Transport Ministry Tosses the Salt – City of Cornwall Informed in FEBRUARY 2013 DETAILED PLANS in JUNE 2013 – Kilger & Thibault Skip Public Meeting

grant kilger
Cornwall Ontario – Over 200 people crammed into Salon B of the Civic Complex in Cornwall Ontario.   The crowd clearly and unanimously were against the tanks being constructed on our waterfront.     Guy “I don’t know anything” Lauzon shuffled through papers and did the political speak.   Minister Lisa Raitt was supposed to attend, but sent her aide instead.   David Murphy was acting mayor and to his credit it was almost like watching Bob Kilger as he struck dignified non-answer after non-answer; and Chuck Charlebois who has given so much to the improvement of our waterfront.
Most of council was present.  Missing besides the mayor interesting enough was councilor Denis Thibault.
For two days I’d been waiting for word from the Ministry of  Transport and that word came, but only after 6 PM tonight which meant that it would not be published before or during this meeting.
The brief note, printed unedited below is stunningly shocking in that it counters the well rehearsed message coming out of City Hall; that the City was aware as of FEBRUARY 2013 and that plans were submitted in JUNE 2013.
IF some members of council were unaware as they claim then the  Mayor and Councilors Grant and Thibault have some mighty big explaining to do.   As matter of fact if some of council truly were unaware and have some back bone hopefully these fine gentlemen will be doing some explaining to the RCMP as surely these strange  chain of events.   Mayor Kilger in fact has not as of yet even suggested that the tank construction be stopped.
We will be reporting with our video coverage of tonight’s meeting Thursday, but I think Councilor Leslie O’Shaughnessy may have been onto something when he was quoted in our first story on this subject.

If what you are telling me is true,(Mayor Kilger knowing about the tanks in advance, and council as a whole not being aware)  it would not surprise me at all. There are many occasions that I had during my year and a half on council where some knew more than others and the information was not shared. 

As an example at one meeting on a committee that I was appointed to by council I was asked questions in regards to correspondence that had been received from the mayor and CAO.   when I was asked the particulars in regards to that correspondence I knew nothing about  it and had not been informed.

This happened on many other occasions on issues I cannot comment on at this time.

And here is the letter from Silvia Di Tiero of Transport Canada – unedited.
Hi Jamie,
Below is the response from Transport Canada to your inquiry regarding the Public Port of Cornwall:
Transport Canada entered into a lease agreement with Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc.
The tenant provided detailed information regarding proposed activities for this commercial operation at this port facility to the City of Cornwall.  Specifically, Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. advised Transport Canada that they first contacted the City of Cornwall in February 2013, and that, among other discussions with the City, Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. also provided details of the project plan to the City of Cornwall in June 2013.
The Public Port of Cornwall is a commercial port facility. Activity currently taking place at this facility is in line with typical commercial port operations.
A representative from the Office of the Minister of Transport is attending  this evening’s public information session taking place in Cornwall.
Silvia Di Tiero
Transport Canada, Communications Advisor
What do you think dear viewers?   Clearly construction must stop on Thursday December 12, by Noon.    The people of our city have clearly spoken and there are some officials that have clearly been lying to the public and need to be held accountable.
For these tanks to be put into the heart of our waterfront with no environmental studies; no traffic studies, no public consultations; nor meeting any other criteria have totally got to be unacceptable in any Democratic State.    Surely Mayor Kilger, Denis Thibault and Glen Grant should immediately resign for misleading the community and council as well as MP Lauzon if for any other reason not knowing anything about this for nearly a year in his own riding!
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  1. There is no way in hell that Bare Ass and his shisters don’t know about what is going on with these lands to put up some tank on the property. When something is done behind closed doors and the public is not aware of what is happening that isn’t democracy at all. When something is done in secret it spells out evil to the core. Take a good look at when Leslie O’Shaughnessey’s mail was withheld from him by Bare Ass and if that were done by someone else they would be put in prison for such an act. Who on God’s earth wants to be mayor of Cornwall or counsel when such dirty, underhanded actions go on. Who in their right frame of mind wants to live in such a town that doesn’t have the community in mind but only toes the party. No thank you I do not support any party at all. I am more than fed up of what is going on in Canada and around the entire globe and so are many people who are aware of the dirty antics of the higharchy. Many people in the US are leaving and going over to third world countries to live to get far away from everything. Canada is finished when you see things like this happen and you blame the former Soviet Union and such places. This isn’t freedom nor democracy at all and people have the right to know what is happening in their community. Like I said previously I vote for nobody and I never will as long as I live. Jamie you are the very best person out there and I cannot give you enough compliments for the hard work that you do and I could never keep up with you at all. You are the best and they (Bare Ass and his hustlers) are jealous of your accomplishments and they try to hide everything but they cannot keep it hidden for long before they are all discovered. All the very best to you and your staff.

