Time for Harper MP Guy Lauzon to Not Run Canada Day in Cornwall & City Ad Boycott of Largest Media June 30, 2015

Oh Canada!   Tomorrow is July 1st.  Sadly you won’t see CFN participating in our local event that is about to be rained out (bad karma thanks to Guy) as our MP has hijacked Canada Festivities in our city.

Canada Day, above all days, should be inclusive and community building.  Sadly our MP runs the event as a stumping post for his own job and party.   That clearly isn’t how it should be done.

Likewise the City is spending your money buying Canada Day ads in most of the local media except CFN which is kinda nuts, poor business, and poor community development.

CFN has the largest audience, deepest reach and offers far better value than most of our competitors.

That’s not meant as a slur or slag to them.  We all do some things better than each other and all have our place and role in the community; even sleazy Todd Lihou & Bill Kingston, but when you’re spending the public’s purse it should be in the public’s best interest and not your own petty political machinations.

cfn june 29

CFN does what our competitors don’t do and that’s show raw logs and stats.   This month we set a new record with over 330GB of bandwidth used up by our amazing viewers which include some of these petty tyrants.

Who else can deliver over 2M pageviews in a month locally of which over 40% are from Cornwall??

Over half this community click at least once on CFN. Does it really make any sense that City Hall refuses to communicate to the residents of our city via that channel?

 CFN has been running our Crazy Any Banner for $99 per month sale so it’s not exactly expensive to send that message out to the community.

The impact of this silly boycott impacts the community in the end as its tentacles reach out to city agencies, charities, and even businesses that depend on city contracts.  We’ve heard from a lot that are fearful of losing city cash if they didn’t pull their ads with us.

One local institution was actually afraid to have us do a profile on them.


Since I have been on the board of our public art gallery, of over 33 years, the city has cut the gallery’s funding to zero, refused to give us the pittance they were going to give to Lift Off and even defamed us when Liberal MP hopeful Bernadette Clement claimed she couldn’t support our governance after she had during all the previous years she’s been on council, a governance that was recently cleaned up by our board!


This is Cornwall in 2015.   While the last election started the clean up at City Hall clearly some of those remaining have not heeded the public’s clear wishes for change to the way things are done.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below and thanks for the clicks!


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  2. Cornwall wants to boycott you Jamie and just this morning I said to my husband that when we go down to Cornwall on visit we will not purchase anything at all and I will boycott Cornwall at my end of the bargain. I keep all my promises and won’t back down. There is so much jealousy and hate that many businesses have pulled up stakes and left. Nobody whatsoever will put up with all of the town’s BS. I am one of the people who would not put up with one iota of all that nonsense. The jerks cannot compete with you at all. I cannot live in a town full of hate like Cornwall.

  3. The song remains the same……Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  4. He is our elected federal official, why wouldn’t he be there?????

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