No Action for Cornwall Art Centre. By Jamie Gilcig JUNE 12, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – TAG Cornwall, the now closed Public Art Gallery of Cornwall had dusty plans for an Art Centre from 1995.   The City of Cornwall of course never moved forward and slashed funding for the Charity to zero for 2015 and 2016 before it closed, instead spending the amount of money to keep the gallery open for a full year on a study for an Art Centre that suggested spending millions of dollars to add to the Waterfront Civic Complex which frankly was bizarre and strange making no sense as it really makes no sense to have the Civic Complex itself on the Waterfront.

Sadly, bad politics sucked in some very naive and well meaning artists who actually aided the city’s shutting down of the gallery.

Now via this missive from the Waterfront Committee it clearly shows no action on the Art Centre front.  Not even lip service or lame fundraisers for a facility. No quotes from Councilor Elaine MacDonald who had been on the board of TAG Cornwall along with Councilor Hebert where both broke the law which appears to have resulted in their resignation from the gallery board.

Should anyone be surprised?  Not really because if you can’t afford $50K per year to keep your only art asset open then you clearly aren’t going to invest $10-$15M adding an annex to a building that’s near it’s lifespan and frankly is an expensive White Elephant.

Likewise the board of TAG offered the city the opportunity to purchase its Permanent Art Collection that had been evaluated at over $700K for just the paltry amount of $15K so that the gallery could pay off its debts and close the books on the charity.   The City did not respond to the gallery after several email attempts were made.   The collection is due to go to auction shortly, and will forever be lost to the community rather than preserved.

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