CFN Reviews Bourdeau’s in Lancaster Ontario by Jamie Gilcig & Garden Girl – April 14, 2015

fish chips bourdeau

CORNWALL Ontario –   Not every restaurant review has to be high end.    One of our great CFN writers, Garden Girl (Dawn Jane Guay) cajoled me into taking her out to lunch and we thought what better way to go than do a review.

While the original joint we wanted to try was closed on Monday the lovely weather brought us along scenic highway 2 and eventually into Lancaster.

There was no way either of us would eat at Denny’s.     Garden Girl or DJ as she’s better well known said she’d heard about a yummy cheese steak sandwich at Bourdeau’s which is a fast food place almost next to Denny’s off of the 401.

It’s gone through a few incarnations over the years, but this one looks to be doing things right.    I went with their Fish and Chips.     The fish was COD which I like, and the chips were home made.   The coleslaw was too.

The serving was plentiful and food great.    Nothing too fancy.  The restaurant itself was modeled diner style and was quite clean when we visited including the washrooms.

Bourdeau LANCASTER fries

No fast food fries here.   The only thing I would have preferred personally is if the skins were on the spuds still, but as you can see they came out golden brown and were fully cooked.   I sprinkled some Malt Vinegar on them and enjoyed.

bourdeau steak cheese sand

Garden Girl’s Cheese Steak Sandwich was as billed, but I’ll let her share:

Finally, after hearing about this Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich from Bourdeau’s for ages, I find myself seated at one of their tables, with one in front of me. I am pleased! The Ciabatta bun was perfectly warm and fresh, it practically melted in my mouth!

I was apprehensive about putting HP Sauce on it as I find it can be easily overpowering. In this case, I asked the waitress to bring it the way it’s usually served and I loved it!

The steak was nice, not chewy, and the peppers, mushrooms and onions were the perfect touch.

The best part had to be that they use St Albert cheese curds as the cheese! Yes! Nice, salty and chewy, the perfect topping to the most perfect Philly Cheese Steak I have ever eaten. And I have tried them all!

Two thumbs up!

The bill for our lunch with tip was around $30.00. A bit pricey for a diner, but the quality made us smile!

Here are ratings for Bourdeau’s in Lancaster Ontario

Presentation 4.0

Value 3.5

Service 3.5

Zing & Wow 3.0

Overall 3.5  out of 5 Red Hats

3 5 red hats

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  1. I miss Garden Girl on CFN. I am happy to see that she was with you sampling the food. Gee you people are making me hungry even though I ate. I have lots of weight to lose and the first time that we were able to park at the park and walk and such a beautiful day.

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