Keith Beardsley’s View From the Hill – 9 Questions Over Trudeau’s 10th Vacation JAN 8, 2017

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Canadians woke up in January and realized that they had to find a way to pay for all those Christmas presents bought on their credit cards. Others, especially seniors on fixed incomes, were struggling to figure out what items they would have to do without, because the cost of gas and hydro had just gone up yet again. This time the increase was to pay for Trudeau’s new carbon tax.

At the same time we also woke up to the fact that our Prime Minister had taken yet another vacation. This made for ten vacations in his first year in office- more time off than he would have had as a drama teacher. The struggling middle class that he pretends to want to help can only dream about that much vacation time.

Now most Canadians won’t begrudge a Prime Minister an occasional holiday providing they feel it is on the up and up. But his last one has a peculiar odor about it.

Canadians wonder about all of the secrecy. At first it was amusing, they could play “Where’s Waldo” and try and guess where Trudeau was holidaying. But then they found out and the questions haven’t stopped.

A vacation with a few close friends on a private, luxury island, hosted by a multi-millionaire (whose foundation receives funds from the Canadian government) raised a few eyebrows and quite a few unanswered questions.

For all of those Liberal/Trudeau apologists who think we should give him a break because he is new to the job, let me remind you that Prime Ministers and their staff are expected to measure up from day one. To those that say there was nothing wrong with him accepting a gift of hospitality on this private island, I will remind you that there are rules in place for that and looking back there was a lot of negative media coverage in February 2006 (shortly after the Conservatives won the election). The outcry then was not about the new Conservative Prime Minister taking a vacation; it was about a few MPS and staff being invited out for the night to watch a NHL Senators hockey game. PMO made every one of those individuals pay the full cost of their evening. Shouldn’t Trudeau being doing the same?

This brings us back to this last vacation. If I was still looking after Question Period I would be looking for answers from the Prime Minister for the following questions:

Name the “close friends” that were on this vacation with you.

Do any of them receive funds or do business with the Canadian government?

How did they get to the island? Were any of them flown there on Canadian government or military aircraft at taxpayers’ expense?

What was the size/cost of your protective detail compared to your last Caribbean vacation?

Were any of your “close friends” political staff, MPs or individuals who could discuss business with the host while giving you cover to say that you personally had no direct discussions.

Was there anyone with you who was involved with files for the Aga Khan’s Foundation?

Did you receive any briefing notes on any outstanding requests or decisions for funding for your host’s foundation? If so will you release them in their entirety, uncensored?

Will you reimburse the government for your trip?

Will your “close friends” do the same for any expense that they might have caused the government?

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

There is an expression “You can run but you can’t hide.”

Trudeau can run from coffee shop to coffee shop over the next few weeks, but he can’t hide from the questions or from disillusioned Canadians paying their Christmas bills and those of us just managing to get by pay cheque to pay cheque.


  1. He doesn,t even try anymore to hide his true agenda any more & if you look back to day 1, he never did, & it is not good for Canada, it is truly hard to believe how smart people are still being fooled

  2. After more than a year in power, his approval rating is still beyond what any other PM could only dream of. Must be frustrating to be a Con these days.

  3. Seems to be more frustrating knowing how many fools there are. You can’t really blame Justin, after all if his father had not been a Canadian politician he would likely still be working part time somewhere. He only took 10 vacations in 2016, it is not like he took a holiday every month.

  4. Yes David. Anyone who isn’t a Conservative is a fool.

  5. Just curious Furtz as to how you come that conclusion? Are you a conservative or a fool?

  6. Absolutely brilliant David! I will never question your wisdom again..

  7. LOL LOL. ROLF! I just had a lot of discussions with plenty of people on line and I came out with a new name for Justin{MODERATED} LOL. ROLF! I love that one. I asked the person if I can use it and he said sure thing. Fidelette doesn’t give a hoot about the middle class or anyone.

    Editor’s Note: Jules, please, we’ve discussed this before.

  8. Stephen Harper sold us out to the Americans, the Saudis, and the Chinese.

    Justin Trudeau is no better and is even more disingenuous than Harper.

    The NDP needs real leadership.

    And it’s a shame too, as Person, Trudeau Sr., and Mulroney all did good for our country in spite of their flaws.

    Time for change, and it starts with electing Emilie Taman in the Ottawa-Vanier byelection!

  9. Jamie do you know with whom Trump reminds me of hold on to your shorts and don’t fall off your chair. Trump reminds me of no other than Mike Harris. Mike would be a good golfing partner for Trump. I just sent you what I was sent just about ten or fifteen minutes ago and thought that you would like to see it. I have been laughing about Fidelette along with the one who named him/her. LOL LOL.

  10. Mike Harris pushed the tax burden downwards and responsible for Walkerton and for the disintegration of Ontario’s social welfare net.

    Eves would have been a decent premier though, and McGuinty, his cut premiums, and his debts,are even worse. Tommy Douglas had no problem balancing a budget

    That said, a lot of Harris’ mistakes were cuts by Chretien Liberal austerity and transfer payment cuts.

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