city (not just climate wise but people wise) and like all big cities you don’t know your neighbor even if you live there for 50 or more years unless you venture out and still if you say hello they can see that you are from somewhere else. We have met people from other places here in Canada and we are surrounded by Middle Easterners and others. Cornwall has a homey feel to it because it is small and you can walk from one end to the other which you cannot do here in Ottawa. Ottawa has changed a lot since we came back in 2004 and a lot of crime and stuff that we don’t hear about. There were crimes back in the 80’s era but not like today. I can tell you that I don’t feel safe here but I am here for my daughter. My daughter went back to college at age 36 and is making in the high 90’s in average and hoping for a better job when she finishes. That is my goal in life is for her not me my day is finished. My husband and daughter long to go back to Cornwall but both have myself and my son keeping them from going back. LOL LOL. Jamie you are the best and if you are not in Cornwall anymore that town will lose a mighty valuable and wonderful person and that is the truth Jamie.

  35. Bill I remember you and Sharon from school and I remember Sharon from childhood as well and her parents. Sharon once lived on my street in Cornwall (her parents house) and were very good people. Bill you and Sharon make a great couple and you don’t see many like yourselves today. Enjoy your trip and when you go back to Cornwall you will have your work cut out for you to try and get the nut cases to listen and take down those pillars or tell them to sit on them and rotate like my husband comes out with sometimes. Cornwall went down hill and something has to be done to change the town. Who in their right frame of mind puts up with a nutbar galabanting through Europe (Frosty the showman) at taxpayers expense. Frosty moved to Ottawa and for what Bill – homes are not being sold and those sold are taking their sweet time. Mpst likely Frosty ended up being disappointed and also buying a condo at very high expense and was much better off in his home in Long Sault.

  36. Hugger if the government (federal) can push those tanks on the people then this is not a democracy at all but a bunch of tyrants. I blame BOB for keeping this a secret along with Levac, Bernie and all the rest and believe me they are all no good for nothings that should be all thrown out of councel. Not one of them is good to the people of Cornwall and are there only to collect a paycheck just like Frosty the Showman. Who in their right frame of mind would put up with a councellor galabanting all over Eastern Europe and also lives here in Ottawa and doesn’t give a hoot what happens in Cornwall. Are you all that crazy to accept all this being shoved down your throats? Do you really call this a democracy? God help I think it is a tyranical system and no democracy would accept this kind of a behavior. If Frosty were that sick he would be home taking it easy instead of galabanting all over the world. This is fraud at its best and no wonder Willie Wise came out of Cornwall with his scams including Holy Cow Gilles Latour and God knows who else. If there was a true people in Cornwall none of this would have or being happening as we speak. The word “sheeple” sands because that is all what the people are “sheeple” who follow the herd over the cliff.

  37. Jules….there was no “pushing” by the federal government. A lot of people don’t understand that the land the tanks are on is federal land. They are NOT required to get provincial or municipal approval for what they do. At times it isn’t right, but that is how things work. The contract between Transport Canada and Trillium is legal and there is very little Cornwall can do about it until the city gets control of the harbour lands. If the city does get control of the harbour lands you can bet there will be a clause that says that any pre-existing contracts will remain valid until the contract runs out naturally.

    As for Brock Frost at present there are no laws that allow for a councillor to be recalled. Do you actually think that we want to accept the crap he has pulled? The only option is for him to resign. And…..

    If you don’t like this “democracy” feel free to go live in a country with little or no democracy, like North Korea. The governments there would love to make an example of someone that thinks that they can tell the government what to do. People who don’t agree with those governments are either killed or disappear.

    You may not like what happens here. But you’re sitting in Ottawa. It’s easy to criticize something when you don’t live here. Do you actually think we like what happens here? Living in Ottawa must be fun. Having a mayor who decides he wants LRT at a cost of $3 billion dollar with no vote by the people. Ottawa does not need an LRT. It’s just Jim Watson wanting a “legacy.”

  38. Mr. Lauzon remains poorly informed about the collateral damage caused by the chemical storage tanks.. At a public meeting in early 2014 he stated that ” on average, we’lll see only ONE truck per day access the site”. He held the same discourse at a recent candidates debate. His facts are entirely wrong. Had he spent some time at the chemical storage site this summer, he would have counted in excess of FIFTEEN large tanker trucks access the site on a daily basis, day and night! That represents 30 trips of huge 30,000 liter tankers traveling IN and OUT of Cornwall…much of it right through the heart of the city. Informed members of the community presented this and other facts to Mr. Lauzon and company at the “open” meetings in early 2014.. The standard reply of “we’ll look into this and get back to you” was conveniently uttered by government officials at all levels. What a shame.
    With a change in government just a few hours away, we can expect more support for a Clean and Vibrant Waterfront for Cornwall.
    Louis Denis
    October 19, 2015

  39. Louis Denis….if you think a change in government you can expect more support for a clean and vibrant waterfront for Cornwall think again. The figureheads may change but the top ranking officials, who make the decisions, and minions do not change. A change in government will not result in any change for the Cornwall waterfront.

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