Will We See First Snow Flakes Early Friday in Cornwall Ontario? OCT 7, 2015

With temperatures scheduled to be hovering around zero in the early hours of Friday the big question is if Cornwall and the area will see its first snow flakes of this season?

Seasonal temps have been above average and leaves are just starting to change colour and fall in the area.

If we do see some of the white stuff it will be brief and not stick.

Temperatures will be back up near 20 c starting Sunday.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Are we in for a rough Winter?  You can post your comments below.


  1. LOL LOL. ROLF! This little dog is so cute in the picture. Oh Jamie keep the snow away for a while. When my husband and I were first married it snowed on October 1 or 2 41 years ago and he never experienced snow before, was all excited and left his jacket and keys inside and had to go to my employment to get my coat and keys. He was like a child with the first snowfall. When he arrived at my work he was as red in the face like a monkey’s keester. LOL LOL. ROLF! The little dog reminded me of that day. This is cute Jamie.

  2. Stop using that “s” word!!

  3. The wife and I were talking about the weather on the drive to Ottawa today. We were thinking the leaves haven’t had a dramatic change yet because we haven’t had and frost(the frozen condensation kind) on the ground yet. Hope it doesn’t stay until December, I have a lot of fishing to do still.

  4. Have a good time with your fishing Jerry. Fish is healthy and we just had salmon a while ago and we are stuffed. I hope that we don’t get snow for some time – close to Christmas would be ideal but not before. We are sure not looking forward to freezing rain and ice at all and will have to walk inside the malls that is how slippery things get to be.

  5. Thanks Jules! I’m hoping to go to Cobourg near port hope for some salmon. Some small ones in the 8LB range. We like to put them in the smoker and use maple and apple wood. We go out in the main water body, not the stream runs, i like to find the small health ones. Hopefully I can find some jumbo perch around there too. We love perch rolls at my house. Ice fishing for perch is great fun too, one way to pass cold winter days for me. Being Mohawk, it’s always been part of my life. I’m passing it one to my oldest daughter now, teaching her all about conservation, choosing health fish, how to catch and clean them.

  6. Jamie I have to ask this beautiful dog if he wants to be mayor of Cornwall. You can’t get any worse than what is already there. LOL LOL. ROLF! Maybe this little fellow would make quite an improvement over what is there now. Cornwall is a real joke of a council as well and it is a scream for someone who cannot take the heat and run off at taxpayers expenses – this should not be allowed at all whatsoever. People complain about Harpoon Harpo and the crazy senators on the hill but they don’t look at what is going on locally.

  7. Jerry I had a lady friend here in Ottawa who was an Ojibway Indian and she used to hunt beaver on the reserve in Northwest Ontario and fed her family with her hunting skills and she fished, etc. She would talk a lot about walleye fish. The Native people have to get back to the land because all the life skills are going to come in mighty handy the way life is going today with the high cost of food. When my husband was on taxi back in the 70’s era an Air Canada pilot brought him some fresh salmon from the Pacific and oh boy was that good Jerry – beyond imagination. My Ojibway friend came over and showed my husband and I how to cook the salmon in the oven and it was a big fellow. There is nothing like fresh fish and moose. We had moose a few times from a man in Cornwall who hunted and it was good. Sharon used to take the skins of the beaver and sell it to the white men who would make fur coats. This woman was very resourceful and had four kids to feed. It is great to pass on the life skills from one generation after another and this should never be lost. Have a great time at fishing Jerry and nothing like the real thing.

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