Cornwall Ontario’s Most Corrupt Councilor to Run Again & Another Gay Candidate – Aug 6, 2014

glen grant baseballCORNWALL Ontario – Cornwall Ontario had two more citizens offer themselves for office.   Long time Councilor Glen Grant, (pictured above sitting with little leaguer’s who protested their ball park being turned into condos) who recently was condemned in the Fournier report for moving into an illegal in camera  meeting of the waterfront committee he sits on,

and also motioned to have the same committee strike this newspaper as media from the attendence list at the same meeting, is throwing his hat into the ring again.

Joining him on the list is Shorteez hair impresario Rony Macarone.  Macarone joins Guy St. Jean as the second openly gay candidate for this election. They bring the count up to 17 names for council along with the 3 current candidates for mayor of our River City. Councilor Grant is part of a council that has refused to account for themselves over the installation of chemical tanks on our waterfront while he was on the waterfront committee claiming to know naught while the mayor; who also sits on the committee was caught lying about when he knew about the tanks which the city has confirmed had know about nearly a full year before their shocked and surprised reaction to the December construction by Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. What do you think of these two additions to the race Cornwall? You an post your comments below.

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  1. Furtz I thought that I used the Kings English so as you and all can understand. If those dirty clique and Bare Ass were not there to give Cornwall a bad name and bring down its potential on being better then Cornwall may have a chance of some sort to have better success. The vast majority of us left Cornwall because there was no hope in hell because certain people were and are holding it back. Cornwall has lost the majority of its young people and they will not return. It is time for real DRASTIC CHANGE and yes Furtz there are good people in this world who become corrupt because money seems to tempt them along with so much evil. You cannot keep putting in the same mayor and the same council or else corruption sets in which has happened to Cornwall. You have to change the birdcage liner as they say or it will stink and cause disease to spread.

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