The 3 Willows Vegetarian Restaurant – A Meatless Oasis in Eastern Ontario by Reg Coffey – October 19, 2013

Three Willows Restaurant

CFN – This terrific vegetarian restaurant can be found in a small industrial building on the Concession 9 Road between Green Valley and Glen Norman, not exactly a high traffic area for vegetarians, or anyone else for that matter. I found out about it from a customer in that area and stopped on my way home yesterday for lunch. I was so impressed with the food that I made a reservation for my wife and myself to come back for dinner today.


The interior of the restaurant is a pleasant surprise when you walk in the door. The clean earth coloured walls were decorated with murals of nature scenes and plants and vegetables were tastefully arranged on side tables. The ambiance was warm and calming and comfortable.

To start I have to confess that I am an omnivore. I do eat meat, but I have no fear of tofu. Actually I am a big fan of well made and flavourful vegetarian dishes so when I heard of the 3 Willows I couldn’t wait for an opportunity to try their meatless fair. Meatless here also means no dairy (no cheese) or eggs.  The eggless thing is particularly appealing to me since I have a sensitivity to eggs.

My wife and I decided to try their specials of the day. I had the Chicken-less Souvlaki Plate complete with Greek Salad, and Kathy had their version of Wellington (beef-less). We both reached across to try each other’s selection (it’s OK, we’re married) and I have to say that everything we had was simply delicious.



Everything was fresh and hot and crisp where appropriate. The meat substitutes were firm and tasty, and while not identical to chicken or beef, they were still terrific. My chicken-less souvlaki in a pita was stuffed with fresh vegetables and a delicious garlic sauce. The rice was perfectly cooked and seasoned. The Wellington had crisp pastry and the beef substitute was firm with a mild beef flavour that was strengthened by the beef flavoured gravy.

Chicken-less Souvlaki
Chicken-less Souvlaki

After our entrees I did something I rarely do at a restaurant. I ordered dessert. When you have sensitivity to eggs it’s not very often you can find a sweet treat to finish off a meal. Here, the chocolate cake doesn’t have eggs in it. Of course this means that the cake is heavier than usual, more the texture of a brownie than a cake, but it is still decadently delicious. Kathy chose the fresh baked date square as her dessert and it was terrific as well.

Chocolate Cake (eggless)
Chocolate Cake (eggless)


Date Square
Date Square


The desserts were so substantial that we had to bring half of each of them home for our indulgence tomorrow.

The last pleasant surprise came with the bill. After a substantial meal with dessert and a cup of tea (they are not licensed) the total came to only $40.00 for the two of us. This is definitely a restaurant that we will visit again, even if it is a 45 minute drive for us to get there.

Take the drive out to Glen Norman for some great vegetarian food. They are open on Wed-Sat 11:30-2 PM and 5-8 PM and Sundays from 11:30-8 PM. I suggest you call ahead to make sure you can be seated.

20641 Conc. 9, Cty. Rd. 25

Near Glen Norman, Ontario

GPS: 45° 16’ 49.87” N      74° 34’ 56.26” W

Call 613-703-7922


Presentation – 3.5

Value 4

Service 4

Zing and Wow – 3.5

Overall – 3.5

Glasses of Red Wine!

Wine GlassWine GlassWine GlassWine Glass  half






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