Mama Bears Chips Stand Review in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig 081618

Cornwall Ontario –  Wow!  I didn’t realize how long it’s been since yours truly has done a restaurant review.

For this scribbler a review is all about expectations.  Whether it be haute cuisine or a simple chipstand we all have expectations walking in.   We expect a fish n chips shop to serve a fine plate of fish n chips.   Right?

So in reviewing Mama Bear’s Chipstand on Hwy 138, just heading out of Cornwall Ontario, I looked over the menu and after chatting with new owner Donnie Beaulieu (He took over the stand from the near insane and rabid Curriers this season. ) challenged him to make me his finest burger.

Not their pulled pork, which looked good, but a fine beef burger as they use high quality beef, cooked fresh and never from frozen, and usually purchased from a local butcher.

It was way better than a Big Kahuna burger!

I watched as my burger was put on a real grill.

Good meat doesn’t need a lot of seasonings, or toppings really.

You want it seared and the juices flowing.

It should smell good enough to tempt a vegan!

Donnie wanted me to review his bacon and cheese burger with the works.

Even with mustard on it, it still was a lovely feast.

While we get get used to discounted fast food, there really is something to say for a truly traditional fine burger, cooked right, with fresh fixings and toppings to your liking.

And for that Mama Bear’s hit the spot! 

Next time I may have to try their smoked brisket poutine!

The final result!

Here are ratings for Mama Bear’s in Cornwall Ontario

Presentation 4.5

Value 4.0

Service 4.0

Zing & Wow 4.0  

Overall 4.0 Red Hats Out of Five

Mama Bears has graciously given us a few gift certificates.  If you post a comment on this story saying why you should get a $25 gift certificate you’ll be entered into a draw (ends August 28th, 2018).  No purchase necessary, but you know you want a burger platter if you’re still reading this review!

You can reach them on facebook too!   LINK



  1. I would love to win a $25 gift certificate to my favorite chipstand! Thanks for the restaurant review and keep them coming.

  2. Great review. The food is great at mama bears and is my go to chiptruck. I wish Donnie great success!!!!

  3. id love a 25$ gift certificate so i can take my son out for dinner. ive heard awesome things about mama bears, and you just confirmed its a must try!

  4. Have eaten there a few times in the past and would love to try them again now with the new owner.

  5. Yes, I will try this on our very next visit to Cornwall, that poutine looks amazing

  6. Don Beaulieu serves up good food. We had Italian plugins with cheeseburger the last time we were there. Very obvious it’s fresh ground beef and NOT from frozen beef. Next time we stop in will try the brisket with French fries.

  7. Oops, meant poutine

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