CFN Changes Anonymous Comment Policy for 2014 – CLICK FOR DETAILS

CFN Changes Anonymous Comment Policy for 2014 – CLICK FOR DETAILS

CFN Panic Button 2013-05-13CFN – Life is about improving and making things better, and after a year of research and consultations with a lot of people we are pleased to be announcing our new comments policy on CFN.

As many know there are different formats used by various news sites.    CFN manually pre moderates each comment.  For example the Free Holder post moderates and has a key word filter while using the disqus system for people to log on.

CFN is proud to continue our tradition of pre-manual moderation; but we have listened to what the public is saying about pseudonyms and anonymous posting.

Starting January 3, 2013 at noon we will no longer be allowing anonymous viewer comments.   You will have to sign your name or register your pseudonym with us.    While we respect the importance to remain private, and will still allow our viewers to use an id instead of their name; they will have to register with us via email or facebook.

Also, viewers using pseudonyms will no longer be able to attack other viewers or comments.    If you can’t stand up and show who you are, you cannot attack others who do.   Questions and constructive non-offensive criticism are still allowed.

While we realize that this may cause some frustration to some regular posters we at CFN feel that this will make our comments section safer and more fun for our viewers.   Having gone from 14M to 29M page views from 2012 to 2013 it’s time for some to realize that an awful lot of people read our comments.

We also wish to remind users to stay on subject, and if you wish to write a book; perhaps a publisher instead of a comment section would be the way to go?

There are certain users currently who will be grand-fathered in and be allowed to continue to use their pseudonyms as we at CFN know who they are and their contact information.    To register a pseudonym email

Thank you for a wonderful 2013 and hopefully 2014 is even better for all!



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