Closed Meeting Investigator Finds Waterfront Committee Foul in Moving In Camera in Cornwall Ontario – July 11, 2014

fournier result July 11 2014CORNWALL Ontario – Stephen Fournier, Closed Meeting investigator for the City of Cornwall Ontario has confirmed that the Mayor and two veteran councilors allowed a meeting of the Waterfront Committee to move in camera wrongly.

The details of the report will be released by City Hall shortly; but it the core issue is why would politician’s follow rules if they know that there are no penalties?

Mr. Fournier has no ability to penalize or punish a municipality for violating the rules.

Mayor Kilger actually threw committee chair Lee Cassidy under the bus when giving another media outlet a comment suggesting that committee members needed more “training” however the video clearly shows the chair asking for advice prior to moving in camera; advice that the Mayor nor Councilor Glen Grant or Denis Carr offered.

We will be updating this story once the full report has been tendered to us.

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  1. This sham they call a meeting is all about wanting to hide their dirty tricks on the people. What they will do is to push through what they want and the hell with the people. The only thing is to get rid of the whole bunch of the traitors and cut throats. All they are are trouble.

  2. Author

    What will be interesting will be if the Mayor apologizes at the Monday night council meeting….to myself, those present at the meeting, and to the people of Cornwall Ontario who deserve much better.

    There was no reason for this malicious and childish event to occur. Bob, Denis, and Glen knew better.

  3. Oh boy this I’ve got to see. This would literally kill Bare Ass if he ever had to apologize to you Jamie. I myself might have a heart attack here on my chair with disbelief. LOL LOL. Get the paramedics ready. Get everything on tape.

  4. Author

    Jules that is the only action of integrity at this point. There simply is no alternative and sadly I doubt a single councilor has the courage to call the mayor on this on Monday night.

    This isn’t a one off. Mayor Kilger and council have been called for this same foul this term.

  5. Jamie what Bare Ass did to you is completely unforgettable and you are too good of a person to be treated like that. If Bare Ass literally apologized to you I would be in such literal shock that I wouldn’t be the same afterwards. I can’t see Bare Ass apologizing to you or anyone else and that is the truth. Bare Ass has the literal gall of running as mayor again after all the scandals that he has made. This man has no shame at all.

  6. I think that the mayor and council are just incompetent which leads to decisions without the knowledge required to govern. Poor example of a civic government, but the people keep voting them in! Sounds like Cornwall gets what it wants.

  7. I would not believe anything Kilger, Grant or Carr have to say…….anyone who laughs at the abused in their community should be removed from having any power tripping abilities….in Camera… Camera….secret meetings…liars…..I’m surprised their pants haven’t burned up yet……..Power tripping,pompous, Self absorbed, money gobbling counselors….great reputation Cornwall has not to be Forgotten is the City of Sin…Ruling Citizens that have heavy, crusted over heads and hearts……Time for Change?….Mr. O’shaughnessy will be a breath of fresh air….The stench over Cornwall remains…..Abuse Rules in this City ….power tripping and Religious Zealots…!……What a mix…..!Bashers with no balls….!

  8. Both Christopher North and Potbelly said exactly the entire truth. Bare Ass and his gang {MODERATED} no self respect, and no decency or respect for others is what this administration is made up of and so much worse. I would love to add words in here that I can’t but boy am I tempted. Bare Ass laughs at the people who are poor or the lower middle class and does everything he can to hurt people. I have witnessed this when Gerry Samson stood up in council for the elderly and the poor people and was knocked down by Bare Ass and his giggling shows lack of respect as well as his hard face. Anybody who votes this garbage back in deserves all the horrible things that are going to happen to them. Anybody who has any dignity and self respect would not vote for any of these pieces of garbage and vote in Mr. O’Shaughnessey. If Bare Ass gets in many of Cornwall’s people will leave town and I know that this will happen without a doubt.

  9. Is an incompetent individual competent enough to recognize their own shortcomings? Or more simply, does an idiot have enough brain capacity to understand that they are in fact an idiot?

    Don’t hold your breathe on the community et al receiving an apology. Hell will likely freeze over sooner.

  10. The WDC is just another example of Kilget et al trying to dig their claws into Cornwall. Will we get an apology? I seriously doubt it.

  11. Exactly Mr. Oldham. Jamie don’t waste your time with this bunch of incompetent morons because they will not apologize. There is nothing human about any of them. Your best bet is to be the good and competent person that you are and continue in that way and you show that you are much better than they are and that is the truth. They are inferior to you and they know it but won’t admit to it.

  12. Jules…this really has nothing to do with inferiority or superiority what is does involve are the choices that people in positions of power or influence make. That is to say where or not they are motivated by their own selfish personal agendas or their desire to truly contribute to the community that they serve and represent.

  13. Mr. Oldham what I see among a lot of politicians is personal gain just like Bare Ass and his gang of shisters. There are a couple of exceptions and yes that is true but Bare Ass really showed his true colors in why he is there. When council is always saying yes to him he is like a “don” where you have no say and what he says goes. We have all witnessed that on the videos.

  14. Even the CSF is calling for Kilger to apologize. I don’t think it’ll happen tonight. IF it does happen it’ll happen at the next waterfront committee meeting.

  15. Author

    Actually Hugger for the apology to have any credibility it should have already happened.

  16. Anyone waiting for an apology from Bob Kilger on this will be old and grey before it happens.

  17. Hugger old and gray is hardly the word. More like dead, stiff as a board in the grave and beyond. Bare Ass is mighty narcistic and I have a description in my mind where I am laughing myself to pieces about Bare Ass. That name sure suits him to a T. LOL LOL. It would be the coldest day in hell where he is headed and still Jamie will never hear an apology. That is so funny that I can’t help but not have a good laugh.

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