We live in a world that has become far too politicized.   And I’m writing this in my election blog! Early this week the OPPA decided to loudly get into the election fray by commissioning and buying advertising to run an attack ad against Tim Hudak. Now most CFN viewersContinue Reading

Council debated an injunction regarding the loss of Eorla lab positions at our hospital.   It’s an interesting debate; but sadly missing a key element and partner; and that’s the hospital itself. One of the things I’ve discovered is the thickness of layering of relationships politically in Cornwall.   It’sContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Canlyte is flipping the switch off here in Cornwall Ontario.  That would be nearly 200 manufacturing and support jobs lost and they join the hundreds lost recently in the call centre segment of our employment map. The announcement, or admission as it was leaking all over SocialContinue Reading

Saturday was an interesting day politically here in Cornwall Ontario.   As I stated at the bottom of my election banner on the left,  I feel we have to change the culture of our city. Yesterday three political events took place. First was the Provincial Liberal leadership nomination which wasContinue Reading