Do We Kill the Messenger? Letter to the Editor by Dave Windsor of Cornwall Ontario

LTE UYes, Cornwall Has a Kill the Messenger Mentality
I see myself as a moderate reasonable unbiased thinker.  So I come to ask myself why is their so much antagonism towards some media reports/reporters in this community.  Here, is what it comes down to, in my modest understandings. 

Long term service, small town mentality causing laziness with parliamentary procedures, arrogance and ownership of doing as we have always done allowing collusion, for unfairness and negligent activity. Lack of transparency for nefarious reasons opens suspicions by the public of conflict of interests and who is/are being rewarded wrongly and  misrepresentation of entitlements or a personal belief in same, by persons in authority. Who is getting screwed and all at what inappropriate costs to the public purse is what it brings concerns about, whether these entities are political in council, committee, department or local associate entities or business’s in town who push many buttons.

This is why so many questions have arisen, and why we have so much controversy in Cornwall  today.  Self aggrandizing because of supposed ownership of authorities/powers bring subversive management or the impressions of same.

The methodology of finding crappie behaviors out is disconcerting to so many, yet the proofs and truths of same are disconcerting to those of the public who in the past have been blind to all the messes that slide by them in the past.  We have to ask ourselves if the findings are too much for public consumption or a wake up call that we’ve been had for years by persons we have been lulled into believing in.  We chose to disbelieve or to believe such rumblings.

These past few years have highlighted pills that have been hard to swallow, but TRUTH DOES COME AT A PRICE.  So, kill the messenger…….really, then what, hide our heads for another decade or two?   SHAME!

Dave Windsor

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  1. Mr. Windsor you wrote a very good article and everything that you wrote is excellent and to the point. People in very small towns like Cornwall are afraid of progress, afraid of people who come from another city, afraid of their own shadows. The people of Cornwall have been so used to being told what to do and what not to do and to keep quiet and look the other way while they were being screwed. People had no voice and were told to hide and accept what the powers that be were doing to them. Well Mr. Windsor there were plenty of us who wouldn’t take it any more and we left and you would be shocked at all the very intelligent people who have left Cornwall in the past in my day and if you really knew those people you would feel really bad that Cornwall lost such talent and such intelligent people. I myself would not take that at all and I left like so very many of us. When you have to do something you do it. Nobody with any self respect will accept to be treated that way. Mr. Windsor your article states so much and all true. In order for Cornwall to be a much better place to live and do business the people have to change and a lot has to do with how one is brought up at home as well as through education. Again Mr. Windsor you wrote a good article.

  2. Don’t forget that this includes hardworking whistle-blowers then after we are done with them, we eat their young.

  3. Very well said.Yes like all the years that have gone by in Cornwall, they will kill the messanger and people will forget in time all the crap that went on in Cornwall.

  4. Transparency at Cornwall council is a very sad joke.

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