Jamie Gilcig Election Blog – My Three Core Truths For Cornwall

Jamie Gilcig Election Blog – My Three Core Truths For Cornwall

cut-taxes-and-vote-jamie-gilcigTaxes, taxes, taxes!    The next election will have a lot of chafe and mayhem; but the bottom JG Election 300x250-02  TESTline will be about taxes.

Under Bob Kilger taxes have gone up insanely now for eight years; mostly to cover the costs of scandals, poor management and a lack of vision, and to essentially not only keep our local service unions happy; but to gain influence and support at election time.

We’ve all paid for that.    But if you keep adding 2% per year that compounds and at the end of eight years that’s quite a bill you’re paying.

That’s why I will fight to cut taxes 5% during the next four years and without cutting services.   I used one example previously of considering a switch to the OPP.    The town of Perth saved 25% on its police budget in its first year doing so and expected to save more in the future.

While I pulled back my support for such a move after the OPPA became involved in the Provincial election I think the CPS can find savings which can contribute to those goals.

City departments, like government departments, always want their budgets to go up.    I get that.  Most voters get that.   But then if you have an opportunity to make your own cuts instead of being told what to cut that’s always beneficial.

Police Chief Dan Parkinson according to Claude McIntosh wants another contract to lead the CPS.   I think he owes taxpayers an explanation and needs to have a plan to help save costs.   We know because of arbitration that it most likely won’t be via salary so we need answers from the chief.

Housing.     Cornwall has an acute shortage of good quality rental property.    If you can’t get a mortgage you can’t take advantage of our housing prices.    Cornwall has a lot of sub standard housing available on the market and it has more modern and expensive housing.   After watching complexes like the Glengarry go condo under Bob Kilger’s watch we need to make sure that Seniors and the working poor who can’t afford to purchase a home have an ability to find good housing and this is a factor in attracting people to our city.   We don’t want Cornwall getting a rep as a place you can’t afford to move to.

Jobs & Small Business = Culture & Youth Retention

While most people know that City Hall doesn’t really create jobs except on the public payroll it can and does set the tone for the environment to create and attract them.

Waiting 12 months for permits, attacking small business, having no vision or real support to attract small business are all anchors of Bob Kilger’s leadership.

The focus on distribution centres is short minded and eats up valuable development lands which you simply can’t replace without buying up costly land to expand.   While any new business is welcome and positive, to really help build our economy and incomes better jobs need to be attracted.

For example Cornwall is an ideal location for remote workers who tend to be a bit older.   With our location and services, and potential quality of life, this is a key segment that can help up the average household income in our community.    These people have more disposable cash to spend locally too.   It’s a win win.   Yes, $12 jobs help when you don’t have one.  But $25 per hour jobs help buy new cars, houses, and appliances.   We need to attract those jobs and there really is no reason why Cornwall can’t except our poor reputation in some areas.

Small businesses are like trees.    Their roots, their fallen leaves; the offshoots of  healthy trees create healthy soil and the perfect storm to grow life, culture, and prosperity.   Cornwall currently has a very poor environment for small business which I’ll delve into further in future commentary.   The bottom line is that community’s that are successful in growing need diversity and sparkle and that usually comes from small business.

While the city is giving corporate welfare to Smart Centres what are they giving to small business?   We can and need to do better.

Questions?  Post your comments below and I’ll do my best to answer you or you can contact me at electgilcig@gmail.com

Together we can make Cornwall grow!

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