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JG Election 300x250-02  TESTThe term is “Muni Wifi”  or Munifi .    I know it’s popular right now in the campaign to point out the failure and corruption; the lies, the bullying, hiding of mail, boycotting local businesses, and abuse of the municipal act by our current mayor and council; but I think it’s also important during the next six weeks to look at ways of improving our city.

Municipal Wifi is a creation of Internet hot spots; essentially giving people free access to the internet.   It’s not meant to replace accounts that people have like I do with Start.ca that provides me speedy internet at blazing speeds.

It’s not about people downloading movies and games; but giving visitors and residents access to the net to do some of their basics; even if only for short portions.

Can you imagine our public library here in Cornwall if free internet access wasn’t offered?  Between that and free dvd rentals hardly anyone would show up.  (that’s for a whole other entry on why I think the best spot for an Arts Centre, if we ever get one, would be converting our current city library; especially as the Counties have one around the corner from the city’s)

We need to up the ante and compete with other communities.  We also need to breathe some life into the downtown core.   I know one of the reasons I eat at places like Spinners or the Grind is internet access; imagine if we had it in Lamoureux Park in the Summer?   Or City Hall during council meetings!

But you say; Jamie, you’re crazy!  Where would we get the money for that; especially when we want to cut taxes?   Well that’s where some sponsorship comes in and maybe a teaming up with the Chamber of Commerce or Dbia (not stop smirking you nasty viewers!)

Here is a list of some Canadian cities that offer Munifi  from Wikipedia:


Many of those cities do really well in the CFIB Communities in Boom polls and Moneysense studies.    It’s progressive and it’s something that can really up the ante for Cornwall.

Here’s a great story to read on the subject.  LINK  Here’s one about the impact on wifi for tourism in small towns.   LINK

2. Visitors want to share everything online. They post photos and videos to Instagram, they Facebook their friends, they check in and brag about their adventures, maybe they even blog or tweet. That’s the new kind of word-of-mouth, it’s advertising, and you want it.

3. More devices use wifi than ever before. Look around the next time you’re out. How many iPads do you see? Add in the smart phones, laptops, netbooks, other tablets, and all the other devices I don’t even know about. That’s lots of reasons to offer wifi.

We are rebuilding Cornwall.  From our future Waterfront development; to a possible University; to expanding and diversifying our economy.

What do you think Cornwall?  Are we ready to talk Municipal Wifi Hot Spots?  You can post your comments to me below and please, if you are ready for change in 2014 there is only one candidate to check off on your ballot on October 27, 2014.

First on the list; first for Cornwall!

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  1. I think it’s a great idea, very progressive. It would also make people feel like the city is actually giving something useful and practical to them. Many many benefeits to a program like that. Now that you pointed this out, I feel like it’s missing.

  2. Innovation like this just might make me vote for you. Cornwall is a lovely place and has so much potential and we need someone to unleash that potential and make our younger generation take pride in the city.

  3. Author

    Thank you Ms Clark. It’s ironic and a reflection of humanity in the difference between the amount of people that have read this piece vs an attack or scandal story….

  4. Renew, Restructure and Refresh, what a breath of fresh air Jamie compared to where we have been this past while!

    Great idea to move Cornwall forward into progressive thinking not keep lugging the chains of the past around.

    Cornwall with a positive image, now wouldn’t that be something to talk about.

  5. This positive minded Election Blog made my day and I am glad I began my day with CFN as my choice of daily newspaper reading. It offers hope for this community.

    Thanks Jamie! Keep moving Cornwall forward.

  6. Jamie your idea of Wi-Fi is a good idea and here in Ottawa places like MacDonalds and the coffee shops offer that service to their customers. It doesn’t mean that you stay there for hours on end and just using their system – that costs big money. I am backing Leslie O’Shaughnessey but your idea here is a good one. I do not go along with your art idea at the library. A lot of us want our books and I have a stack in front of me just now as I am typing this to you. Leave my books alone. LOL LOL. ROLF! Check out Jim Logan who had his art gallery on Second and Adophus at the very old library that used to exist when I was a child and onwards. I don’t know if Jim is still there but I went to CCVS with he and his sister Judy – nice people. Check him out for ideas. Cornwall had great artists in the past like Mrs. Kathleen Dancause whose husband was a lawyer in Cornwall and she had great works of art on display as well as other people. Cornwall is full of talent but so much in untapped. Please Jamie leave the library as is.

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