Is it Time for Cornwall Ontario to Stand Up and Protect Its Waterfront? Kilger, Grant, & Thibault Caught Lying Over Project by Jamie Gilcig

Chuck NO TANKSCornwall Ontario –  2013 will mark a dark period in the history of Cornwall Ontario.   Under Mayor Bob Kilger and his very quiet council we have seen the long loved and community supported Cornwall General Hospital facility attempted to be sold off to private concerns as spare parts for almost nothing.   (The sale was held up after it turned out a former hospital board director was involved)    The city has seen City Hall dole out $3.5 Million dollars in Corporate Welfare to Smart Centres, (Wal-Mart being one of, if not their largest tenants)  one of the richest companies in North America whose founder Mitch Goldhar is one of Canada’s few actual Billionaires.

We also have seen three Whistle Blowers step forward costing the city more tax dollars and destroying the careers of  at least five long time City Managers.

And now in what has to be Mr. Kilger’s crowning dark glory the selling out of our Waterfront.       Mr. Kilger has been caught lying to council and the people of Cornwall about his knowledge about the Chemical tanks being installed on Federal lands that the government spent an awful lot of money on removing old Kaneb Oil tanks.

The property, next to the Legion Ball Diamonds is across the largest condo development in City History which hasn’t finished its phases of construction yet.

Developer Robert Pelda

Trillium Worker on site refusing to divulge ownership of the company.

CFN broke the news that Mayor Kilger and City Manager at least knew as of the 21st of November even though Mayor Kilger acted surprised at the news of the project.    Eric Spence tried to corner the mayor about exactly when he knew of the project.  Click to the 3:50 mark to hear Mayor Kilger try and wiggle out of when he knew and lied again.

Glen Grant, the city councilor also on the Waterfront Development committee actually told one of the biggest porkies suggesting the mayor left the meeting of the 21st early disputing the interview given by two people present that spoke to the mayor.  Subsequently another Waterfront Committee member present confirmed that the conversation between the mayor and our witnesses did in fact take place.

It’s amazing to watch these politicians suck and blow at the same time.     Here is Denis Thibault taking a page from his mentor Ed Lumley as he talks down the tanks in spite of most likely being the chief architect.   Viewers should note that Mr. Thibault refuses to speak to CFN yet twaddled over to make that statement standing next to me with my camera rolling.

While less than 100 people showed up for the Monday rally out of a population of 46,000, Cornwall native, CCVS grad, and University of Waterloo student Simeon Rivier drove into Cornwall to participate after reading the story on CFN.

The most damning evidence to date is that according to statements printed Transport Canada received notice from the tenants of the land that they had shared their plans with the city as far back as last July.

I spoke with Pamela Mintern at Transport Canada who said she’d attempt to provide documentation which has not as of print time today.

Transport Minister Lisa Raitt will be speaking at a community meeting at the Civic Complex tonight at 7 PM.  Mayor Kilger, will be in Toronto obviously feeling that his meeting there is far more important than the future of this city’s greatest asset, it’s undeveloped prime waterfront.  As a matter of fact Mayor Kilger has not actually stated that the project should be terminated and is conciliatory and even supportive of it.

The property is on Federal land and according to Mayor Kilger the city can’t enforce or do anything related to the process of what the Feds wish to do with it.   Do you really buy that one?  Council did.

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Bewildering also was that the only speaker at Monday’s rally was Chuck Charlebois.   MP Guy Lauzon was present as well as many dignitaries, but not a word was pitched to the crowd other than one on one media interviews and chats.

Even more disturbing was a leak from City Hall that before the sham by-law that was passed at  Monday night’s council meeting  trying to prevent trucking to the site; that a meeting was held with Mayor Kilger, Councilors Thibault & Grant, city management, and lawyer David Sherriff Scott as well as phone lawyers from Ottawa who then explained to council the situation.  The by law which most likely would not stand up to a court challenge by the Federal government gives the project 30 days more of work which means it would most likely be completed.

We have three confirmed liars essentially leading council on this mess.   All three who are or were recently part of the Waterfront Development committee and all three who are most likely finished in politics after this term; at least as elected officials.

Who on council will stand up for the taxpayer and citizens who clearly at the last public consultation showed no desire for further industrialization of our waterfront lands like the people of Morrisburg did when the Kanebs wanted to put grain elevators  up along their waterfront.

Is it time for the future of  Cornwall Ontario to stop being raped by corrupt politicians?    Is there much else that they can sell out the taxpayers with?   You can post your comments below and hope to see those Little Leaguers and their signs at the Complex tonight!      And we have posted an online petition to sign if you wish to add your name to those that already have clearly stated that this construction should be stopped immediately.

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  1. When plans are done in secret then something that isn’t good always shows up. Bare Ass knows fully well what is going on and won’t say a word and so does his hench men that you call councel fully know what it is and won’t reveal the truth or anything near it. The sheeple paid to clean up the water front and now they want to pollute it back again.

  2. Jamie you’re a low down rotten @%^#@@ {MODERATED}. Instead of filming Kilger you should have recognized the signs of stroke and provided assistance immediately. Or was he in the midst of a long-winded fibber.

  3. Good job, Jamie. Your being ignored is not much different than being attacked. Both attempt to make you invisible. Thank you for staying on top of this. We learn a lot through you.

  4. I don’t know if any of you have seen what I saw from this end unless it is Jamie’s camera showing a shadow but it is like Bare Ass has skin cancer on his face like what happened to US senator John McCain. That could be the reason why he let himself go so scruffy earlier. Bare Ass should retire before he dies in that chair. Evil people never give up.

  5. I walk my dog by there everyday and have seen a grey van with City of Cornwall engineering logo parked out there at least 2 months ago

  6. Ah ha! Marcel you saw a city truck out in that area while walking your dog. It goes to show you that Bare Ass is a mighty big liar along with his shisters. Isn’t it kind of late to protect the water front and so many sheeple jump all over Jamie (Admin) when this dear man was the one who is exposing what is going on. You won’t read that in the toilet paper of record not at all in all your wildest dreams. Bare Ass and his shisters are acting like a dictator and you will see what will happen eventually. You will see what will happen to that toilet paper of record SF. All newsprint is in jeopardy and even people’s bills will have to go through the net. There will be no more postal delivery and 8000 jobs are going to be abolished anywhere from now to five years. Stations on the air in the US are also affected as well like their news and everybody who is awake knows that it is all lies and people turn to alternative news for real news. Here in Ottawa I get so many calls for trying to sell me the newspaper and I unplug the phone so as not to get all the calls for selling me so many things. Those people who work in call centers work shifts and very annoying. There are stores (big stores) that are closing like Sears in Toronto, Vancouver and other cities and it is going to get worse since the quality of good is gone. People have to learn to make do with what they have and a big economic depression is on the way. I am so grateful to have had the parents that I had and my husband with his parents who taught us how to live even in tough times. I miss my parents so much and my husband feels the very same way about his. We know what tough times are like but this is nothing compared to what things are going to be like. Any spoiled brats out there are going to be in for the shock of their lives and many will not be able to handle it. The stories that my parents told me about the great depression of the 30’s OMG. This time it is going to be a great deal worse because of our high standard of living. Those big houses that they have built and still building will be vacant and then turned into apartments. People know nothing yet and when it hits them they will lose everything.

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