The Return of Seaway Radio & Possible Run at Mayor’s Office for Jamie Gilcig by Reg Coffey




Cornwall Ontario – Today at 1:00 PM, in the hallway outside the Mayor’s office, Jamie Gilcig announced the return of Seaway Radio. The digital radio program ran for over a year but was discontinued for various reasons. The talk show format is strictly digital and can be accessed by computer or mobile devices, live or as podcasts using services such as iTunes or directly on CFN.

The first test  broadcast will be live on Friday January 3, 2014 at 10:00 AM.

Current Radio Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with SeawayradioXcom on BlogTalkRadio



While being interviewed he also revealed that, as promised, he would register as a candidate for the mayor’s office if current Mayor Kilger officially chooses to run for the office again. While rumour is rampant, the Mayor has until September to put his name on the line and register as a candidate. This was the first day for candidates to register for the election.

As the editor of CFN Jamie has been critical of the performance of the city council and because of it, he and CFN have been subjected to considerable mistreatment. Not only has CFN been subject to an advertising ban by city hall, but Jamie has personally been ejected from city council meeting because the mayor’s dislike for a piece of Jamie’s clothing.

Mr. Gilcig believes that the city needs a change in council to bring transparency, honesty and cost effectiveness to the management of the city’s  affairs and to reduce taxes.

If the incumbent mayor officially registers to run for office again as he has stated in multiple interviews then Jamie will challenge him for the position.



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  1. Congrats Jamie on bringing back seaway radio finally a cornwall radio station I WILL listen to during the coldest days of winter.

  2. Jamie (Admin) go for it and I am sure that plenty of us will be chearing you on. Like I said in another post I also want to see Gary Samler, David Oldman, Mark MacDonald, Leslie O’Shaughnessey, André Rivette, and Gerry Samson on board not just for mayor but council as well which is very important for everyone. All the people I named are pretty good people and can make a big difference and a big change and work for the people and not for the party. When you work for the party you go down. Change comes from the municipality and not the feds nor the provincial but local. Make the changes needed for all. People get behind these people and others and change Cornwall for the better. Jamie has started the ball rolling and not just putting himself in politics but informing the people of Cornwall about what is going on in their town that they are not being told in the toilet paper of record – SF or anything else. Jamie is a humoungous asset and the vast majority of us want him to stay and continue his fight. Good luck to all and to that radio station. People need the truth not something hidden and lies.

  3. Congratulations Jamie on bringing Cornwall a better choice for radio,I gave up on chorus a long time ago.I will be listening

  4. Author

    It’ll be a bumpy first show as I have to learn this new system and will be using my mac 🙂

  5. is it something we said? if so, good for us. i think i can speak for the vast majority of us, when i say you’ve got my vote. i haven’t voted in over 10 years, due to lack of confidence in those i would have voted or not voted for. i will vote if you run, and i will endeavour to convince as many as i can to do the same, votes cannot be swayed, but so many of those i speak with each day about the political scene in cornwall have been in agreeance, we need new blood, and jamie gicig, your the man, btw i dont think any of us mind what slogan is on your shirt, how you dress or what side you part your hair on. as long as you are there for the people

  6. Always welcoming to read good news in the media !

  7. If you wait until Kilger registers (perhaps in September) you will have lost the summer on the hustings. Do it now!


    GEorge you can’t post comments on CFN with a pseudonym without registering first as per Letter to the Editor requirements. Email if you wish to.

  9. Jamie and everyone who is registering whether as mayor or as consultants which I prefer the ward system and not 10 councellors which is utterly ridiculous for a tiny town. There is something that has been on my mind for quite some time and something that would be good to clean up Cornwall and that is to not just recycle garbage into other things which is what I am all for but to make garbage into electricity. I was in communication some years ago with a woman from Seattle Washington and they do that in her city and even other cities in the US. Mayor Rob Ford was thinking about doing this in Toronto and we all know that Toronto is so big that there is no more room for dumps. I am really thinking that if Cornwall were to be cleaned up and stop making other garbage dumps that stink up the town why not have garbage recycled into electricity which is very much needed for homes and businesses. You can find out about this on the net. When I used to go on the toilet paper of record SF there was a man who said that he knows how to do this and there are others in Cornwall who can and this is something that would be important for the community.

  10. Jamie something else that was on my mind for a while now. You said that you would run for mayor if Bare Ass would be your opponent. Do you think that Bare Ass will go and debate with you? This I have to see to believe it. Bare Ass cannot even face you anywhere at all and there is no way that I can see him in debate with you and he knows very well that he would lose against you. Do not wait long to put your name in and the same goes for everyone else. Get out there and make the good changes because if not then Cornwall goes down a great deal worse than what it is now and you know how bad things are at the present time. I just was thinking about that lately and people cannot wait to see what Bare Ass is going to do. Jump in as they say and may the best people win. I find some very good people on this site and they are capable of running things like Mr. Samler and Mr. Oldman and of course Jamie. I would like to see Mr. O’Shaughnessey back as well as Mark MacDonald and Gerry Samson can continue representing as well. Don’t turn yourselves off because of Bare Ass get out there and do your thing and that is what true leadership is about.

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