Karin Walkey reviews Fuzion Restaurant 580 Church Street in Toronto Ontario – 3 Out of 5 Red Hats

CFN – I’m totally head over heels in love with Fuzion Restaurant located at 580 Church Street, in Toronto and make a point of going there every time I visit. I love the trendy ambience, the reasonable prices, my favorite waiter George Amtzinz and of course the food and the wine.

Parking is not easily accessible and we had to drive around the block more than a few times until we found a parking lot two blocks away.

When we arrived at the 120 year old former Victorian mansion, a charming hostess greeted us. We began our evening, at the cozy bar, with a glass of Kir Royal while we waited for a table. That was a first for me and I loved that savory drink. My companion had tasted better Kir Royals in his day and noted that there was too much cassis for his liking.

Despite a birthday party and a full house, the wait was a short one before we were seated at our table.  Not venturing from my usual tried and true choice, I ordered the Tofu steak with pea purée served with mixed seasonal. veggies, asparagus, carrots at $18.00.

My companion ordered the Baked halibut with Le Puy lentils baby arugula and home made tomato relish at $28.00. We chose Tin roof cellars Chardonnay (un-Oaked) AVA Sonoma county California – a divine pairing with the tofu and halibut.

Our meals arrived at the table on the tepid side but their visual presentation was appealing. The subtle seasoning of the tofu steak which blends well with the mixed veggies usually leaves my mouth watering; but this is the first time that I did not enjoy the Tofu Steak. I was less pleased with the shake and bake type seasoning which overpowered the tofu and the veggies. I didn’t finish the meal.

My companion was happy with the halibut which was moist and flaked off the fork when it was cut. He offered me a piece and I liked it, there was none of that strong fishy taste.

Most New world wines are available by the glass as well. Good selection of cocktails and martinis. Patrons sing along with the live Jazz music every Friday from 6-9pm.

Here are ratings for Fuzion

Presentation 3.5

Value 3.5

Service 4.0

Zing & Wow 3.0

Overall 3.0  out of 5 Red Hats


  1. Been there, done it. It was too pricey for the product and no ambience or whatever you want to call the atmosphere or experience. That’s not to say it wasn’t OK, but i would not recommend it, certainly not in Toronto with a thousand better offerings within a 5 minute drive. Even a Keg would do.

    I was quite surprised that this gay area would have such a dearth of fine food and comfortable eating establishments.

    And just some advice if you don’t know what to grab in Toronto… try the Danforth and any one of a dozen Greek restaurants within steps of Pape or Chester subway stations.

    And elsewhere in the downtown, Italian, or seafood, or sushi, (or just for fun, the Marché Restaurant), but I could go on and on… maybe following the next review.

    And my sympathy, but also best wishes for the fine food artist that CBSA dragged away from the Moon restaurant. CBSA robbed us of a culinary master while they satisfy themselves with the pathetic offerings of (ugh) St. Hubert and (semi-ugh) Harvey’s.

  2. Its funny that this review would be posted just now. Fuzion has actually closed and been converted to a new restaurant called ‘The Vic Public House’ as of this week. It’s now a pub and patio. If you were planning on checking out Fuzion, you probably better make different arrangements.

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