Our CFN PSYCHO CUTE POST OF THE DAY! Kittens Puppies Babies Bunnies!

Golden_Retriever_puppy_-_2010CFN– So do people prefer bad news stories to good ones?   Pictures of cute critters and heart warming videos to car crashes?  We at CFN have decided to experiment so if you’re reading this you are part of our lab!


Aren’t these two kittens sleeping together cute?

cute bunny

And look at that bunny!

This video on You Tube has been clicked on nearly 7 MILLION TIMES!

See, the girl baby is screechy and noisy and the boy baby is happy and just wants to crawl away!


And look at this little guy!

Ah, we can look at this stuff all day, right?  What do you think CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Not the dreaded Kittens Puppies Babies Bunnies!!! How will we survive the goodness??

  2. LOL LOL. ROLF! So very cute indeed Jamie but I wonder if you had to pinch the kittens and bunnies and stroll around with strollers with babies in them. You are amazing. LOL LOL. Move over toilet paper of record and the other toilet paper of record – Seaway News. You all have more competition now with Jamie on the go. I love animals and having a good chuckle at this end. Things must be slow and Bare Ass must be awful quiet just now or else there would be plenty of news to share. Have fun with this Jamie. This is cute.

  3. So, will we be seeing any more psycho cute posts?

  4. Author

    you never know….

  5. Bring back the CFN Psycho Cute Post of The Day!!

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