Letter To the Editor by Pastor Tom Newton of Cornwall Ontario : A reply to “Quit playing games: Broten”

One must come to see that Premier McGuinty and his henchmen are not playing games. They are playing for keeps! How so?


First Premier Dalton McGuinty and his government came up with “Challenging Homophobia and Heterosexism: A K-12 Curriculum. Resource Guide for the Toronto District School Board 2011.”  This resource guide for diversity and sexual orientation has been secretly implemented, even against the outcry of many concerned parents. Remember that? What a low blow! You can download a copy of this resource for yourself.  Interesting reading, to say the least!


Now it’s a “one-two punch” with McGuinty’s “Accepting Schools Act.”  It is a well- known tactic of the Ontario government to use the social plight of bullying to further the agenda of diversity and sexual orientation.  Is bullying wrong? Do we need stronger laws against bullying? Do we need a law requiring Roman Catholic schools to hold, and even to promote Straight/Gay Alliance clubs? This would force open a door for the acceptance of the homosexual life style. Maybe this acceptance will not come in this generation of Roman Catholics, but it will for sure in the next generation to come. This is what the government is hoping for and banking on. This requirement would be forced upon all faith-based schools that receive any form of money from the government. That is the first punch. Wow!


The second punch—and here I believe the Ontario government is hoping for a knock out—is the removal of all parental rights concerning this matter of diversity and sexual orientation.  In the resource mentioned above, parents have no rights to object, nor to remove their children from such immoral indoctrination. It is the elitist attitude of these bureaucrats and educators that, as parents, we do not have the ability, nor the knowledge, not even the right to have any say in such matters. The elitist says, “We know best, just trust us!” Any one for free condemns, birth control pills, even abortions? Of course, no parental consent is required!


What is the real agenda? It is simply to remove all public funding from all faith-based schools in order to force the homosexual life style upon us. Forced acceptance, whether you agree with it or not! The last hurdle for the homosexual agenda is to silence all religious opposition! And our dear Premier is helping them to do just that. Did you notice the title of the resource?  “Challenging Homophobia and Heterosexism.” Why do we need to challenge heterosexism? Challenging is not what they want, but to remove it altogether!


So who is really playing games? Those that sit by and allow the “Accepting Schools Act” to be come law with out a challenge! A voice of silence is act of complicity to the crime!


Pastor Tom Newton

Calvary Baptist Church

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  1. There’s not doubt that the Ontario government is putting pressure on the traditional family, and now seems to be offering “choice” when it comes to sexual orientation. So I agree with many of the arguments in this letter, and agree that parents cannot and should not have their family values compromised by the state.
    The United Kingdom is putting tremendous pressure on families for this same reason, especially those families which do home schooling. The state wants even more control over children than it presently has.
    I feel that the eugenics movement is behind the whole thing. Homosexuals don’t produce children except in rare cases. That’s what the governemnts are after.

  2. You have got to watch the new video:

    I just cannot help myself….something has got to break up the dysfunctional shite that children are brainwashed with every day by their parents who drive this ideology in to their little brains…God forbid that we teach children that all human beings belong to one race, the arse would come right out of her eh bye like they say in Labrador…hope you have a laugh at least….

  3. Tom, why are you so against human rights for all people? And why are you so fearful of gay people? Is your homophobia a cover for your own feelings of sexual-identity?

    But don’t worry, Tom. I am sure there is no self-respecting gay person anywhere in the world who would want a relationship with you.

    And why are you so concerned about the Catholic schools? After all, you hate us with a passion and wish us all to hell.

  4. By the way, Richard I am happily married to my beloved (only) wife of 25 years. And I enjoy doing it God’s way! Any other way does not please God, and does not bring His blessings, of course, one of His blessings are children! Adoption doesn’t count! Not to say that there is any thing wrong with adoption, but having two mothers, or two dads, is just not God’s way. God hates such abominations. And yes, humanistic studies have shown that such a modern family style fails in many ways to establish a real home.

  5. “pastor” Tom Newton, you are a terrorist.
    You intimidate and indoctrinate young children and mental unstable/disabled individuals via fear and your antiquated beliefs without any shred of proof or evidence.

    You fall back under the protection of religion and your cult’s non-profit status, but we are not fooled. Claiming that god will damn anyone who does not follow your book to an eternity of fire and torment in order to demand repentance for things you say your book does not permit is TERRORISM.

    I shudder to think the mental anguish you put your young children through telling them that if they do not follow you, FIRE FOREVER.

    You and people that follow your belief system are religious terrorists and should be prosecuted as such.

    Anyone agree?

  6. @ FreeThinker. I agree 100%.

  7. The father is asleep, dreaming, hears his child calling out:

    “…Daddy dip your finger in the water
    Come and touch my tongue
    These flames around me are getting hotter
    And i have nowhere to run..

    Come and touch my tongue..”

    He tries to get to his child, but

    “..there was a great divide
    And I could not get across to the other side..”

    I don’t recall the rest of the lyrics, they play this song on the Mars Hill Radio network, in the Cornwall and New York State areas, and buy it here:


    And you wonder why Pastor Tom seems so hateful.. He’s gripped with fear that his children will die and burn.. It seems the worst terrorists are the ones that truly believe their message and think that they are doing the revealed will of almighty god..

    In searching for the exact lyrics for that song, could only find the site with it for sale and a blog post by Mrs Newton..:.

    Based on the title, they seem well aware of that song.. they must like like it..


  8. This song is based upon the words of the Lord Jesus Christ – Luke 16:20-31. It is the loving Son of God that warns us most about what will happen to those who continue in their rebellion, their sins, and their wicked life styles. So I guess in your eyes, He was a terrorist too?

    Luk 13:5 “I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish” – was also spoken by the Risen, Exalted Son of God, so Freethinker, your thinking is corrupt, and if you do not by His grace and mercy turn, you shall like wise “perish”. And that justly!

  9. It seems that there is no end to this insanity.

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