TC Editor Lihou White Washes Fournier Report While Freeholder Lays Down by Jamie Gilcig

kilger aug 11 2014 angleCORNWALL Ontario – It’s been two days since Monday night’s council meeting in Cornwall where Stephen Fournier presented his report to council.   He really didn’t have to be there for the fifth time.   That’s unusual as Mr. Fournier is simply a closed meeting investigator.

In this case it was for the illegal action of moving in camera at a Waterfront Committee meeting that the Mayor and the second most senior councilor, Glen Grant sit on, and voted to move in camera in spite of committee chair Lee Cassidy asking for advice.

Councilor David Murphy; who actually wants to run for mayor in 2018 was dumbfounded by Mr. Fournier’s answer to his question regarding how many times he’s had to deal with issues like this in the 32 other municipalities he services.  (Advance to the 2:40 mark of the video below)  Btw, Mr. Murphy Mr. Fournier has serviced your council 5 times; not one!

Elaine MacDonald was grateful for the report.  How many times does this long time councilor and chair/board member of many groups need “advice” on how in camera meetings work?

Mr. Fournier spun things after the meeting as nicely as he possibly could; but his report was very very clear.

fournier result July 11 2014

Councilor Rivette was trying to explain something; but I wasn’t quite sure….

When Gerry Samson makes more sense than most of the rest of council that says something.

Mayor Kilger again attacked him in open council at the 4:30 mark of the video above.

And at the 1:20 mark below watch Glen Grant’s nose grow as he talks about not wanting to go in camera after being the chief culprit of what occured at the WFC meeting not only in moving in camera illegaly but by instigating the committee to vote to strike this newspaper as attending as media in the minutes!

And that’s the problem.  How many people really know what happens with this wacky corrupt group of elected officials and management that allow them to behave in this manner.  With the bulk of the city’s near $300K per year ad budget split between the Freeholder and Seaway News is it surprising that they would lay down or white wash a scandal in today’s media age?

Todd Lihou’s headline?

City committee broke the rules, but no malice intended: investigator


“It was abundantly clear that there was no intention to conduct a closed session…it was a spontaneous event that happened,” he said Monday night. “There was no effort to consider an amendment…to amend the agenda to have a good discussion about having a closed session.

“The committee simply moved into a closed session.”

The true maliciousness is in Mr. Lihou’s words which clearly are not meant to be truthful or relay news.

Society curator Ian Bowering took issue with making public comments concerning funding for a project, and also made mention of a legal issue he has with a local website – the operator of which was in attendance at the meeting, said Fournier’s report.

TC Media’s  Rick Shaver tried to purchase CFN and hire yours truly to be editor before Mr. Lihou was hired.  He clearly knew we were an online newspaper then as we are now.  We clearly are the leader in this marketplace.  Why refer to us as “a local website” ? Would he refer to the Freeholder as a “local website” or to the Seaway News own online edition in such a manner?   Is that petty and childish?  I can’t imagine the people at the head office of TC media being terribly impressed.   If you’re going to attack; make it count.  Ask local boxer Tony Luis about throwing punches.

Where was Mr. Lihou’s coverage of the event as it unfolded?   Where was the Freeholder Monday  night?  One of their best writer’s was there; but again, two days later no piece in the Freeholder.

Here’s is the video below of the incident.   Councilor Grant moved to go in camera after Mr. Bowering’s suggestion that our lawsuit against him for striking our CFN camera at an event had something to do with his presentation which it didn’t.

and here’s the video of them being silly beggars and trying to state we aren’t media

The irony is that bloggers are actually considered media too…

Councilor Clement spoke for nearly four minutes and waved her flippers around. Not quite sure what she said although she seemed terribly grateful.   Councilor Dupelle nearly apologized.    Nearly.   He’s very earnest, but maybe these near four years of sitting next to Denis Thibault have rubbed off on him?

To add to the circus Denis Carr tried to duck his responsibility when Chair Cassidy asked for advice and then challenged an audience member.  Mr. Carr also pointed out that most committees have nobody in attendance from the public which is very sad.

It also shows how critical the waterfront issue is; especially after the Chem Tank scandal that hit us this year and that City Hall still has not been accountable with the public over.

Mr. Fournier’s presentation

Mayor Kilger seemed to nod off…

kilger nods off

before waking up for the second half.

