Cornwall City Council Keep Kilger Holdover CAO Norm Levac December 10, 2014

Norm TEAMCORNWALL Ontario – Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy and his council have issued a release announcing that Kilger CAO appointment Norm Levac is delaying his retirement.

Mr. Levac announced his retirement shortly after the former Mayor announced he was running again.

It seems that this new council appealed to him enough to delay his retirement.

Mr. Levac still has the issues over the Trillium Distribution Cornwall Chem tanks that has never truly been made accountable to the public.

The city has not stated on how their new search is moving along for a new CAO?

Chief Administrative Officer Norm Levac will be delaying his retirement in order to assist the new City Council during its transition period into office.

Mr. Levac has agreed to stay on as CAO for the time being after consulting with Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy and members of City Council. Mr. Levac originally planned to retire at the end of 2014.

“I am pleased that Mr. Levac has agreed to continue as CAO,” said Mayor O’Shaughnessy. “His experience and familiarity with City issues will be extremely beneficial to the new Council as they embark on this term. Mr. Levac has enjoyed working as CAO for the past two years and he understands the importance of assisting the new Council during this transition period.”

One of the first major issues Council will be tasked with is the establishment of the 2015 City budget, which will outline spending plans for City programs, services and projects in the coming year.

“Mr. Levac’s presence will ensure that we have continuity when it comes time for Council to deal with the budget and other important matters,” said Mayor O’Shaughnessy.

It’s still Mr. Levac’s intention to retire. Mr. Levac has agreed to provide a three-month notice to Council prior to his retirement.


  1. Hopefully now that Bob Kilger is gone things can start to be semi-normal here in Cornwall. I got the impression Norm Levac was getting tired of dealing with the clique.

  2. Hello I thought our new city council first agenda was to get rid of that 40% wage increase or was that all just BS. Seems to me that was just put on the back burner and hope the people forget about it so they can just let it slip through. I am surprised tax payers are not demanding that they get rid of it like they promised to. I do hope they do what they promised and it was not just a lot of fake election promises.

  3. Mike Smith….I think the obscene 40% pay raise will be dealt with. Someone has to put it on the agenda. Maybe Brock will do the right thing and he’ll be the one to get it put on the agenda for discussion and a vote. He keeps saying he was elected to keep taxes down. Well, Brock……….

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