FRANK Breaks Former T Shirt Hating Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger Now a LOBBYIST

Former Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger has had a busy week in the media.  First the City releases the settlement with yours truly after he had me removed from a council meeting for not liking my t shirt and now Frank magazine has featured him after disclosing that Bob is now a Federal Lobbyist for Flagship Solutions.

Senior Partner Serge Buy confirmed with CFN that Mr. Kilger is working for the firm.

Mr. Kilger is indeed working with Flagship Solutions.  We’re excited that Mr. Kilger is sharing his knowledge, experience and talent with our clients.
Thank you,

A brief excerpt from the Frank story.

Bob’s bid for the Big Chair was also somewhat complicated by a historic sexual assault allegation. The complainant, who’d worked under the honourable member in the early 80s, when he managed the St- Hubert BBQ franchise in Cornwall, went to police with a sordid tale dating back to 1982.
Mercifully, the Crown decided, based on the age of the claim and the serious he said/she said limitations of the evidence, against laying charges. That decision came down days before the Speaker elections, but Kilger still found himself pipped at the post by Madame Speaker Peter Milliken.
No pension top-up, either, when Gus Clouthier’s gig as Sergeant-at-Arms came open in ’06. Bobsie put his name forward, once again citing his experience as a hockey ref, found himself passed over once again in favour of ex-Mountie Kevin “Killer” Vickers.
Shurely playing no part in Kilger’s rejection by House of Commons thingies was his rather unpleasant encounter with the Board of Internal Economy a couple of years previous. Bob, it seems, had inadvertently filed amongst his expense claims rent payments on an Ottawa apartment for a female acquaintance whose name has been lost to posterity.
A red-faced Kilger, ratted out by a disgruntled ex-employee, quickly cut a cheque for the difference, and thanks to the BOIE’s ultraquiet proceedings, neither parliament nor (heaven forfend!) the public were subjected to the details of the unfortunate error.
kilger nods offKilger was last heard living in the Ottawa area with Mayor Watson’s Right Hander Courtney May and their offspring.


  1. This is news? Who cares? Get over your little tiff with Mr. Kilger and stop using “Free Speech” as a crutch. You are seen as an instigator and are only hurting the Cornwall community.

  2. Exactly Mario… When has Cornwall ever given a crap about employee harrassing, mail thieving, serial philandering, expense cheating politicians?

    It’s only natural that a political sleaze — kicked to the curb in Cornwall — would head off to Ottawa; with the ear of his likes in Trudeau’s entourage, and some outstanding political I.O.U’s to cash-in, well …WTF.

  3. An instigator? Everyone knows about Cornwall and its stinky and mighty weird and racist mentality. Just this morning we spoke with the former high school teacher that we know and we joked about Cornwall and its pollution and weridness. There is no education nor refinement in Cornwall only to raise up a bottle of bear and use crack cocaine and that is the life of Cornwall.

  4. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the funny t-shirt that Jamie wore with BOB on the milk carton. BOB is a politician and should be used to things like that and even a great deal worse. BOB’s life is exposed to the media since he is in office or even if he was a famous hockey jock or a celebrity of some sort he is in the media and should be able to take the heat.

  5. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Does it surprise anyone Bob is a lobbyist? I just don’t know if I’d be getting my “news” from Frank.

  6. I am more curious as to whether people in general think that O’Shaughnessy is an improvement over Kilger. maybe a poll…?

  7. Author

    It’s different. Leslie was the option for change. He lied to a lot of people including myself and has been extremely disappointing, but the Kilger crew knows that change can come.

    Next election should be really interesting as I have announced my intention to run and it will be on a “clean house” platform.

    The next election will be clear. Either the people of Cornwall truly want to progress and change or they want the status quo. I also will not be holding back for fear of vote splitting this time around.

  8. Author

    If this town elects Bernadette Clement for any office again it’s time to give up.

  9. Jamie the sheeple of Cornwall are afraid of their own shadow and they keep on electing the same crap year after year after year thinking that they did a good job when they haven’t. The sheeple of Cornwall have dug their hole a long time ago and can live in it. If Cornwall ever changed I would eat my hat. Cornwall is gone and gone for good – it is too late for them to turn back.

  10. Jamie if you knew the sheeple of Cornwall as well as I do you can expect the same old crap year after year after year and that is the truth. If people wanted to change their ways that would have been done years ago. All the sheeple do is to hide their heads in the sand and expect that someone else will do the job for them and that all their troubles will go away. They are all wimps.

  11. I was taught if you have nothing constructive to say then say nothing. It’s sad some still have not learned this lesson

  12. Hugger I have plenty to say that is constructive. When it comes to Cornwall that is a real comedy act. You have absolutely no idea how much comedy comes out from that town aka Fossoli.

  13. Jamie if you were mayor of Cornhole believe me you might be in terrible regret over going into that cat bird seat. You will find out how you would be hounded by that clique and there are no laws and you will find it to be like some backward Mississippi town that you see on TV. I would never expose myself as mayor or anything connected to Cornhole I am ashamed of it all.

  14. I think if Jamie was mayor the clique would find out real quick that they don’t in fact run this city.

  15. Jamie I think that if you were mayor you would do your best to bring order in Cornhole but a lot of people would resent you because you are considered “an outsider” and believe me as a former born and bread unfortunately I too am considered an outsider now. Join my club. You would be one of the best mayors going and that is true but the people – HUH! that is something else.

  16. Jamie I love really love that title and write up that I am roaring with laughter on the floor. LOL LOL. ROLF! Now give me a chance to lift my old carcass off the floor. Now how did I get down there beats me. I wish you the very best Jamie and I don’t think that Cornhole will ever change. You want to drain the swamp like Trump intends on doing. Best of luck – there are plenty of crocks there

  17. Mayor Watson is a pretty good mayor but I don’t vote liberal and never will. The Canadian people are starting to open their eyes to Justine and it takes them a long time before they see the light. Little Bobby has his hands full with kids who are like grandchildren. God what a torment to go through at his old age. OMG! That is torture. Lying Lez was a different mask on the same BOB.

  18. Once Tronald Dump realizes what actually goes into his new job things will change. And not the way he would like. Talk is one thing, action is another, completely different action. He’ll realize how things work and will have to behave. It won’t be anything like he thought it was.

  19. Jim Watson is a good mayor? Now, that is just laughable. Do you really want a mayor that is a known control freak and always pushes until he gets his way. He is much like a playground bully.

  20. Hugger a president is always in the line of fire – meaning assassination and there is a kind of attempt that I have seen on line and the guards guarding Donald Trump have saved him one evening from that happening. I told you that it is the NWO who run the world and it will come into fruition soon and it is in the Bible. Look up Father Malachi Martin on for info.

  21. Hugger Mayor Watson is a great deal better as mayor than Lying Lez or Weasel Bob. LOL LOL. ROLF! I laughed and laughed until I fell asleep about the Weasel Bob title that was a good one and I love it. Jamie you know that other pet name I had for Bob but this is even better. LOL LOL. ROLF! My daughter is going to be headed to the dentist nearby in a few minutes. She is shaking like a leaf.

  22. Yes Watson is better than Bob or Less
    But that’s like saying Harper is better than Wynne.

  23. Hugger Harper is better than Wynne.
    Jamie my daughter survived the root canal. I wanted to say that there are two other Jewish Synagogues with the hateful insults and that horrible Swastika and one of the synagogues is near where we live in a residential area. This is very crazy what is going on.

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