Yes, the Hospital Owes Us Answers – 2014 Election Blog Jamie Gilcig

Yes, the Hospital Owes Us Answers – 2014 Election Blog Jamie Gilcig

JG Election 300x250-02  TESTCouncil debated an injunction regarding the loss of Eorla lab positions at our hospital.   It’s an interesting debate; but sadly missing a key element and partner; and that’s the hospital itself.

One of the things I’ve discovered is the thickness of layering of relationships politically in Cornwall.   It’s not healthy and leads to a lot of decisions being made in the dark and those decisions usually are at the expense of you and I in favour of a political group of control freaks that feel entitled on our tax dollars.

That’s wrong on multiple levels.   Focusing on the issue of the hospital and the lost lab jobs I’ve heard some feedback from all sides.

I get that a Union would come out to try and score some points.  That’s what unions do.  I get that Mayor Kilger and some of his cronies on council are trying to support some of their board friends at the Hospital and the provincial government.  That’s what they do.

What I don’t get is why the public isn’t stepping up?  Cornwallites are very generous with the hospital and foundation.   And the rest of the funding comes from our tax dollars.

DAMN RIGHT WE SHOULD HAVE A SAY and when our elected officials ask the hospital to come speak to council the answer should be “WHEN?”

End of.  This hiding is a PR nightmare for the hospital and most likely another reason why Ms Despatie should be shown the door as well as many of her board members.

The message you send to the public when you “hide” is that there’s a) something to hide about and b) you don’t respect the public’s right to know how their dollars are being spent.

I spoke to one hospital insider about this off the record and was given a perfectly good rationale about the lab transfers.    I may not agree with the response totally; but I think if it had been communicated to the public many would feel differently.

And you can see the political lines drawn to a  degree.


The Free Holder’s Greg Peerenboom was covering council last night on twitter.

These councilors are speaking to the issue and that issue is of concern to many.

Bernie shows how out of touch she is.  If the hospital came to council then there wouldn’t be talk of an injunction.

Again here we’re seeing provincial partisan political spin at a municipal level.  That’s scary.  Lucky for the people of Cornwall Thibault has stated that he’s not running again.

In October we all have choices to make for mayor and council in Cornwall.  While there are many issues the core is do you the voter want to elect people that represent YOU or represent political parties at Queen’s Park?   After all it is your money.

It’s time to run this city from outside of the shadows and dump this Quebec style corruption.   Clean up the boards; clean up the committees, and clean up City Hall.

And the only way that will happen is if the people of Cornwall want that change and vote accordingly on October 27!

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