Cornwall Ontario Do You Really Want Change in 2014? Gilcig Election Team Being Built – Sept 8, 2014

JG Election 300x250-02  TESTIt’s time.    I will be putting together my team this week.     I’m very lucky to have one of Canada’s greatest political advisers, Keith Beardsley, who has been giving me advice since high school on board.

But if my candidacy has any chance it will take people; lots of people in Cornwall who want change so badly that they will get away from their computers and show up for this election.

We need all hands on deck.  We need people who want signs on their lawn and are willing to help work as an inclusive team for the change that so many claim they want for our city.

We have our first attack ads coming out on the weekend as well, because in politics when you are facing an incumbent you truly have to beat them.   They don’t lose by accident.   We have a struggle to get the truth out about issues like the chem tanks on our waterfront.

The message is clear.   If you’re happy with the status quo, the average of 2% per year tax raises compounded, the whistle blowing, the scandals, the secrets, well you know where to vote.

If you want taxes cut.  If you want Cornwall to actually grow.  If you want solutions to how to stem the flow of talented people away from our city.  If you want to truly change the functioning culture of our city then you have only one vote to make for mayor.

And that’s a huge challenge for all of us to face because for many change is frightening; especially when facing lies and mistruths.

Mayor Kilger has deep pockets; he has the media clearly working on his behalf as not only are area media refusing to give my candidacy fair coverage, at least one refuses to even sell us ads!

But great things come with great challenge.   Are you up to the challenge?

If you are email and join our team before Friday, September 13, 2014 and be a part of our change!

Together people can accomplish the most wondrous things.

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