CFN Reviews Little Caesars in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig – NOV 18, 2014

CFN Reviews Little Caesars in Cornwall Ontario  by Jamie Gilcig – NOV 18, 2014

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(my medium with lots o toppings)

CORNWALL Ontario – I’m spoiled by Cornwall’s Old School Montreal style pizza.  Joints like Riverside, North End, Roma’s, Cornwall BBQ and Louis all over the read deal.

I’m a pizza prude.  It’s pretty near impossible to get me to go to Box Store pizza joints like Boston Pizza, Dominoes, or Pizza Hut and never mind some of the by the slice cardboard joints.

Of course food is about taste and what you like.  To each their own; but when it comes to Pizza there are four core areas I grade.

Crust.  It should have flavour and bite. It shouldn’t just be something you slop ingredients over.

Sauce.  Again, I personally like mine with extra flavour, usually garlic.

Toppings.  Should be fresh and of good quality; especially the veggies.

Cheese.   For me this is the most critical.  I love my pizza slavered with thick melting cheese.   Good pizza joints should have good cheese in quantities that you don’t have to order extra or double to taste.

Now I do something with our reviews that some might consider a bit different. I grade based on expectation.    I don’t expect a fast food joint to graded the same as a haute cuisine, or pub fare.

I’d heard some buzz about our new Little Caesars here in Cornwall and decided to give them a try after shopping at Freshco’s (even though their manager Chris Pierce is a bit of a dink and doesn’t respect CFN viewers)

The strength of Little Caeasars is value and speed.  They advertise themselves as HOT N READY and frankly they are.    I didn’t want to review them just on a pick up Pepperoni pie so I looked at their menu and they offer an Unlimited medium for $8.99 instead of the $5.55 for the pepperoni. (all prices for in store pick up, taxes extra)

So I had hot Italian sausage, bacon, pepperoni, hot peppers, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and pineapple.  It was ready in under ten minutes, and it was about half the price of a medium special from the “family” joints here in Cornwall.

Not too shabby.  I was totally impressed that they made their own dough fresh in the store and mixed their own sauce.

There was flavour when I bit into my pie.   I’ve had much worse and the ingredients looked very fresh.  The onions and peppers had bite.

My only issue was that there seemed to be very very little cheese on my pie.

Would I eat their pizza again?  I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it.   It was pleasant and light.  It wasn’t worse than the other pizza places, but it was different and that’s not always bad. It certainly wasn’t as heavy and greasy which you either love or you don’t.

Pros:  Great value, freshness, variety of toppings, the service was awesome (thank you Amy!)

Cons:   Cheese.  I didn’t really taste any bacon.

Here are ratings for Little Caesars in Cornwall Ontario

Presentation 3.5

Value 4.0

Service 4.0

Zing & Wow 3.0

Overall 3.5  out of 5 Red Hats


Note:  CFN pays for all foods that we review and do not let the vendor know in advance that we are doing a review.  There’s another outfit in town that has actually mooches meals for reviews!


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