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JG Election 300x250-02  TESTCouncil debated an injunction regarding the loss of Eorla lab positions at our hospital.   It’s an interesting debate; but sadly missing a key element and partner; and that’s the hospital itself.

One of the things I’ve discovered is the thickness of layering of relationships politically in Cornwall.   It’s not healthy and leads to a lot of decisions being made in the dark and those decisions usually are at the expense of you and I in favour of a political group of control freaks that feel entitled on our tax dollars.

That’s wrong on multiple levels.   Focusing on the issue of the hospital and the lost lab jobs I’ve heard some feedback from all sides.

I get that a Union would come out to try and score some points.  That’s what unions do.  I get that Mayor Kilger and some of his cronies on council are trying to support some of their board friends at the Hospital and the provincial government.  That’s what they do.

What I don’t get is why the public isn’t stepping up?  Cornwallites are very generous with the hospital and foundation.   And the rest of the funding comes from our tax dollars.

DAMN RIGHT WE SHOULD HAVE A SAY and when our elected officials ask the hospital to come speak to council the answer should be “WHEN?”

End of.  This hiding is a PR nightmare for the hospital and most likely another reason why Ms Despatie should be shown the door as well as many of her board members.

The message you send to the public when you “hide” is that there’s a) something to hide about and b) you don’t respect the public’s right to know how their dollars are being spent.

I spoke to one hospital insider about this off the record and was given a perfectly good rationale about the lab transfers.    I may not agree with the response totally; but I think if it had been communicated to the public many would feel differently.

And you can see the political lines drawn to a  degree.


The Free Holder’s Greg Peerenboom was covering council last night on twitter.

These councilors are speaking to the issue and that issue is of concern to many.

Bernie shows how out of touch she is.  If the hospital came to council then there wouldn’t be talk of an injunction.

Again here we’re seeing provincial partisan political spin at a municipal level.  That’s scary.  Lucky for the people of Cornwall Thibault has stated that he’s not running again.

In October we all have choices to make for mayor and council in Cornwall.  While there are many issues the core is do you the voter want to elect people that represent YOU or represent political parties at Queen’s Park?   After all it is your money.

It’s time to run this city from outside of the shadows and dump this Quebec style corruption.   Clean up the boards; clean up the committees, and clean up City Hall.

And the only way that will happen is if the people of Cornwall want that change and vote accordingly on October 27!


  1. As Denise Loney, former head of the histology department, said last night having the city asking the hospital for an explanation is like the hospital getting involved in the city’s business. It shouldn’t happen. While I believe we’re owed a reasonable explanation I don’t see one ever coming from the CCH or EORLA.

  2. I have said it time and time and time and time again that anything done in secrecy is evil and that is how this horrible world operates. Jamie you are a very intelligent man and you know very well what I am talking about but a lot of people are in the dark and don’t know what I am talking about or what I am getting at. I am quite a reader and a listener for years and have acquired plenty of information. One thing is about the Canadian and American people is that they have been lulled to sleep with their toys, with the boob tube and other things including all the fluoride in the drinking water, etc. The people of Cornwall coming out to protest against Bare Ass and the hospital administration is a laugh and even if they did there would be no change because it is a dictatorship. The entire Cornwall Administration from the very top postion like engineers, HR, etc. down to mayor and council have to be thrown out and started from scratch and elect intelligent people and professionals and not some ignorant stupid student or mill worker that has no education nor life experience nor one who has no knowledge of what goes on in the world. You cannot vote in another bad government. I am staying away from the provincial one and the feds have to be changed as well. The whole system is one big boondoggle mess from the bottom to the top.

  3. What secrecy? It was announced after the employees were told.

  4. With the lab closing in Cornwall, we beg to ask as to how fast the test of samples taken in Cornwall, will get to and be done in Ottawa. Perhaps a computer operated drone will take off from the roof of the CCH and race at high speed to Ottawa . . . and the test results sent back via e-mail.

    Modern telecommunications technology now allows for health care personnel located at other locations (like Bombay in India), to perform medical examinations on patients located elsewhere (like Arkansas, USA). A patient will enter an examination room and will hear a voice over a loud speaker, “Please take down your pants” . . . . . and it will be up to the patient to advise, “No, No . . I’m here for a chest X-Ray!”.

    On a related topic, a recent news story advised of dogs being able to identify maladies with 98% accuracy, after smelling a urine or stool sample . . . (something dogs do naturally anyway). The medically trained dogs would have a sniff of a sample, then through a gesture communicate their diagnosis. If a few cases, the patient did not even have to produce a stool sample . . . . the medical dog could very accurately diagnose maladies of the digestive system by the proximity of its nose to the back of a patient wearing a hospital gown.

    The closure of the lab at Cornwall may merely be the first step of major changes in health care. Within the next few years, foreign health care personnel located overseas and using real-time telecommunications technology could examine patients located at health care facilities in this province. Then there’s the future prospect of medically trained dogs diagnosing patients’ maladies.

  5. There will be other closures here and at other smaller hospitals. The almighty buck speaks loudly to the provincial government and agencies deciding how to spend the health dollar.

  6. Author

    Yes, the unions fight for the salaries, politically appointed admins get monster salaries, doctors do fine it seems that everyone is being very well taken care of except for we patients. Every cut is always care it seems…

  7. Mr. Valentine is right on in what he said and it is absolutely true. People are being replaced here in Canada with foreign workers doing the job for a lot less money and no unions, etc. In ten years or slightly more robots will be replacing jobs. If you go to the libraries here in Ottawa you check out your own books with a machine. Cashiers in stores will be replaced with machines as well. I read that even lawyers will be replaced as well with robots and this is what I roared with laughter about wondering how a robot is going to debate your case. LOL LOL. ROLF! The global elite are insane maniacs and every time I read something about them the crazier it gets. If it keeps on going there will not be any people left on earth. Teachers will be replaced and the technology already exists and I remember as a child in elementary school the teacher talking about that. What is being done is taking the lab technology jobs and putting them in a place where everything is done and yes a lot of the lab technologists are foreign. Every time my daughter goes to have her blood work done (no matter what lab including the hospitals) the vast majority are foreign and speak more than one or two languages.

  8. 1984 was quite a few years ago, Jules. People will still do jobs and money will still exist.

  9. Hugger we are well into 1984 and beyond. George Orwell aka Eric Blair would be amazed at how life has surpassed his own thoughts about how life would be. I don’t know if you heard but I heard that we are supposed to be going into a “cashless society” and they want to try it out on Israel first. This gives me the creeps because of what the Bible states about “the mark of the beast” and Pastor Newton knows well about this as well as any other minister of the churches and priests who know their Bible.

  10. They’ve been predicting the “cashless society” for over 40 years. And where are we? Cash still maintains a vital part of everyday life.

  11. So, this little seeking legal advice on the validity of seeking an injunction cost the taxpayers over $4,600. When is Cornwall City Council going to stop being so stupid. $4,600 for this, and what did defending against whistle-blowers and other stupid council decisions cost us?

  12. On the good side with retirements it looks like there will be no layoffs in the histology department.

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