AUGUST 25, 2021 – It’s always bewildering to see how ignorant and petty some of the political classes can be. Or why those with the thinnest skin are attracted to politics? I mean, if you can’t take legitimate criticism or questions from the media perhaps politics isn’t for you? CFN,Continue Reading

There’s a lot of misinformation out there regarding my campaign.  This has been one of the dirtiest elections that I’ve personally ever encountered. Sadly the media are playing a huge role in this as well favoring Mayor Kilger. The Seaway News has been on the attack since I’ve announced, andContinue Reading

There’s a lot of talk about about Mayor Kilger’s plans for development fees.  These are fees that contractors have to pay for land development and use; usually in the industrial park.   Many communities have these, but as of now our city does not. This itself is an incentive toContinue Reading

CFN-   We are asking all candidates to fill out our mini survey so the public can get to know them better.  We are posting them as they arrive in chronological order. Up next is Jamie Gilcig who is running for mayor of Cornwall. 1) Who are you?  I’ve lived in CornwallContinue Reading

The Arts are something we roll out every election in Cornwall.   These last few years have seen them politicized with Elaine MacDonald bullying her way through them with the use of a few Trillium grants. Currently Cornwall subsidizes the Aultsville Theatre and has subsidized our local art gallery; bothContinue Reading

The term is “Muni Wifi”  or Munifi .    I know it’s popular right now in the campaign to point out the failure and corruption; the lies, the bullying, hiding of mail, boycotting local businesses, and abuse of the municipal act by our current mayor and council; but I thinkContinue Reading

One of the things I’ve always bragged about Cornwall is that you can drive anywhere in about ten minutes. Really, I kid you not and we’re not a small village, but a city of nearly 50,000 people.   I know that’s changing and there are some issues now because ofContinue Reading

It’s time.    I will be putting together my team this week.     I’m very lucky to have one of Canada’s greatest political advisers, Keith Beardsley, who has been giving me advice since high school on board. But if my candidacy has any chance it will take people; lotsContinue Reading

Last week I sent out press releases to area media.  It invited members of the press to attend my conference in front of City Hall. Only one outlet showed up and I gave out my information and was asked some good questions as the reporter is one of our betterContinue Reading

TO: Jamie   I read with interest your promise, if elected to public office, to attract $25/hour jobs to Cornwall. I will urge you re-consider such a promise given that the North American economy is in a mess. The US-dollar is the world’s reserve currency and unless US lawmakers drasticallyContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Imagine a phone ringing in the blackness of night.   You fumble for it and it’s the police.   Shaking sleep from your conscious you’re told that you’ve committed a crime. After shaking my head clear and digesting the call from Cst. McGregor of the Cornwall PoliceContinue Reading

We live in a world that has become far too politicized.   And I’m writing this in my election blog! Early this week the OPPA decided to loudly get into the election fray by commissioning and buying advertising to run an attack ad against Tim Hudak. Now most CFN viewersContinue Reading

As many of you know I have been the only candidate running for Mayor of our fair city now for a few months now. There’s a lot of chatter whether Mayor Kilger will run again.  Most say that he won’t.  His good buddy Claude McIntosh wrote about two months agoContinue Reading

Council debated an injunction regarding the loss of Eorla lab positions at our hospital.   It’s an interesting debate; but sadly missing a key element and partner; and that’s the hospital itself. One of the things I’ve discovered is the thickness of layering of relationships politically in Cornwall.   It’sContinue Reading