Restaurant Review – Cedar’s On Wheels in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig – June 26, 2014

cedars on wh FBCORNWALL Ontario – The little restaurant on the corner of 3rd and Pitt  in Downtown Cornwall Ontario has had a rough record with many trying, but few succeeding, but I have a good vibe about the new Cedar’s On Wheels which just opened.

First off I love Shawarma.  Love those garlic potatoes and sides that come in your average house.

What is different about this new eatery in Cornwall is that the boys actually cook up kebabs fresh.   Yes they have the chicken and meat turning; but they actually will pop a kebab on the grill too!

cedars on wheelsFreshness always wins out in flavour!

 I love lamb and this is one of the few places in the region where you can get a lamb wrap.

Prices are what’s expected.  Actually if it feels familiar to area eaters it’s because at least part of the team used to own the Cedars in Cornwall Square.   No more high priced rents means more profit for a smart restaurant owner that focuses on take out and delivery.

As a matter of fact when I first walked in there was a line up to the door!

The boys did a total makeover of the space and it’s now clean; and the food was fresh and quite tasty.   My lamb wrap combo with garlic potatoes and beverage was under $10.00

Here are ratings for Cedar’s On Wheels

Presentation 3.5

Value 4.0

Service 4.0

Zing & Wow 3.5

Overall 4.0  out of 5 Red Hats




  1. We make all the Lebanese food and much more than what these people sell. I make the little pies that are stuffed with meat, onions, allspice and the pies are made out of bread dough. That is something that we were talking about making lately. Some recipes are very spicy and too spicy for our taste. If any of you tried “taboulee” it is a salad and made with parsley, mint and other ingredients. I have mint growing out on our balcony. There are thousands of Lebanese dishes and this is more fast food that they are showing you. It takes hours to make a lot of meals. Lebanese are known for vegetables and stuffed “courge” – squash etc. The store across from me sells some Lebanese, Mexican and Chinese products but we mostly go to the specialty stores. I like a little garlic but not much. A couple of days ago my son went to a Shawarma fast food place here in Ottawa and came home with a Shawarma sandwich and stunk up the place with the garlic. My husband is good at taking out the filling from the squash so as we can stuff it with rice, pine nuts, etc. One Italian lady who is married to a Lebanese man wanted my husband to make her the stuffed kibbee for at least 50 people but he didn’t want to do that even though she would have paid him. That is a lot of work. That Italian lady who is also part Croatian works with my daughter. My daughter and I laughed when she asked us about having my husband make that dish for 50 people. I have more laughs on Jamie’s CFN than a barrel full of monkeys and so many things bring other things to mind. LOL LOL.

  2. Is Cedar’s still at the Square or did they close and open up here?

  3. Author

    Last I checked they were still in the square. I think these guys sold Cedars to the guys that have it now or one sale removed.

  4. I haven’t been to the Square in a while. But Cedars is still listed in the store directory.

  5. Cedars at the square {MODERATED} size servings. These guys that opened on Pitt are the original owners. Great food on Pitt.

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