CORNWALL ONTARIO – Canadians woke up in January and realized that they had to find a way to pay for all those Christmas presents bought on their credit cards. Others, especially seniors on fixed incomes, were struggling to figure out what items they would have to do without, because theContinue Reading

Re:  The cash crunch of commitments: uncosted spending vows lurk for Liberals, Andy Blatchford, 01/17/2016 1 The Bank of Canada can never run out of Canadian dollars, nor can the federal government which owns it.  In keeping their promises, Liberals should not be deterred by deficits, because if necessary theseContinue Reading

The Conservatives begin 2016 in a very different place from where they have been for the last 10 years. Defeats are never fun, but they offer the Conservatives a chance to rejuvenate, rebuild and rededicate themselves to promoting Canadian Conservative values. Forget about American, Australian and British values, focus onContinue Reading

Re: Federal parties start to play their economic cards, Jason Fekete, May 5, 2015 The conventional wisdom is that whichever party forms government will not have much financial breathing room, especially with the collapse of world oil prices. In fact, while there are ideological and eventual real resource restraints,Continue Reading

The federal government deserves credit for unveiling its plans for regeneration of Canada’s long-shrinking navy. Seven years have passed, inexplicably and expensively in terms of ultimate cost, since the prime minister announced that eight Arctic off-shore patrol ships with ice-breaking capacity would be built, the first to be delivered inContinue Reading