So to encapsulate in point form:

at a WFC meeting the committee bizarrely struck CFN from the minutes as media led by Glen Grant

Museum Curator Ian Bowering threw a hissy fit at our presence

Councilor Grant suggested they move in camera which they did illegally

The Freeholder filed a complaint with Mr. Fournier

Mayor Kilger threw committee chair Lee Cassidy under the bus even though video shows her asking for advice

The Seaway News pretty much lay down.  They did not interview myself or others evicted from the meeting

Investigator Fournier found the committee in fault

No actual apologies to date to myself, others, the chair, or public have been issued

Council deferred the report until Mr. Fournier could appear; why?

Council acted all surprised and bewildered as Mr. Fournier read the report

Council accepted the report while Todd Lihou White Washed it and the Freeholder lay down

This is as bewildering as the media not demanding City Hall to answer why and who knew about the Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. chem tanks on our waterfront deal in February 2013 and June 2013 and then acting all surprised in December?

Our last interview was with Bill Parisien and Bill Beattie, former members of the WFC who still attend the meetings.

The big question is how can the public react if they don’t know what happens and can media survive and function in this financial political carrot and stick behavior?

One journalist was allegedly fired for covering City Hall.  He now works at SCM in logistics.  Corus radio shut their whole newsroom down after the chem tanks incident with Eric Spence allegedly darkened the city’s relationship with the radio stations.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Boy do I need glasses. LOL LOL. I thought that Norm Levac looked like a woman sitting there with blond hair and a white suit – looking more like Colonel Sanders. LOL LOL. ROLF! This mayor and council is mighty weird indeed. One thing about this bunch is that I have so much laughter. Bare Ass better resign before he dies in that chair – he sure isn’t well at all. As for Glen Grant we have to look at all the brown on his nose. Queen Bernadette always goes off on the deep end and nobody knows what she is talking about – makes no sense at all. You can sure see that she is politician material since she doesn’t make any sense. Gerry Samson sticks up for the people that he represents and gets shot at by Bare Ass. This whole thing is something like out of The Three Stooges or that Holy Grail bunch of comics. If people vote back this comedy routine then they deserve what they get. The only good thing about it is that I get a barrel of laughs. I was looking for Snow White and the main dwarf Bowering when I was in town but everything was shut tight. Some museum. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  2. I understood what Councillor Andre R. was saying. But why couldn’t there just be a simple check list even though some caveats will apply.

    Before deciding against the overall goal of democratic transparency: Will discussion deal with…

    ? A personal matter

    ? Municipal land/property

    ? Labour relations or employee negotiations

    ? Lawsuits that affect the municipality

    ? Legal advice subject to lawyer/client privilege

    ? Education or training

    ? Freedom of Information Act

    All this talk about throwing a person under the bus seems a little much for me. If I was a volunteer, I would try to prepare myself as much as possible. Volunteering shouldn’t mean leave everything up to others. That’s not volunteering, that’s taking up space.

  3. So, Cornwall has had somewhere from 6 to 9 similar issues but no other of over 30 municipalities in Ontario have had any complaints? This sounds like headline news. Where are the other media on this issue?

  4. Mr. Fournier’s services are paid for by the city. The other media are sleeping or sweeping it under the rug and choosing not to cover the issue.

  5. Hugger is right here where the other “so called media is what I call it” has swept the entire thing under the rug and just like all things that they want to hide. Jamie’s CFN is the only media that has exposed all the dirt and secrets that are hidden for years and since Bare Ass came in as mayor he sure is creating plenty. Jamie isn’t the biggest readership for nothing and people know that he comes out with things that others will not touch. Jamie is the best there is and the others all know it and can’t deal with it.

  6. Author

    Mary Anne it also might be pointed out that CFN stories regularly are picked up by Canadian News aggregate sites Bourque Newswatch and National Newswatch.

    The Seaway News, and Standard Freeholder have not had their content make it there since CFN has been around; nor are either paper members of the Ontario Press Council that a few dim witted people don’t get. There isn’t a true journalism council in this country nor any organization that represents journalists. The CAJ and a few others declined to support CFN regarding my being yanked from council because the mayor didn’t like my t shirt nor over my false arrest.

    Journalism is a scary thing in Canada now.

  7. Thank you Jamie for your continued excellent quality of work and the truth you continue to share with the public, not only in our community but elsewhere in Canada.

    It is quite obvious by the outburst of the Mayor toward one councilor the other evening, the nasty temper of another council member and the snoozing on the job and getting paid for it, means time for a major change in this city.

    New blood may hopefully help usher in the decency that Cornwall residents deserve and should expect from those who are supposed to represent us.

