Cornwall Ontario –  Wow!  I didn’t realize how long it’s been since yours truly has done a restaurant review. For this scribbler a review is all about expectations.  Whether it be haute cuisine or a simple chipstand we all have expectations walking in.   We expect a fish n chips shopContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –   Not every restaurant review has to be high end.    One of our great CFN writers, Garden Girl (Dawn Jane Guay) cajoled me into taking her out to lunch and we thought what better way to go than do a review. While the original joint weContinue Reading

CFN – Life is about improving and making things better, and after a year of research and consultations with a lot of people we are pleased to be announcing our new comments policy on CFN. As many know there are different formats used by various news sites.    CFN manuallyContinue Reading

CFN – This terrific vegetarian restaurant can be found in a small industrial building on the Concession 9 Road between Green Valley and Glen Norman, not exactly a high traffic area for vegetarians, or anyone else for that matter. I found out about it from a customer in that areaContinue Reading

CFN – “Wow, Mom, ….. I googled Gary Farmer’s band, the Troublemaker’s they’re great, the lead guitarist is electric,” my son Carl chirped when I returned from reviewing the The Vic Public House at 580 Church Street in Toronto Ontario. Blues singer, actor, director …. I couldn’t believe my luckContinue Reading

CFN –  There is so much more to dining than simple eating.  A rushed lunch is very different than a leisurely meal with loved ones or friends; where time disappears over the sounds and smells of a communal meal. True dining in many areas is a declining experience in that less andContinue Reading

CFN – I bumped into Angela Youngs from Ground Soap last night at Eight Zero Zero.    Angela is a talented and vivacious young woman who makes some of the finest soap in Canada.  You can tell her passion for her product and feel the care she personally puts intoContinue Reading