  2. I was really hoping that the Mayor and council were telling the truth last week .
    Unfortunately for everyone involved including the residents of Cornwall and surrounding area it is very obvious according to the letter from the Ministry of Transport that THEY WERE NOT .
    The Ministry has NO reason to lie . . They have nothing to hide .
    It is human nature to lie if you want to deceive someone .
    Little Children lie in an to attempt to cover up their mistakes and bad judgement . I guess some children just never learn that it is wrong . That is very obvious here .
    This is a very dark day for Cornwall . Now the truth is proven and resignations should be forthcoming if these people have ANY responsibility to the good people that voted them into Council under the disguise of trust.
    For once .. Do what is right for the City of Cornwall and resign before the RCMP get involved and we have our own Mike Duffy .

  3. Killger is a liar…period. This is not name calling but fact. He needs to go. Over and over again he continues to show that he has no integrity or transparency, always out for his own personal gain. People need to stop being so apathetic and sign the petition. Be responsible and get involved. Kilger needs to be ousted ASAP!!!

  4. Author

    Actually Melor it’s time for those councilors, if any are truly innocent, to stand up and ask for the mayor to step down. Cornwall has suffered enough at his hand. And those that have aided him the most need to go to. He may have just destroyed David Murphy’s political future last night as well.

  5. City council could have looked like heroes by exposing this issue and taking a stand? Why would they choose secrecy, hiding and lying? Is there something else going on?

  6. I say that Kilger & his ass kissers must resign Now or the RCMP will be called in to investigate.They counted on voters to stay in the dark & not lift their heads out of the sand as per normal.Councilors who which to remain with any dignity must speak up loud & clear

  7. No surprises here. All people in this community needed to do was pull their heads out of the sand to see Bob Kilger and his council of fools for what they are. We have allowed ourselves to be deceived (lied to) and taken advantage of by people of limited morals and conscience.

    Time to stop the lunacy and have this administration removed or stripped of all powers and duties (Rob Ford) and have a temporary leadership steer us out of this storm. There is not, I repeat, there is not one individual worthy of our trust representing us around the horseshoe, otherwise we would have heard something from one or more of them.

    The violation of their oaths to office is clear. We are not being represented, rather we are being played and Guy Lauzon is either an idiot or a complicit partner in the obvious corruption of our system of leadership.

    An investigation would be a further waste of taxpayers money. These individuals need to be pointedly offered an opportunity to voluntarily resign or be held accountable and forcefully, if necessary, removed from office.

    This is our community and personally I am weary of seeing it raped by individuals who have no respect or value for the average citizen.

    Perhaps civil disobedience at the next council meeting is in order if none of them have the courage to voice the truth and represent us.

  8. Do we know what the chemical will be? Do we know how it will come and go? Does the fire department have the expertise to deal with any issue arising from it? What are the environmental impacts to land and water?Sure, chemical tanks may be safer today, however, potential problems could disrupt bridge traffic and residents.People using the bridge will not be enticed to see more of Cornwall with that first view.

  9. As much as this project shows exactly how Mr lauzon and his Government hold the citizens of Cornwall respect to being at the lowest of the barrel by not having the common decency to have public consultation in an area surely Mr Lauzon knows to be a hope for the future by attracting retiring Canadians to a vibrant new water front with historic and new living accommodations I am trying very hard to understand where the RCMP would investigate at this point other than out and out lying which thank God is not a indictable offence unless under oath or our jails would be full what exactly would they be investigating that I am missing ?

  10. Yes, you are so right Jamie! Council needs to speak up to be heros….it is NOT TOO LATE! Someone has to be the one to say enough is enough. Leslie sure did! Kilger will throw any one of his minions under the bus if he has to to save himself.

  11. Author

    David until people like Gerry Benson, Roy Perkins and the other fat cats put pressure on “their people” we have issues. It was silly to see David Murphy addressing his boss Gerry Benson at the meeting. Enough with the fake nice. The public see this for what it is. The tank construction needs to stop TODAY. And then we have to sift through this mess and make sure those responsible do not have another opportunity to do this again.

    And frankly there are city management that need to be held responsible as well. Staff are responsible to COUNCIL; not just a member or two or the mayor.