    Unfortunately, only some receive that level of concern.
    New changes must bring equality to one and all, not just a certain few.

    Your work and dedication to the truth and expressing the concern of many in this city is and always will be valued and appreciated.

  8. Author

    Thank you for the comments; but we are facing a grave crisis in this city in that the other news outlets are not sharing details of what’s going on with the public so that they can make informed choices. Late coverage, weak coverage and in many instances no coverage.

    People have to demand the truth and people have to decide if they want change. Frankly it’s scary.

  9. I agree Admin.

    When other news media ignore, white wash, or deny important issues that take place by avoidance, it shows exactly what community residents are up against.

    Your newspaper has offered the core truth of the issues without white washing, double talk or avoidance.

    You deserve great credit for the continued support of others in this community and in producing the quality of articles that show the everyday reader in Canada what is taking place behind the scenes in our City Hall and in other places also.

    Yes, it is indeed scary to think that so much is hidden from the public yet we are led to believe the truth is being told when it is not.

    Hopefully and with positive pro-active action people will make wiser decisions with those they elect into power and who they choose to represent them at City Hall.

    We do have the power. We do and must have the truth from the press/media also.

    You continue to provide that truth daily in a professional manner.

    You have a rare gift and I hope you will have many years ahead to share this gift with those who care about our community and the Nation we live in.

  10. I believe the Charter of Rights and Freedoms hangs in council chambers. You could perhaps point to, for those who deny your rights, Section 2 (b)

    2 (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication

  11. I am in total agreement with “One Who Cares”! Thank goodness you have a camera to show that you tell the truth. Cameras make excellent witnesses! You are right about having things reported accurately. Too bad all journalist “bloggers” aren’t as honest as you are. Keep on truckin’…….
    I am so disappointed in Todd’s article, making it sound like nothing went wrong!

  12. Sadly, there is more logic in the comments section than anything council can bring forward. I would ask why in the first place would closed door meetings be necessary in any way. Some would argue that the rights of private citizens could be compromised but is it not true that we are dealing with issues that involve the citizens of Cornwall? Last time I looked, public business was just that, public business, and anyone with an interest or an opinion has a right to be involved if they so desire. This game playing amongst councillors is ridiculous childs play.

  13. On another note that was touched upon briefly, what happened to all that HARD WORK that was being done by council & our member of parliament? I hope that this & other issues will still be on the minds of voters when election time comes around.

  14. According to the CSF committee chairs now will have training on the regulations of chairing committees (when a meeting can become closed, etc.).

  15. The only thing i get out of this.It,s very clear that our Mayor Kilger will do what he wants and when he wants and don,t anyone tell me how things are run.I,m the boss.
    Now that its been proven that they shouldn,t of when,t in camera can we find out what was disscuss in camera.

  16. Jamie for once I want to you to come clean!!!

    There is absolutely no way the first nine minute video ISN’t a Grade One class that has been caught playing “doctor” in a vacant classroom. What else explains the winks the giggles and the smirks from this group of class clowns!!!
    I remember it very well// caught// you try to butter up the teacher(fournier) say it has never happened before and won’t again(Mayor Bob)or just plead “I didn’t know I couldn’t say oh if that damn CFN would only loose that video camera we could go back to business as usual.
    We don’t like you or your ideas..We THROW YOU OUT!!!!

  17. Well the head cheese at the Standard-Freeholder finally wrote an albeit timid piece about the whole affair, and who wouldn’t be timid? …without the advertising dollars from the City, the S-F would be up Pop Creek and I’d have to pay more than my current $3 dollars a week for that rag.

    But with a bit of guts, the S-F could have pointed out that it was not so much ignorance, as it was mean spiritedness towards the publisher of the Cornwall Free News and disregard for the law that caused the fuss.

    There were of course some naïve newbies on the committee but they’re frightened and ignorant of rules, and short on life experience (or they would have recognized the absolute jackass actions of Grant and Perkins). So the newbies can be excused, but they should recognize that they’re just filling seats, and are being used by a bunch of old goats.

    Oh, and one last thing… Bob’s 10LB’s of crap in a 5LB bag (go ahead and check the scales).

  18. It is obvious that the old grey Mayor is not what he used to be.

    The Mayor needs to understand that it no longer is the 70s or the 80’s. Time has moved on. Cornwall has lost business and small retail shops. Open doors and opportunity are a wish for many, not the reality it should be when smaller communities boom with excitement in their tiny downtown core. We appear to smother under the toxic leadership of a Mayor gone bad and some council members who obviously have gone down the drain with him.

