At Least He’s Not Doing Crack – GPR Liberal MPP Caught Playing Solitaire at Queens Park – APRIL 14, 2015

crack playing solitaireCFN – In what must be a terrible embarrassing moment Glengarry Prescott Russell Liberal MPP Grant Crack seems to be caught playing solitaire on his tablet at Queen’s Park.

MPP Crack has not responded to CFN as of publication of this story.

The photo was captured from the facebook page of the PC candidate he barely beat thanks to Tim Hudak, Roxane Villeneuve Robertson.

Foxy Roxy had no comment for CFN either.

She did publish this statement on her Facebook page.

Folks, this is what Grant Crack does in the Legislature while he represents his constituents of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell…playing solitaire on his iPad today.
Photo is captured by Queen’s Park media & published on Twitter.
Unbelievable …& getting paid in excess of $130k/yr..
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Photo: Facebook


  1. At least he wasn’t pulling a Peewee Herman.

  2. It’s true, the more money you make, the less work you do.

  3. Arguably it is an embarrassing time to be an Ontario Liberal, period. A have not province since 2009, over 12 billion in provincial welfare (transfer payments), no grip on the management of business stimulus, no commitment to a failed health care system, a failed energy policy etc. etc. Then to ice the cake a new tax grab (carbon) borne out of the desperation for revenue like Quebec and California. Hello inflation and unemployment.

    Solitaire on the taxpayers dime is the least of a liberals problems. Only three and half years of this majority governments run left unless the voters reward them again.
    The positive side of this issue is that the majority are getting exactly what they expected and deserved. The rest just need to cope better with nothing or less.

    I know that Nero fiddling while Rome burned is fiction and I also know that history has a way of repeating itself so solitaire on Mr. Crack, solitaire on and then like a true liberal stand by your record. Mr. Kilger did. Be proud of your contribution however small or self serving.

  4. I said that one time before and Hugger jumped down my back about that. The more money that one makes the less work that they do. Not only that but he spoke about responsibilities the little people get the crap and the high incomes get higher. Look at what happened to Target stores closing and the CEO’s got millions and the same applies in government, utility companies, etc. I have no regards for governments but the only thing that I don’t want to see is Justine Trudope in power and wish that I could do without the senate and all the rest and without Winnie the poo. They are all a bunch of crack heads.

  5. Toyota Camry is leaving for Mexico and that is what happens when you elect a Godless party like the fiberals – a bunch of crack heads. This is only the beginning of things to come. When you take God out of the classroom, out of government at all levels yes Canada, the US, etc. is going to burn for sure. We haven’t seen anything yet and yes it is coming – a humoungous economic depression worse than the 1930’s era.

  6. Holy Jumpin’ Jules! Where have you been buying your Kool-Aid?

  7. Not everyone who makes a lot of money does less work than the people making less money. Look at doctors, nurses, electric lineman, etc. They (sometime) make lots of money (usually earned in overtime) but they provide a valuable service. Let’s not paint everyone with the same brush here.

    How can you relate the closing of Target stores to government or utility companies? Target is a private company, so they can pay their CEO what they think is right.

    So, you don’t want Justin Trudeau as a PM because he was a school teacher. But it’s okay that Stephen Harper was a university drop-out before returning to finish his studies. As I’ve said before being PM is a “on the job training” job. Nothing can prepare you for being a country’s leader. The senate should be reformed and be elected, not appointed. Calling them ALL crack heads goes a bit far, don’t you think?

    Automotive manufacturers move production all the time, usually where labour costs are cheaper. GM is now looking into the viability of their Oshawa plant. Toyota is moving the production to Mexico because that’s where the Camry is in demand. They will continue to operate and invest in their Ontario plants.

    Now how do you relate taking God out of the classroom to saying there is a humongous economic depression worse than the 1930’s era? The two are totally unrelated.

  8. From what I’ve been reading, the Toyota Alliston plant is productive and profitable, and the Corolla production moving to Mexico will be replaced by another line. It’s all gonna work out as God intended, and no jobs will be lost.

  9. I saw a picture in the Seaway News today. Were Rick and Leslie founding members of the “Gin Blossoms”?

  10. Furtz it is the Toyota Corolla and I made a simple mis tra ke. LOL LOL. When I first entered the federal government in the mid 70’s there was a little joke about the word mistake and they misspelled it on purpose as mistrake so I thought that I would add this in for a little humor. I saw it on yahoo news but I was thinking about other things yesterday. I happened to have fallen here in my room and my husband heard the noise and thought that the ceiling fell. LOL LOL. I have a cold and something went the wrong way. I was dizzy lately and lost my balance and everyone ran here in the room and I was on the floor and ran into some things that went flying. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  11. Furtz and Hugger and folks here is something for all of you to read that will open your eyes for what is going on even more than what I came out with. Ontario Hydro is sold and guess what read the article that I am going to post. This will chase away more businesses than ever before and leave homes, etc. in the dark.

    60% sell-off Hydro One wold hike bills: PCs

    Now you see why Toyota and other car plants as well as other businesses are taking off including the high wages that is utterly ridiculous.


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  13. We’d be far better off if MPP Crack and his friends played solitaire all day, instead of dreaming up new schemes to bring this province to its knees.

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