Captain George’s Fish n Chips Review in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig NOV 2, 2015

I don’t normally review food from chain restaurants, but my dining companion wanted Fish n Chips and we decided to try “the new place” which turned out to be our new Captain Georges in Cornwall.

It felt odd being in what had been a lovely and colorful Mexican restaurant.    The new decor is open with a mix of seats and booths.

We were sat at a table, but sadly there was a draft or cooling vent that pummeled us with a steady stream of cold air that actually lifted the napkins off of the table.

The folks next to us shared that they’d moved, which is what we did, and lo and behold another couple was seated in our place only to move as well.    Not sure why people kept being seated at the table when clearly there are issues with it?

There are no surprises on the menu of Captain Georges.   It’s a traditional mix of fried fish offerings.

My companion tried the haddock and I went with my fave, the Halibut.


The good news is that Captain George’s uses fresh cut fries, but the single sliver of lemon and miserly tiny cup of tartar sauce seemed conflictive especially considering that this isn’t a discount fish joint.  (my two piece plate was $15.75 before tax and tip) Likewise, the malt vinegar had to be requested.

Our server was friendly and always willing to bring more tartar sauce and bring over the malt vinegar, but she was also trying to up sell constantly too.

Appetizer offerings were minimal and a bit pricey.    Our dinner for two with tax and tip were $35.00

Cornwall loves its fish n chips with both Joey’s Seafood and Ye Olde Fish n Chips being stalwarts.

Sadly Captain George’s would be my third pick of the three next time I get a craving.

Here are ratings for Captain George’s in Cornwall Ontario

Presentation 4.0

Value 3.0

Service 3.5

Zing & Wow 3.0  

Overall 3.0 Red Hats Out of Five

3 red hats


  1. I was there once. I don’t think I’ll be back. I ordered a beef pita. To put it politely it was gross. It put me off pita / donairs for a while until I went back to Shawarma On Wheels.

  2. Author

    Shawarma on Wheels rocks!

  3. My husband & I had to go to Cornwall 3X in 9 days ,all for funerals,each time we went to Shawarma on wheels for lunch then picked up pizza to take back home.I would never try the fish places as I have the best up here called the The Pilot House

  4. Author

    I’ve heard of the Pilot House Mary. I’ll have to try them next time I’m in Kingston 🙂

  5. Wow Mary and I agree on something!
    The Pilot House is very good.

  6. Author

    I love common ground 🙂

  7. When you want shawarma or anything Lebanese you have to go to a good place to eat. There are plenty of shawarma places here in Ottawa and I don’t gp tp them since we eat Lebanese a lot of times. Tomorrow we will have something that is Lebanese and not so much for the Canadian/US palate but it is a meal that we make here at home. My son loves shawarma and goes only to a few places that he likes.

  8. There was an English type of restaurant on First Street in Cornwall and the place was hit by a drunk and closed up and I don’t know if it re-opened. It has been quite some time since I was back in Cornwall for a visit. That place seemed to have good food from what I gathered.

  9. Author

    They’ve rebuilt and re-opened Jules. Love that joint even if they disrespect CFN’s audience.

  10. Jamie, you will love The Pilot House,Halibut & chips is our favourite but menu has other delights like lamb, even oxtail when they can get it,I tried that & is much better than it sounds. So Furtz, We do both agree on something

  11. Jamie it sounds like Cornwall has a few good places to eat. Here in Ottawa they have what they call Royal Oak as a fish and chips place and they serve liquor. I have never been there but saw that it is a franchise. Cornwall sounds like it has some good eateries. This never existed in past years.


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  13. Just my 2 cents worth on Capt George’s Fish Meal !

    My wife and I ate there twice , thought the Haddock was very good
    really liked the fresh cut fries . Would be happy to eat there again .
    They also have great Ice Cream .

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