    Is the Mayor not aware of the fact that people actually see that lowering of his head and evil eye and tone of voice he uses at council meetings? He must. If not, then he certainly should review some tapes of himself and take note of his actions and disgusting attitude.

    People cringe watching him!! It appears at times more like a dictatorship than a council meeting. Once he declares it is over, over it is as people look on somewhat stunned yet accustomed to this immature and threatening way of conducting himself.

    Another council member with a nasty temper should be taking anger management classes to control his outbursts when faced with the truth. Being on the Health Board impresses no one!

    Who does the Mayor think he is impressing? Certainly not many of the community residents, aside from those who receive his special favors and approving nods!

    If the old grey Mayor is voted back into his City Hall position, then city residents can certainly expect more of the same if not worse.

    We should learn from history, not have history repeat itself.

    The old grey Mayor needs to be put out to pasture, along with some of the old goats (mentioned by Simon says).

    I agree with Simon and so do many others.

  19. One Who Cares said it right and to the point. Bare Ass has the exact ways of a dictator and there are so many on council who are yes men and women and afraid to speak up for fear of Bare Ass’s reprisals. Well if you are afraid to speak up then you should not be on council. There is no democracy under Bare Ass’s administration and the entire thing has to be kicked out. Yes Bare Ass would be much worse (a great deal worse) the next time around. People haven’t seen anything yet or should I say sheeple since they follow the herd over the cliff. I have never seen in my entire life of 63 years so many store closings. Something is mighty wrong indeed. If this keeps up there will be nothing left and I guarantee you that. Jamie and Leslie get your running planned really well or else Cornwall is in mighty big trouble. The problem as well are councellors which shows a mighty poor showing from the people and something doesn’t sound good at all in Dodge.

  20. You are correct Jules. It is all one sided at present time but hopefully not in the future? That will remain up to city residents when they vote.

    The issue is not grey hair, grey hair can be attractive and a sign of wisdom and maturity, but in the case of this Mayor the wisdom and maturity to make wise decisions and lead our community forward is obviously missing!

    As for the grey hair on this Mayor, well, the court of public opinion can decide upon that one.

    Many would rather see a true community leader sitting in that seat not the person who presently nods off during council meetings.

    Any colour of hair would be welcomed if the new Mayor truly cares about the well being of community residents and the other important issues that make this a whole community and a healthy community.

  21. One Who Cares I understood you perfectly and it hasn’t anything to do with gray hair but has to do how well that one can do the job. Bare Ass is not in good health at all and pretends to the public that he is well but isn’t. The other main reason is that he is a dictator and doesn’t care for anyone’s opinion but his own and cannot stand poor nor middle income people and only wants rich people around him. Bare Ass has the voice and actions of a “don” and no kidding because I had that impression for quite some time now. I have seen him knock Gerry Samson down while Gerry was standing up for the people that he represents. I have seen his smirks on camera everywhere he would be and his jokes and laughter in council and at that river front committee. I have seen enough of Bare Ass and want him out pronto before he does anymore damage. All those store fronts costs the regular taxpayers humoungous amounts of money to come good for what has disappeared and I hope that people shut their LA LA Land TV down and think about the seriousness that Bare Ass and his gang of nitwits have caused to the people of Cornwall. I mean it fully when I said that if Bare Ass gets in again GOD HELP THE PEOPLE OF CORNWALL.

  22. Cornwall continues to sink into the mire /quicksand with the present leadership (or lack of leadership) that knows no shame and cares even less about the issues many in this city are presently living with and have endured for years.

    The ongoing abundance of mistruths, deception and denial should be more than enough to make people wake up at voting time and not repeat the same tragic mistake of voting in people who are not sincere, not trustworthy and not competent to do the job of representing residents who are in dire need of support/help.

    It would be easy to say shame on them, but it appears obvious they don’t understand shame just as they conveniently don’t understand many important issues in this city, only when it benefits them in some way.

    How can people in positions of power rest their head at night when such dishonesty exists and comes at the expense and health of tax paying citizens?

    Or could that be why the Mayor nods off during council meetings?

    Cornwall is in desperate need of new blood and honesty at City Hall.

    This mayor has cooked his own goose more than once!

    Wake up Cornwall!!! It is time to send this mayor and many on his council off for good.

    You have the power to achieve that with your vote.

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