Are the Other Media in Cornwall Giving My Candidacy A Fair Shake? Jamie Gilcig Election Blog May 30, 2014

JG Election 300x250-02  TESTAs many of you know I have been the only candidate running for Mayor of our fair city now for a few months now.

There’s a lot of chatter whether Mayor Kilger will run again.  Most say that he won’t.  His good buddy Claude McIntosh wrote about two months ago that Mayor Kilger would be filing in a month; but still no word.

In the meanwhile I and many others are starting to wonder if I am getting a fair shake by other media locally?

Corus radio refused to invite me in to talk Cornwall.    The Seaway News has not asked for an interview and the Freeholder certainly didn’t do an interview other than a minor blurb when I filed.

There’s been way more ink about my false police charges for making threatening phone calls; charges that were laid without looking at my phone or phone records prior; and both of which clearly show I never made the calls.

Justice working slowly means those charges still haven’t been cleared and the person that laid the false charges still hasn’t been charged themselve(s).

Do the media owe fairness to those offering their names for office?  Here at CFN every candidate that has put their name forward has been invited for an interview no matter how brutally unfit for office they are.  Any ad offer or event related to the election again has gone out to all candidates.

Likewise we have a very clear Mission Statement and Vision Statement that give space to the public.   LINK

Are the people of Cornwall being done a service by the other media blocking the message of any candidate?   I would think not, but of course I do not speak for TC Media, Quebecor, or Corus.

There are some very real election issues to talk about.  Our insanely high taxes; the many scandals of the last term that have been exposed; the secret closed door meetings; the Chem tank mess, the current divestiture discussions that should not be finalized until after the next election, if that.

There are mom and pop issues; our infrastructure and flooding – our real community waterfront vision; not just that of a few developers locally.    Youth retention; dumping this ridiculous Benson University project or at the very least stopping the flow of our tax dollars to fund it, and stopping the addition of Fluoride into our water supply.

We need to talk about the issues and so far we’re hearing very very little.   The Provincial election should not be an excuse when it comes to the future of Cornwall.



  1. I think it would be just great if Jamie were elected Mayor at least then Cornwall Police wouldn’t have to go as far. Its just mind blowing that the Cornwall chamber fools and a whole bunch of other “high mucky mucks” in Cornwall are so afraid of the spoken word You would think Mr Gilcig’s voice was a lethal weapon!!!!

  2. I think that our police chief needs to put his foot down & put a stop to allowing CPS to help mayor harass & bully CFN .This is costing a lot of money.Being 3 CPS were used at this debate alone & 7 used at one council meeting just maybe the force needs to be reduced if not needed for real police work!

  3. Jamie concentrate on the issues and the voters and leave the media to it’s own self destructive ways. Who among us in Cornwall doesn’t know that the local media outlets are bought and paid for?

  4. Author

    Well quite a few Pastor Tom; especially those that aren’t on the net. That’s why you may see a print version of CFN starting in July!

  5. Mary, your comment was absolutely on the ball regarding reducing the police force if not needed for real police work! Why do CPS officers need to be around en masse when Jamie is in a room? Do they think he’s going to pull a Steven Seagal or something?

  6. We are in the midst of a provincial election campaign. That may have something to do with it, but I doubt it. With only one declared candidate for mayor it’s kind of hard to discuss issues. And the CFN has not exactly been friendly with other media in the city. Could they be using that against you? Thirteen declared candidates for councilor, only three of the current councilors have filed papers for re-election. Will the others file papers or will we see a mass change at the council table?

  7. Author

    Hugger I tried to communicate before the writ was dropped. CFN has never not been friendly to other media; even one’s that have ripped our content without attribution.

  8. Agreed. However, some of your articles have been less than flattering towards other Cornwall media.

  9. Author

    And vice versa Hugger 🙂

  10. Author

    Hugger when SN turned 25 we wrote a story wishing them well. I have written many kind things about other media in this town including Corus and the Free Holder.

    You would have to ask them about why they have been so utterly nasty to CFN?

  11. I’m sure they have, in their eyes, some valid reason. Is it a real valid reason? Probably not!@!

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