Political Times by Mike Roache – Return of Conrad Black – May 4, 2012

CFN–  Here is today’s installment of Political Times by Mike Roache!

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About Mr. Roache:

Mike Roache was born in Halifax and began cartooning for a school newspaper while in junior high,often putting the paper together by himself.  Over the years some of his work has appeared in newspapers in the United States and Canada. Presently his work appears in the Klondike Sun and the Sackville Tribune. Married with three adult children he lives with his wife in Halifax.

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  1. I’m glad that Conrad Black is back in Canada. He was squeezed out of his citizenship by Jean Chretien, a French-Canadian pea soup from Shawinigan (as Chretien describes himself). I think it was all jealousy on his part that Black had been offered the position of Baron of Crossharbour by the Queen through the British Prime Minister Tony Blair.. His title is The Right Honorable The Lord Black of Crossharbour. Chretien’s nose was probably put out-of-joint because he was never offered any title by the Queen. He told Black that he was not allowed to accept the Queen’s offer invoking a draconian law written way back in history somewhere that said that Canadians should not be given titles. Black had to renounce his Canadian citizenship in order to accept the title. The Liberals never gave it back to him.

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