Cornwall River Kings Announce New Owner – Steven Moreau – DECEMBER 10, 2014 LNAH

LNAH logoAfter a week of negotiations, discussion and uncertainty, the LNH is pleased to announce that the Kings River Cornwall will play their games the next weekend.

The LNAH has come to an agreement in the last minute to allow the franchise of the Cornwall River Kings to continue. The new owner, Steven Moreau, is a businessman in the Cornwall area.

“I want to thank Mr. Moreau to accept this challenge. It deserves the support of the whole community for his commitment. We know that the River Kings already have a great fan base on which we believe we can build long-term, “said Commissioner Michel Godin.

The LNAH wants all the Cornwall fans rises on Saturday to attend the next home game of the team against the Rivière-du-Loup 3L and demonstrate their unwavering support for their team and the new owner, Mr. Moreau. The Ontario tean will face the Blizzard Cloutier Nord-Sud of Trois-Rivières Friday night before her big return home game. The terms of the agreement remain confidential.


  1. Author

    The new team owner. Interview coming up!

  2. Steven Moreau any history on this guy better safe then sorry

  3. Author

    Fern so far so good. No Nicaraguan connections 🙂

  4. I know he’s the new owner. What business does he run in Cornwall?

  5. Author

    Hugger he’s not based or from Cornwall. He’s one of the bigger E Cig guys. E-Steam.

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