Garden Girl Loves NAUTICA GRILL & WINE @ The Long Sault Marina JAN 8, 2017


My Local Haunts: Nautica Grill&Wine at the Long Sault Marina

There are many things that I am super thankful for, but I am especially thankful to my Uncle Paul for bringing me to this delicious place over a year ago. I cannot count the amount of times I have returned or thank him enough for introducing me!

My absolute favourite is their risotto pancake breakfast special. I love that special so much I had the owners promise to call me anytime it’s on!!! Two fried risotto cakes, cheese inside, heated to get the slightest crust that makes them all the more delicious, topped with a runny yolk fried egg each, served on a toasted ciabatta bun and served with a small salad of baby greens, lightly dressed with a house vinaigrette with real Parmigiana grated over everything. Pure Heaven. All three of us ordered this dish that day and all of us agree, simply amazing.

Another daily special I jumped on was their chocolate chip banana bread French toast. Oh my gosh was it delicious!!! The bread was sliced thick but so light with a perfect chocolate ratio, each bite melted in my mouth. Pure ecstasy. They served it with a caramel sauce and maple syrup. My mouth is watering as I write this and recall the flavours…

I have even been so lucky to turn up on their eggs Benedict special days! I refuse to order this dish just anywhere. And, of course, it met and exceeded my expectations for this dish. They were generous with the Hollandaise; it was thick, but not too thick and the eggs were poached perfectly. They were served over peameal bacon on a toasted ciabatta bun. I daresay I enjoyed this version better than its’ English muffin counterpart! Another slam out of the park! I may or may not have desperately wanted to lick the plate…

I usually end up there on a weekday in the latter part of the morning. A few times we have gone on the weekends but I tend to like the quieter days to catch up with loved ones. I love their whole menu, but I confess, I have only ever ordered breakfast for myself. A few of my meal dates have ordered otherwise and I have tried their meals, but my thing is their breakfast… If there are roughly 20 foreseeable days in a year that I can pop out for brunch, I am focussing on my favourites!

I highly recommend this place to anyone who places a high value on flavourful fresh food, cleanliness and great value. Susan and Michael run a great place; their menu is well rounded and like I said, I have loved every bite of every meal and returned for more! They have too many favourites of mine to list them all! Also, there happens to be a great view over the marina and river while you eat… Makes for a great after-meal stroll

See you there!

Breakfast pics from Garden Girl


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