  12. Eric
    From what I can gather the contents of the tanks will be road salt in both liquid and granular form. Neither is a severe environmental hazard but should be dealt with using the proper PPE and operating procedures. Considering we want the stuff on the roads when conditions are slippery I would think people can see the necessity. Short of any fabricated or unverified conspiracy theory the proposed product is safe. The main ingredient with any health concerns is what is used as an anti-gelling compound. But then again something similar is used in processed foods.

    Did anybody see Bill or Tom Kaneb in the gatherings? Considering they own the building known as the old cotton mill I would think they have a vested interest in any development in the area nd how it may impact the new condos.

  13. Thanks for that Haley Brown. Not knowing the actual compound here, but some items used in food products(sugar, soy flour for example) do provide a risk as combustible dust.
    Since the product is going on trucks for use/delivery (assuming no actual ship port use) another location should not be a problem. The location is poor for presenting the city to travelers and does not make Cornwall as attractive.

  14. Congradulations Jamie, “CFN” once again gets the truth ! Yeah right, nobody knew, judging by the “moules” on Council, either they all knew, or, their backing blindly the puppeteer ? Not one of these “moules” (French for mollusks, no spine) are yelling their bloody heads off in anger, regarding not knowing ? The whole horse-shoe has to go & we cannot wait till next Fall, they must resign ! Pretty soon , Leno & Letterman will be making jokes about Cornwall ? This is getting similar to the Ford & Duffy scandals ? Council are you there, HELLO ?

  15. Take a good long look at all of them from Bare Ass onwards and they are all crooks in action. Not one of them will tell you the truth if they swore on the Bible or their life depended on it. I trust in nobody at all. When something is done in secret then you know that something is mighty rotten. It is all in the game of passing the buck. If this is federal land then what in heavens name is salt for city streets doing on federal land – ask yourselves that question – it makes no sense at all. Federal is for federal and city is for city and the two do not intertwine – something is mighty fishy for sure and makes no sense at all. If this is on city property then maybe you can believe such crap or not but all this sounds like something that isn’t kosher at all.

  16. Eric, they are using ships to transport through the seaway thus the need to locate it in that area, that being said they could still have it trucked to the industrial park and stored there. That would be cause for concern as more trucking would be needed.

    The irony here is if they use the lands for storage people will complain, if they transport it to the industrial park people will complain, if they refuse to use the product people will complain

  17. The product is calcium chloride you can find the MSDS Sheet at

    It is likely that the tanks will be gravity fed from boats at the port, which will require pipes from the port to the tanks.

    I’ve heard rumour that the majority of the product will be used in Quebec, not even within our city!

  18. People certainly complain, often about the wrong things.

    Adam, any idea how many extra trucks a day / season will being going along Brookdale to the 401 if the rumour is correct?

  19. Thank You Adam, it doesn’t appear to be a seriously dangerous substance. We would probably have more unfriendly products or quantity of products in what ever vessel comes into the harbor, such as bunker C or other fuels used as a fuel for the ship.

    gravity feed is a misnomer at the best of times. the ship should be above the lowest point in the tanks and would have to be unloaded from below decks. Unless they have a deck mounted container.

  20. There has been a lot of talk about the safety of calcium chloride and the WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Material Information System) documentation. Here is an excerpt of the Materail Safety Data Sheet from Brenntag Canada Inc. which only covers health effects of humans handling the chemical. That does not even cover the environmental issues and handling.


    . Inhalation: Product may cause severe irritation of the nose, throat and respiratory tract.
    Repeated and/or prolonged exposures may cause productive cough, running nose,
    bronchopneumonia, pulmonary oedema (fluid build-up in lungs), and reduction of pulmonary
    function. Excessive contact with powder may cause drying of mucous membranes of nose and
    throat due to absorption of moisture and oils. See “Other Health Effects” Section.

    . Skin Contact: This product may cause irritation due to abrasive action. Avoid handling
    when the skin is moist, wet or abraided. Dry Calcium Chloride can produce considerable
    amounts of heat when dissolving into water. (3) In the presence of moisture
    (perspiration, humidity, tears), the dust dissolves to form a solution which may cause
    burns. Prolonged, confined (especially under the finger nails, under rings or watch bands) Calcium Chloride, Solid Brenntag Canada Inc.
    WHMIS Number: 00060096 Date of Revision: 2005 July 13
    Page 2

    or repeated exposure may cause skin irritation and possibly lead to (chemical) burns.

    . Skin Absorption: A single, prolonged skin exposure is not likely to result in the
    absorption of toxic amounts of the material.

