Starbucks Foodshare Program Benefits Baldwin House in Cornwall JUNE 27, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – As I was doing my morning social media scroll, Cornwall local Judy Rose posted the video below asking if our Starbucks on Brookdale was part of the Foodshare program which Starbucks started in 2016.

Which of course led to an  odd situation as our local Starbucks boycotts this newspaper, not even sending us an invite to their local opening which is kinda odd as we’re the largest media outlet in the region with over 1.5 MILLION human pageviews this month.

But a community takes more than some silly petty behavior by some corporate types, so this writer decided to ask our Brookdale coffee house and their supervisor confirmed that they in fact do participate in the Foodshare program donating any foods applicable to Baldwin House (which also boycotts CFN which is even crazier 🙂  )

Sometimes you just have to stay on the high road and frankly we need more initiatives like this, and more action to bring our community together and work to build a better Cornwall, one cup of coffee at a time.

Kudos to Starbucks who as a company are probably a lot smarter and better than their nitwit in Toronto who fumbled the ball in how they deal with the community of which most read this newspaper over any other media  in the area.

And hopefully one day Cornwall charities like Baldwin House get Executive Directors who will put their missions ahead of petty small town politics too.

Photo : Screencap

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