When will our provincial leaders respect principles of Democracy?  by Christopher Cameron LTE

 When will our provincial leaders respect principles of Democracy?  by Christopher Cameron LTE


LTE UI am not sure if very many Canadians realize this; but “discrimination by language”, in our country is legal.

Yes, you heard it.  LEGAL; as in guaranteed by the Charter of Rights.

Under Equality Rights 15.(1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and in particular ,without discrimination based on race ,national or ethnic origin , colour , religion , sex,  age or mental or physical disability.

With a large amount of the charter related to minorities’ language rights; why was language omitted under conditions of discrimination?

The United Nations in their discrimination clause has language as a condition for discrimination and has chastised our nation on numerous occasions for the practice of language discrimination, and yet our politicians continue to condone it here.

Presently, I have been protesting at the Eastern Ontario Health Unit in Cornwall, ON; which by the way is 100% bilingual, which means 80% of the population cannot work there.  This factor is not based on merit but language.  I will continue to demand our political leaders put a stop to language discrimination at the various local and provincial sites that practice language discrimination through grossly disproportional hiring practices.

I am not asking our politicians to remove bilingualism.  I am simply asking that they put a stop to the provincial practice of language discrimination and bring fair hiring practices through the democratic principle of hiring based on representation by population.

One of the basic principles of democracy is the idea of representation by population.  Why do our provincial leaders not abide by this principle and stop language discrimination pertaining to the provincial hiring practices?

With the provincial election around the corner, I encourage all of you to exercise your democratic rights and vote. Also, ask those provincial leaders if they are willing to take a stand against this type of discrimination.

Christopher Cameron RN

Long Sault, Ontario

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