    . Eye Contact: This product may cause irritation, redness and possible damage due to
    abrasiveness. Contact can cause eye burns. May cause corneal damage and conjunctivitis.

    . Ingestion: Single dose oral toxicity is considered to be low, and it is unlikely that
    accidental ingestion could cause any toxic effects in the body. Large doses of this
    product causes severe burning and pain in the mouth, throat and abdomen. Vomiting,
    diarrhea and perforation of the esophagus and stomach lining may occur.

    Other Health Effects: Effects (irritancy) on the skin and eyes may be delayed, and damage
    may occur without the sensation or onset of pain. Strict adherence to first aid measures
    following any exposure is essential.

    May cause perforated nasal septum, gastrointestinal irritation or ulceration, cardiac
    arrhythmia. Calcium Chloride may sensitize heart muscle causing cardiac arrhythmia, in
    rare cases. (4)

  21. Danger from the substance being stored by Trillium/Pollard does not appear to be great. The Danger, is that the recovery and greening of our shoreline is being undone…

    Our waterfront is being re-industrialized. The area will become a heavily used transfer facility with trucks coming and going, with ships stirring up the mercury saturated harbour bed, with noise and visual blight… right up against a children’s ballpark and playground, and right across the road from a housing development meant to rejuvenate the neighbourhood and our local economy.

    This is filthy industry gaining a foothold, this is a clear indication that the government has an agenda and that the agenda is being hidden from us. And it is a filthy bunch of meely-mouthed tossers and outright liars that, although elected to act in our interest, plainly serve only themselves.

    This link might say it more diplomatically…

  22. Reg
    Your information is from Brenntag, are you sure it is as accurate as the post by Adam from Trillium?

    Molecular Formula: CaCl2; CaCl2.2H2O. is from Brenntag
    Molecular Formula: Formula: CaCl2, 27-30%, MgCl2. 4-7% , NaCl. Less than 2%, is from Trillium

  23. What other secret negotiations are underway at our expense, and at the expense of our children?

  24. When I read the report that Adam sent I had my warning signs on but now I see the effects of this and I do have a lot of concerns more than I did when I first read it. If Bare Ass thinks that people are so mighty stupid as to buy a condo or a house near that kind of industry then he needs help desperately with his brain that is malfunctioned and he needs to resign PRONTO! Nobody in their right frame of mind would accept such a thing. He must think that everyone is mighty stupid like himself. I think that he and some others have money invested in this deal because otherwise it would be stupid to put such a thing up and if that seeps into the ground water God help all.

  25. I’m going deep Admin.

  26. You would have never ever heard any of this stuff from the “mainstream mockingbird media” if it were not for Jamie (Admin) exposing all this going on with Bare Ass and his gang of cut throats hiding everything from the people. Not one of those cut throats ever came forward with any of this. If only people would take a good note of anything that is strange going on around town and report it to Jamie then we can get to the bottom of what is going on before it goes any further. So much is hidden from the public and those dirtbags think that they can get away with it. If you do not keep your eyes on these dirtbags then they will spin their dirty evil deeds when you turn your backs on them.

  27. Hailey, I’ve been a chemical engineer, analytical chemist and food safety expert during my working career. Minor components in Calcium Chloride are not going to change the major physical effect on humans or the environment. If handled properly there would be no problem but companies always compromise to save money. We have to look at worse case scenario here. It’s not if it will happen but when.

  28. Eric,

    While I am not in a position to estimate the number of trucks, from the meeting wednesday at the civic centre it was indicated that trillium anticipated 360 trucks a year, or about one per day. A gentleman claiming experience in this industry revealed that given the size of the installation he felt 360 trucks a year was “a gross underestimation” and it was more likely 3 times that amount.

    Given the location of the tanks, and the proximity to McConnell Ave, I imagine the trucks will use that route to the 401, as Dingwalls does.

    Simon, I agree that the re-industrialization of the waterfront at that location is a far greater problem then the material itself. It sets dangerous precedence. Thank god the Waterfront and Official plan clearly outlaws this type of development in these areas. It is truly a shame that the Feds are not beholden to our municiple laws. (you can’t shovel “snow” up-hill).


    Calcium Chloride, while not particularly dangerous to humans, is toxic to marine life at a concentration of 500 ppm; as can be seen on the Trillium MSDS posted above. The environmental impact of such a substance entering the waterway could be catastrophic. The current situation (canal bed contamination) is difficult enough to remediate, yet alone the additional challenges should this material leak to the river.

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